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December 19, 2016
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October 5, 2005
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January 22, 1954
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Approved For Release 2005/12/05: CIA-RDP4A10A003600580007-2 CLASSIFsCATiCE11 SrCRU F COUNTRY East Germany _ ..___ __._ _ ... .REPORT I TOPIC Rail Freight Traffic through Bast German Border Stations EVALUATION 25X1 DATE OF CONTE I 25X1 REFERENCES - PAGES . 9 - ENCLOSURES (NO. REMARKS 25X1 25X1 25X1 Date in Number of November Tank Cars 23 14 ATE PREPARED...22 January ry 1954 the following gasoline shipments were dispatched 25X etween 4 and 27 November 1953: Tons 956.3 777.6 1-.26 27 1079.5 27 16 626.4 25X1 2, shipments 24 ecem er: F - flatcar G - gondola car T - tank car Date in Number and Type From December of Gars 19 44, F zl 0, 29 F 22 20 0, 20 F 20 42 T Magdeburg it It Troeglitz CLASSIFICATION SECRA,'TJ 25X1 25X1 25X1 Approved For Release 2005/12/05 : CIA-RDP80-00810A003600580007-2 between 19 and Brest Litovsk 25X1 Approved For Release 2005119105 - - - 00580007-2 "GG LT/ _2- 3. The following shipments, were observed at the Frankfurt/Oder narshaling yard between 11 and 31 Decer.-ber 1953: B - boxcar CI3 -- converted boxcar - refrigerator car 25X1 25X1 Date in Number and Load December Type of Cars 14 54 B 50 B and F empty grain shuttle train machinery iron constructions Frankfurt/Oder Wittenberg P%deburg Brest Litovsk 46 F machinery Erfurt Ichtershausen Magdeburg Berlin 42 F machinery hagdeburg burzen Dessau Berlin 20 1' machinery Berlin Magdebur g 15 54 G empty Frankfurt/Oder 55 B empty grain shuttle train 12 G coal. H P rsebu rg 10 F profile iron Wie-. eri tzsch 46 B a F -rA machinery reparations goods Berlin Koethen Bresdon Brest L itovsk 25X1 46 B a 3 F 42 B and F 40 B and F - ceramics mac .nery parts printed material machinery parts ceramics films Leipzig Dammjtsch 1ALI NN,agdeburg S a ssfnrt Bi tteirf eld Wolfen furniture maobi eery Bad Liebenwerda Chemnit: 16 4.6 F machinery ixarts Dessau Koet}yen 29 R new :15 B and F military goods 34 trucks Rash eberg 25X1 11 B military goods Berlin 50 R empty r rankf"art/Gder ar 600 ore Brest Litovsk Ziltendorf 3CRmrA 25X1 Approved For Release 2005/12/05 CIA-RDP80-0081OA003600580007-2 Approved For Release 2005/12/05~'CIl !-RDP80-00810A003600580007-2 #371Cfli T~ Date in Number and Load December Type of Cars 17 46 B and F motor vehicle tires reparations goods sheet aluminum 46 B and F cables sheet aluminam machinery 43 B and F machinery parts 54 G 18 54G .30B 5573 23 54 0 56 B 4 55 F 55 G 40 :` empty empty grain shuttle train empty empty grain. shuttle train empty grain shuttle train empty grain shuttle train new wheel sets structural iron eapay military goods structural iron ev~,y grin shuttle train empty empty grain shuttle train new trucks empty empty grain shuttle train machinery arts Fuerstenwalde Hettstedt Leipzig Berlin Hettstedt Stassfurt lilagdeburg Dessau Berlin Frankfurt/Oder Brest Litovsk Frankfurt/Oder Dresden Chemnitz Leipzig Haile Leipzig ] .ienburg 25X1 Ghammi tz Leipzig py~ BbSysL Lito'Y'ek 9 25X1 25X1 Approved For Release 2005/12/05 : CIA-RDP80-00810A003600580007-2 Approved For Release 2005/12/05 : CIW80-00810A003600580007-2 25X1 SECRET Date i Number and Load Qeee .b r Type of Cara 25 53 B empty grain shuttle train 54 G empty 22 B Cotton 26 55 B empty grain shuttle train 55 B empty grain shuttle train 27 29 no G empty 10, F jet aircraft 56 G motor vehicle tires 2 Ft and j~ machinery parts 54 G empt -1.10 B empty grain shuttle train 2B B munition Frankfurt/ Cyder Dresden Riesa Fuerstenw lde Magdeburg iurzen Derlin Frankfurt/Oder Brest Litovsk 