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December 21, 2016
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April 13, 2009
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December 10, 1953
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INTELLOFAX 28 s l Approved v,2009/0'4/13 ry: //CIA-(R~ DP80-008101I A0030 000x30009-6 /rJForB Release CLASJFICAI ION l )i c ~vV1LrLI l\ L l; r. Rl ? o 'L 1r'_tt ~ :Y L P CENTRAL. INTELLIGENCE AGENCY mrom TO REPORT REPORT' CD NO. 4 25X1 COUNTRY East Germany SUBJECT Rail. Freight Traffic throu&i Gub n PLACE ACQUIRED DATE OF INFO. DATE DISTR. 10 Decerlbor 19 NO. OF PAGES NO. OF ENCLS. (LISTED BELOW) SUPPLEMENT TO REPORT NO. 744_t GUOU NY C()11 ORS 911010RUATfuft Arr&4 ntta 7,4v r2Aayunr UP73t0e. Of 7HE' 1191T6P STA4i9, W TR$ THE tiRANWO of. T1TLE to. SG:T41NB% 109 THIS IS UNEVALUATED INFORMATION the following shipments passed through the CGuben border station. In the directions indicate 3 P front 13 through 38 October 1953s A boxcar flatcar 0 gondola car Date in October 1 ber and ILad From To 13 .172 0 hard coal Katowice Fueretenberg 51 G ores Brest Litovsk Zi.ltenrlorf 2,14 B empty Yagodin Gubert 14 and 15 529 0 hard coal Katowice Fuerstente rg 55 B. eipty Y odin Guben 45 0 ore Brost Litovsk Ultendorf 9 0 olatee 16 299 0 hard coal Katowice Fuerstenberg V 32.50 a a 11 l B bronze,, a1,u ,r m empty Brest Litovsk Gubin 436 pig iron 295 G hard coal Katowice Fuerstenbarg 3 B 3 F$ 9 G cotton pig iron Brost ,tovek Guben 9 0 anthracite 8 G ore 27 B meaty ' crdin CLASSIFICAt'ION SEcR r COYMOL -~ C.S.. OFFICIALS ONLY ARM __._..f? asp Approved For Release 2009/04/13: CIA-RDP80-0081 OA003000030009-6 Approved For Release 2009/04/13: CIA-RDP80-00810A003000030009-6 r: TIC:IAI .> OULY &ROtbourid 13 84 G,, 20 G qty 74 B potash 14 253 G empty 15 176 G 16 309 G 38 13 potash 184 G empty 265 G :a Gubesi Katowile Blel xorade Kowel, Gubc n Kato'w ce re n Pllei~:her^Px3~a ~Scwel Cuban Katrtr? +we an n Part of the coal ahlpmentas continued to be distributed it & ben, With . i 24-hour period, four trains of 50 to 59 carloads each are dispatched to 'uerstenber;,, Potash shipments c,re 'icbelled Mrsparati.ons goode'r?4. OMMI-A-t As compared with the last reported rAriot coaal a tpmerts s from tool nd Increased 'ran a daily average of 238 carloads to 254 carloads. The dispatch of rail shipments from Brest Litovsk to . ust Germany via the Guben border station is unusual. Normally transit traffic is directed through " ' ? O rW.. ur t/ for via Warsaw and Posen. In July 1953, ehtpment6 from Brest Litovsk had Neon observed for the first time passing thro h Gubend 'a afflc is possibly occasiorually rerouted in Poland for operational RE-`.C.ACU ROL - U,,: ,, OFFICTALS Onr Approved For Release 2009/04/13: CIA-RDP80-00810A003000030009-6