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December 20, 2016
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August 17, 2007
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December 18, 1954
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Approved For Release 2007/08/17 :CIA-RDP80-00810A005400080006-1 CLASSIFICATI01~ SECRET CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE AGENCY ~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~Q~~ 'SUBJECT Ra~.lroad Frei~!Iit Traffic through East German Bc~dex~ Stations PLACE. ACQUIRED .DATE OF lNFO.. FNH. DOCUYBNT CONTAINS lNFORYATIOA AFREGT[N6 TN8 NATIONAL DEFENSFi pF TNL UNITED STATBS.. WITNIN TH6 YEARING OF TITL6 /Bo SECTIONS 738 AND Tl~, OF TNF U. S. CODE. AS Atl{LNDED. ITS TRANSMISSION OR REYEL? A71ON OF l7S CONTENTS TO QA RECEIPT MT AN UNAUTHORIZED PERSON FS PRONIHIT;D Dt 0.AW THL REPRODUCTION OR THFS FOGY tS PRONISITED. REPORT !~Jf~~l Di'ST~' n~ -~L^^:b~r 1~r,~i +~(~,. OF PAGES b t~6+. OF ENC~.Sa 'i,lSd'ED BEL.QYr? Sl1P~'LEMENT REP>ORT N0. TNlS 1S tlNEVAl.UATED INFORMATION l~ The following freight shipments were observed Cder between 21 September and `~ October 1951os B -boxcar GB -converted boxcar F -flatcar G - gondola ear T -tank car RRy -heavy duty flatcar Date Number and Tsrne of Cars Load September 21 56 B and F Iran tubing and 22 56 G empty 55 i~ iron plates and tubing 23 56 G axon ore 54 B undetermined 5b G empty 2.4 5b F cables $4 F anti G :~.:ron parts 55 B empty B.- est Litovsk Fra_+~kfurt/Cder t4 Zil~cer..dorf 1 Frankfirt/Qder Brsst L3.tavsk rw re 11 i~ Brest Litovsk Frs.n'~E'~.vrt/Odor 2h SL,. G Iran ore '~ ~ilter..dorf 1 5r B undeterr~inea Frt~nkfurt/Cder Brest Lito~rsk ~`7 SO F 54 F STAi'C ~ ~:) fC.1VY 7C NSRB ARMY ~ t.~ ~ AI R r~~F61 ~-~~~~~~r x;~-=~: Approved For Release 2007/08/17 :CIA-RDP80-00810A005400080006-1 oy passing through Frankfurt/ From ore Brest ~:~.ltendarf Litovsk Frankfuz?I/pUer Brest Litovsk Approved For Release 2007/08/17 :CIA-RDP80-00810A005400080006-1 Approved For Release 2007/08/17 :CIA-RDP80-00810A005400080006-1 Approved For Release 2007/08/17 :CIA-RDP80-00810A005400080006-1 ~aptember 29 ~,b B l.~b F 5b F C3 ata~r uran3.um care trtte~ee iron p?~t:a :~ 5b F railreu~d `railt~ iron tubing 20 T and 3b B undat~niraed ~~CRFT, Frank. ux?fi f `Odes ~.~~,st .~, p.?~eav~~ 2 Frankftx~?t/flrler 8~~est Litot~ek Fr~,eak~`~c?~/Oc~ ~?r~n~sx"aaz?t/C}c~er ~re~~t i~.?~cava~ x~rest i~itca~vak ~'re~`~1r/Odez 5 ~ n 20 T ~pt~ 3 iO new e~r+ass-ts?~in G 1 Crain b5 ne;~ ~~ruc?~~ 5z F it?n ~Zates~ 1 train 85 ne~y ~~~~~~~ ib new re~'a~igexatcar CSC ffi '~ 5~. ~ and F tuide-~@rzninefl 54 G b.oke 55 G ircan are 54 ~' railroad ra3.~.~ 2 :, The ~ o1s er~r.ng f re:3 fit ~h3~~r~ts were s~h~er~~ed beten 25 Septs~her and 3 4ctrabex? 1?5~. septeanber 25 ~~ G ~ ~ 11r r i~ F 1~ F 2`7 2~ F ~~ F _~ ~ 28 2~. G Z~ G e G (~ C ~~s F lf3 F t~ ~ 8 F r coa~ha~ ec~ite ~anki'tu~t/ Rr?e~~ ~itcav~~c b Oder B:~es?t Lito~~k Ziltend?r~ ~'rarak~F'Zat?t/Od~.,r 3 F~?r~ta~f'gxrt/?r~er ~re~t I~~.~te-vnk b Bx?e5t ?.ite~?rsk l~.ltencloC; f. m ~ ~a~aing tr~~u~h ~'raa~u:f'L~?t/flr3er aF6?~~a`%1 ty ~l~ ~.rtan 4?~'~ E3rest ?.i'i~O~~~~C ~~.l~:endnri~ wooi `~ ~re~den, raa~hi.n~.~r Ea'f?tx~ 4: f~e~~L ii't?vr3lt ~ iron os~ne?;~r~s~t:it~~'~ u~x~.-~~ m~.~ha.~aLx~;~ ~^?~~ film, ~o~:e ?wi~:,sm.u ~3er:1. i:~ ~.e:ip~ i~ t-3:~~~~CPr~"e ? r~ ~3re~~~~ ~~.t~avts