3. Gro?maenhain 5 Brest Litovsk Altengrebow j 5 B Kapen ) 6 Toenhirt 28 F iron Leipzig Halle Erfurt 36 B military goods Jueterbog 34 B aunition Tor ,au 6 F AT gull 76.2 = Alt enhain Bra. is Engelsdorf 20 F iron C:hemultz Leipdig Halle 43 F 46 ft machinery empty Berlin Grlmma Magdeburg Fr,i furt/Odor Brest Litovsk 9G U F type 11.13 rcc Eat Jueterbog lac ohere ) 1euruppin ii,athenoky 25X1 ApprVr Release 2005/12/05: CIA-RDP80-00810Ab03600580007-2 Approved For Release 2005/12/WIA-RDP80-00810A003600580007-2 25X1 0 3ECRIK:TJ Bata in Number 'ash Load Doceiabor Type of Cars 29 sheet metal and planting 8 F 8 trucks 16 F new trucks 48 T empty for vegetable 34 B 16 F 31 50 R 25X1 ammunition trucks W 'Pty It 40 hipments 1udicke Frankfurt/Oder ' l December: 3; Date in Do comber _ express coaches Number and Load Type of Cars 13 31 It 8 F now wheel sets 15 23 R now 4,8 R butt or 40 G vehicles 16 15 R 5 F new wheel. sets 29 It 8 F new wheel sets Dessau 46 B r?rSLSr Aue 20 G vehicles F rarxkfurt/Cer 18 31 It naw De-seau. 25 R butter Frankfurt/O'der 19 23 R s F new who'el sets gtalle 2C 24 cars reparations goods Magdeburg 3E:CBETa Wuensdorf 9 Erfurt Brost Litovsk Toepdhin Cottbus Brest Litovsk 4 Altenburg 9 between 13 and to Brest Litovsk te of Chemnitz Brest Litovsk Leipzig 4 Brost. Litovsl-u 25X1 25X1 25X1 25X1 25X1 25X1 Approved For Release 2005/12/05 : CIA-RDP80-0081OA003600580007-2 Approved For Release 2005/12/05 ZS~IRDP80-00810A003600580007-2 Date In Number and Load December Type of Care 23 2.1, 25 R 31 R. 8F 28 R 5F 31 R 8F new wheel sets new wheel sets new wheel sets 3 Polish motor rail. cars 22 IF 5F 14 E 4 F 33 F 46 B 36 CB9 2 13, 10 G 56 B 4. electric new whee . se'i:;s new whte1 sets empty rail coaches 25 24 F 31) C?, 2 G 14 F 7 8 a.-id F 31 +0 cars reparations goods empty reparations goods a munition aiored scout cars grain Itergsdorf Frankfurt/Oder Bautsen Goerl.itz Rade berg ScInarzenberg a ("xiennits Goerlitz Leipzig ?s gdeburg 25X Gottbus 4 Chemnitz 4 Brest Litovsk 25X1 Frankfurt/Oder L Brest Litovsk 10 n RromId t/Oiler It Frankfurt/tad er Brest Litovsk Leipzig Frankfa t/crier Alte above Pes'sauu Laiestr in aA'01-Inig-dorf Joeterbog 4 motor rail coaches 37,133 Brest Litovsk Chemxsitz 1 Brest Litovsk 13 SEM1' 25X1 25X1 25X1 25X1 25X1 Approved For Release 2005/12/05 : CIA-RDP80-0081OA003600580007-2 25X1 25X1 Approved For Release 2005/12/05 : CIA-RDP80-0081OA003600580007-2 aECRiL ' o . ow ng s. a Tents paeeed thr :e?:~ex~ s ,on between and 31 ot.~ n :tnh a and, Vecernber Type of Cars 12 23 R 6 F wheel sets 13 36 F reparations goods 23 R 7 F wheel sets 15 23 R 3 F 'Wheel sets 16 20 F reparations goods 15 R 5 F wheel sets 18 23 R 8 F whe4,1 sets 19 23 R 8 F wheel sets 21 39 F reparations goods 12 V` n 23 R 6 F wheel sets 23; 8 F wheel sets .C E 3 F wheel gets 23 h 7 F wheel sets `?3 23R 7-F wheel sets 23R 7 F Wheel sots 45 3 Ul sSe" 27 10 B ammaunition 28 40 F 50 trucks 3C 10 R 3 .F wheel sets Brest Litovsk Fran] tart/ Ter Tospohin 6 direction of Cottbus Brest Litovsk 2 31 36 F 50 trucks Fran irt/0der direction of Cotter 9 25X1 25X1 25X1 25X1 25X1 Approved For Release 2005/12/05 : CIA-RDP80-00810A003600580007-2 Approved For Release 2005I?2 61: CIA-RDP80-0081OA003600580007-2 a-CRET4 25X1 25X1 6. skdMe eats 10 x ecem?ert R3M,) - heavy duty flatcars Date in Number and Load December Type of Care Ruminelsburg , 'rankfurt/Cde: Berlin Erfurt 14 Strausberg Kueetrin 11 10 B, 35 F 3 G military goods Leipzig 10 25 15y and RRym empty 56 cars 55 F empty 16 46 F 25X1 l8 30 F 25X1 25X1 22 vehicles Frankfurt/Oder Berlin-Mager- vishhof military goods I shipments Date in Humabav and December Tye of Cars 19 Ss B 20 20 Paym empty 25X1 25X1 25X1 25X1 between 1.3 and 22 25X1 