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December 20, 2016
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August 3, 2007
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August 6, 1954
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Approved For Release 2007/08/04: CIA-RDP80-0081 OA004800120002-7 619833 COUNTRY CLASS11-1CATiON r;JCI'T, East Germany Information from Strausberg U. G_r S ICS --REPORT EI'ALUATSON__~ DATE OF CONTENT DATE OBTAINED REFERENCES in Strausberg were determined at Strs,usbe g railroad Date Number and Type of Cars PAGES P ENCLOSURES Co,. N& TYP?) REMARKS- - - - DATE PREPARED 6 August 1195 4 4 boxcars- a slip narked by a green "V" (Vorsicht5 -(handle with care) was at the place where the shipping documents are usually affixed I. The following incoming rail shipments consigned to unit "iay 3 10 flatcars with sideracks with 2 new trucks without superstructures-, 6 type-1 crates, 12 type -2 crates and 3 type-3 crates 8 41 flatcars with sidoracks loaded with 46 trucks without superstructures, 3 trucks with van-like superstructures and 2 4-axle drop frame cars with 16 solid wire wheels 1 gondola car with normal crates 19 1 boxcar with military goods 21 2 boxcars with military good, 24 10 flatcars with sideracks loaded with 6 generator s, 2 current collectors (Stromabnehaner), 1 tank truck with trailer Da11gow* Doaberitz Jueterbog, Unit Frankfurt/Oder SCC na n^Ctr9r nnnM SECRET,' - U.S. (Y"TCTA.r.5 ORTTY P1 At! OBTAYNEDJ Approved For Release 2007/08/04: CIA-RDP80-0081 OA004800120002-7 and Load S 11, ]c R OP/ Yr Pp? 2 :1'u 'b r; 3 good Jvllo ;. I converted ho -cw? with M-' Approved For Release 2007/08/04: CIA-RDP80-0081 OA004800120002-7 9 flatcars with sidetracks loaded with 6 type-2 ,Cr'atea and 2L?, ty-pe-3 crate's," 2 1 gondola car with 18-.rre? s Brest Litovs?, _frant 't Oder: Brest Liyov k 3 8 boxcars with military goody 1 boxcar with tits goods :L0 1 boxca ? with military goods 12 1 boxcar with military goods with a paper bearing a green "V" 14 3 boxcars with military goods with a paper bearing a green "V" 1 boxcar With military goods Frankfurt/Od.er8CC Brest Lito-vsk Wittenberg Brest Litovak Dresden main raiiroa s t,a 6 On ff niece. '~f.?.iai ' e'y 'lC+ p~ ~c, k ~i,'?`_pS C,_ ;mot :?fi'~dZ??.'~ .~i-. t. J?1 b Approved For Release 2007/08/04: CIA-RDP80-0081 OA004800120002-7 Approved For Release 2007/08/04: CIA-RDP8O-0081OA004800120002-7 S EC R'-, 2/ 6. The shipments observed at Strausberg railroad station between 1 and 28 May 1954 included crates with a yellowish gray paint and 2 iron clips and loops probably for lifting , a crane. The cover with the sidewalls could be taken off from the bottom section. Some crates had small glass windows in the front vv2.1. The crates observed had 4 different sizes which here estimated from the sire of the railroad cars on which they were loaded-, 7. During the period under review, 50 to 70 railroad cars were daily shunted to the former Str ausberg airfield on the track which leads to the Soviet supply depot. Thus, the railroad line is almost "blocked. The DHZ Holz (Deutsche Handelszentrale) (German Trade Central for Timber) which is located along the line is allowed to load only at night and the required railroad cars are made available only after 2100:. :sharing the last two weeksq there was little traffic to and from the depot by the Soviet Army. The list of incoming and outgoing shipsments at Strausberg depot is complete. Typ 1> Length 5 metr rs~ Width 0.8 metor height I oset r Type 2 s 2 meters rr 1,,5 meter rr 1?5 " Type 35 1a5 '7 > 1?5 tr n 1,, 5 rr Type 4: 0.8 :~ rr 0,8 "" re 1.8 rs r .eti . obably a model M 1939 37-m n AA gun. Comment. The five trucks which were reportedly loaded with tires, belong to the rear s ?.'ice ~' the Soviet Army (GsyG) in the Ruedersdorf? trausberg 'rankf rt area.. This indicates that the Soviet Army and Air Force exchange specific supply goods; once, a nuna tion crates were observed arriving at S trausbera de of on army trucks observied in Strausberg. N? y truck chassis with radio super truct`,res were reported previously, eavy tra _c of incoming and outgoing truck chassis was still 3... Coir? Type- crates were repeatedly observed in Strausberg and while being shipped to the subordinate depots at Doeberitz and llea:hols. Glass windows are also fitted in the front walls of crates for jet engines d 4 - ~C~o, rnente The information on the rail shipments aj.pears to be complete and credible. SEC T/_ -, tT0s. CFt'ICTALF OT`TL! Approved For Release 2007/08/04: CIA-RDP8O-0081OA004800120002-7