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December 22, 2016
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September 8, 2011
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August 29, 1952
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Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2011/09/14 :CIA-RDP80-00809A000700080175-8 I=osallaN ?ocuPA~:wrs ?:~ Rk[Dlo ~ROn~ ~ss;~ tD `t0. CLASSIFICATION ~~'+5~~ ~' ~x x~r.+iL~~iai, 'if'N ((?AI_ InITC I lrcpenr INFOFtIUlAT1oN FROl4L ~. LA,:~UAGE CUIJhTitY Czechaalovakia SUE+JEC1~ Sociological -Sick have i?ii,tiv P1,~1,1^aHED Zrregu].ar aslaepaper 9h`HT::RE ~'UE!.ISHEG Pragae~ DATE PUBLISHED ~ ley 195'. m~P eetscrn wvuaa tmouaanaa omi:n.e na aamay evxe,e ar na euno miu Anvs m caamn o, v,wow se. H v. o. c.. e~ .ra n. u uneaa rn,aae,mwa ea m aernanoa or m manor n u, coon m u eaarneawo gcu,e a ,ra a.'pnfr cT riw. ~+aaaNmsa OI tAS ran a vaoa~mno. DATE D1ST. ~~ tom 1952 ~ PP: CPA A7T_ T~ J.. _~..E.., 2EPORT N0. THIS IS UNEVALUATED INFORMATION CZ+ECHC~.07.4a 3ZCS L)3AVR $IIL,SS Tt~ Po]loving decree amplifies cae aspect of t*- current lass oa sick leave and national insurance. ~ ~ ~y 1952, the Central Trade Uni.m Council published the fo11ov1ag de- cree which co;zcerns tba inci.usion of ap;ciei medical care is paid canvaleaceat leave in .1952 ' i. Tine required for special medical care according to artion:l insurancti regulations is chsrgpnt+l!? +o ~,a, coa:^sl~acaat leCsvo. ist accordance vita rega- latians concerning sFeecial medical care in 1952, time required for ot}yar special medical care will not be charged against ltavio if the treatment is consldeaed. necessary. 2. Zf ea smgloyee's spacial medical care is charged to leave, spacial mefl- ical care may be giveu only if }~ has Leave ].eft for this purpose. Aa employer may grant leave far the purpose oP special medical treatment only if the esy~l.oyee }~rovea that this treatmnt has bean autharizad as necessary. 3? T'f more Liras is required for eg~cial medical care than the employee vas e7.lOVed to charge against his leRVe, the e~loynr, together with the omplOgee, will'decide won leave vlt&out pay for the remaining time. The employee ie en- titled to snpFart chile receiving instit?~rtional care for the period of this .leave vithrnrt may,` in accordance with national insuranCO regulations. Za unusual cir- cmcetancee, fei7e without pay msy'be authorized far epacisl. medical care even if all t.~ ~-~;~s leave hna be~+n na~ed. up. k. Fihen special medical care is charged against bhe total Leave timr~ granted-tc a fahtary in which mesa factory leave 1a.gSveen, and vhezc an ;employee has not been ab1,e to arrange fns the aecesearp medical cario 3~aing the periol ' allocated far sass ~,sarrB, epeelal lease 7aty be granted bg the .oapioyer. lYariilg the mrial of mesa Plastery leavie. ~loseea dho. have already teJOea ?upeciel leave R3'e ~~ ~ nn~ .~:~a a~ia-o: ?-~- for ma' work OP Oth?..r operations: 5. This decree btcamee ,3fective oa 1 January 1852, Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2011/09/14 :CIA-RDP80-00809A000700080175-8