Juoterbog Altes Lager 1hoegel.in Frankfurt/baler Satekorn Satzkorn Kirchr oeser Jco? nigsborn Frankfurt/ iJJ cars Buckow 8. On 13 December 1 a ehi er.t of 62 guns and 7 armored personnel ca,rri re was obw w r?ved at the > t co railroad station on route fron the i; ,S I. to ce ;elJ.n via .1era cfurt/odera m? 9. On 13 December, a train I ar?ryinj 61 guns and 7 armored pet soxmsl carriers arrived at the Rathenow railroad station from F ankfur t brier. S J The guns were forwarded to the ?ado Plant, while the armored personnel carriers proceeded in the direction of Stendal, 3.0e On 13 December, 30 new field kitchens consigned to the KVa' were shipped from Rath nnedorf to Schmeri,n 25X1 1-? 25X1 25X1 137 boxcars and 36 boxcars with ammunition were dieitched to ernbyuc o z an Perleber g reu rectively between 15 and 119 December. 1,7 :?.2. Since l ; acardber, _ no baux.I Me sbi e .er is have been dispatched via the Eberebach 2* y Reparationss deliveries of East German railroad car factories to the :;.R and the pertaining wheel' sets to be used on these care in the USSR. As cop.. ,red with the preceding; months these deliveries increased in /Deve. ber, pro- bably in an . ?ort to N.1-fill the cuotta prescribed for 2953. 25X1 25X1 3R GIVE 25X1 Approved For Release 2005/1 - - -2 Approved For Release 2005/12/05 : CIA-R 100810A003600580007-2 ? F'`CIt .TA 25X1 4c, m? .. Soviet ore deliveries for the Foundry Combine East at Fkae ten- 25X1 4. &~pty cars dispatched to the east for fat imports and fat deliveries by the USSR and the satellite countries to East Germany. 25X1 5. 6. nom. Large a munition derots ce the GCFG are located at the receiving Aircraft for the Twenty-Fourth Air Army. 25X1 7. n;Ir. wince October 1953, increased gun shipments, probably consisting of heavy AT guns, have been observed arriving in East Germany. Accord ng to avail- able information, a total of about 50-C guns arrived in last Germany prior to 31 December 1953. The shipments listed in paragraphs 7,, 8 and 9 are identical.. 25X1 8. QC "tsl . Between 1hy and 14oveirber 1953, 300 to 350 type 14-13 and type 1:9.31 rocket launchers were diss wched from the USSR to Fast Germany. It appears that the return of old rocket launchers to the USSR was started in December. 25X1 9. 25X1 .12. . The converted bo=ars were probably dispatched to the USSR for the reps tn of German `s 25X1 13.1 en . Unless ce ent on otherwise, of r ions and export deliveries. 25X1 14 C Ap o The dispatch of heavy=--duty flatcars to the East had continuously oer? reported during the preceding months. Apparently 25X1 this dispatch also continued in December at a .ecreas rate. 25X1 15. CgueA . As a motor vehicle distribution point of the P is located at Berlin-Nlagerviehhof, these shipments were probably consigned to the KV7 . 3 X1 16. LG receiving station mentioned indicate that the ship ren ,cons s' F o : ra . on supl ly. 25X1 1.7. A 1Vp arrs mitiran depot is located at Schwerin-Sternbu.chholz, while no such installation has so far been observed in Perleberg. The establishment of an ammunition detot at ?erl.eber,g is, however,, believed possible. 25X11$. m Previous information indicated that bauxite shipments f= o m,~ Hungary w , c as normally been directed via VIM herka border station, were recently re- routet through Ebersbach beast, of increased coal shipments from. x clari through 25X1 Norka, A'ossibly, bauxite shipments will later be direct- ed again through Horka. 1 C?ETA nt. Dispatching stations and the number of cars indicate with certainty These trucks and tractors were probably consigned to the GOFG. he trains carried uranium ore to the USSR. 25X1 25X1 25X1 .25X1 25X1 Approved For Release 2005/12/05 CIA-RDP80-0081OA003600580007-2