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November 17, 2016
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July 19, 2000
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June 20, 1975
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Approved For Releas 0U%V/i 6.: CIA-RDP80-00773AGO0100010002-9 20 June 1975 25X1A 25X1A 25 1XA1 A ]1E!3RANDTJM FOR: Deputy Director for Administration SUBJECT : Office of Personnel Report - Week Ending 20 June 1975 25X1A They arrived at the office on Wednesday, 18 June, with cameras and recorders, Indicating that they wished to do an extended story on their earlier coverage of the "LSD Drug Death Case." Charlie told them he was not authorized to comment on the item and that he knew nothing more than what he had read in the newspapers about the matter. In response to their inquiry if there 25X1A 25X1 A * 2. Possible Effects of the Rockefeller Report in' Per our . 25X1 A 'recruiter the Roc e e# lr Report is having very little press impact in his area. The item regarding the "LSD Death" was printed on page 14 of the local papers. Bill does not think the report per se will adversely affect recruitment in his area. (For the record, this item was mentioned previously at an 8:30 Meeting.) * 3. Central Processing Use and Cosst~ti__nnng~ One of the DDA objectives for FY 197 as been the development if a costing methodology to make users aware of the cost of services we provide. It has been obvious over the years that the DDO is the primary customer of the Central Processing Branch; however, it has been difficult to. gauge the degree of use. With the costing system we have initiated, we are now able to confirm our previous assumption and also establish the extent of use by other components. The figures for May 1975 on a $30,000 monthly budget are as follows: DDO Cost IM ,223 DDA 7,165 DDS&T 5,193 DDI 2,034 DCI 385 o 0W A (For the record, this item was mentioned previously at an 8:30 Meeting.) Approved For Release 2000/08/15: CIA-RDP80-007731Ag0 10002-9 V:..pi ~:~i:- iri CL BY 012752 Percent Use 1 24 17 7 1 Approved For Relea,2006J6l1'Eia[fl-00773,4fl00100010002-9 4. Retirement Statistics: As of COB 6/17/75 CIARDS Retired FY-75 Voluntary 153 Involuntary 49 Mandatory 10 Disability 43 Total BY Pending Retirements I June August J Total ~ - -2r- 49 Voluntary -!$ Involuntary 7.4 24 2 40. Mandatory 1 1 0 2 0 3 Disability Total 97 CSC Retired FY-75 Optional 53 Mandatory Discontinued Service 73 Disability 55 Total I$$ Pending Retirements 1 June July August Total Optional 7 0 16 Mandatory 2 2 0 4 Discontinued Service 1.0 19 1 30 4 Disability 2 2 0 T Total The View (So Far)' for FY-75 Already retired Con witted to go by 30 June Total CIARDS CSC Total 1255 iL 4S 23 68 ;Op 205 5 Approveq gl?e fs%mp% 8kl,5 C ep;00773A000100010002-9 U i L.+ iLLr `b i 1? L Approved For Releasg,200&/0'8/'15'. kl L-0077310100100010002-9 25X1A 5. Interns on Rockefeller Report: Copies of the Rockefeller Report were -obtained an istributed to all Summer Interns. 6. Intern Briefings: Forty-two Summer Interns have entered on duty. The=rema n ~g one reports on Monday, 23 June. The first weekly briefing of the Sumer Interns is on 'Friday, 20 June. There will be a get-acquainted party of Summer Interns and senior officials following the briefings. 7. Housin for Interns and Co-op's: Through the replies received from the Agency 'otice regar ' g the Musing of Co-op's and Summer Interns, we have been successful in locating quarters for all the Interns and Co-op's who have entered on duty. 8. Co-op Receives Award: One of our WI Co-op's received two awards as t e outstanding mechanical engineering student graduating from Georgia Tech this year. Unfortunately, from our viewpoint, he has a four- year military obligation to complete. 9. Trip: Chief, Military Personnel :Branch, made a staff visit to the U. S. Army Records Center in St. Louis, Missouri, on 17 and 18 June 1975-to ieet with operating officials of the center to discuss personnel matters relating to Agency military reservists. We might add that assist- ance and cooperation from the Center has been outstanding. 10. PISA: .Memoranda are being prepared for all employees whose exempt-non-exempt status for overtime under the Fair Labor Standards Act has been changed. Approximately 80 individuals. are affected. 11. R hired Annuitants: The following rehired annuitant cases were approved or the rectorate of Administration: Office of Personnel -- Independent .r extension. -- Office of Security -- Independent r extension. Office of Security -- Independent .r extension. - Office of Security -- Independent r extension. Tice of Security -- Independent r extension. Approved For Release 2000/1.15, ? CIS,-Q0773A000100010002-9 Approved For Relea 200Q95 P b'P1-0077 00100010002-9 25X1A 25X1A -- Office of Security -- Independent r extension. -- Office of Security -- Independent Contractor -- one year extension. 12. Suggestion Awards: The Office of Finance issued an award check within one wor day upon the priority request of the Suggestion and Achievement Awards Committee. This was for an Exceptional Accomplish- ment Award of $3,000 to a field operations officer. Both SE and EA Divisions were involved in the case. The check has been pouched to the field so that Chief, EA Division may present it during his forth- coming field visit. 14. Redskin Tickets: Notices have been sent to those EAA members who won elig it ty to purchase two tickets to a Redskin football game. Winners were determined by random selection by computer. The notices specify a time and date next week for each winner to appear at the EAA Ticket Office and purchase tickets for the game of his choice. The order of purchase appointments was determined by the order of the random computer selection; i.e., the first members drawn getting the first choice of games and seat locations. Coming Event: The EAA Store is scheduled for inventory on 1 and 2 July, Tuesday and Wednesday. This will permit the store to reopen on Thursday, 3 July, the last workday before?a long holiday weekend when interest in the store is typically high. I. ty. M. Ja IP, 7 F. W. M. Janney Director of Personnel Distribution: OrigC,1-Adse 1 - D/Pers Chrono 1 - D/Pers Subject 1 - DD/Pers/SP 1 - DD/Pers/RFiP 1 - DD/Pers/P&C f, _ ? , . 25X1 A Approved FoT Ry a 2000/61 L t ~L! ~F.DF .iQ0773A000100010002-9 OD/Pers ~:bkf (20 Jun 75)