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December 21, 2016
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June 16, 2008
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February 16, 1955
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Approved For Release 2008/06/16 :CIA-RDP80-00810A006200190006-0 CLASSIFICATI COUNTRY Best Germany - TOPIC Wilfsbehringen Airfield EVALUATION I I PLACE OBTAINED DATE OF CONTE NT ' DATE OBTAINED DATE PREPAR ED 16 F 25X ebruary 1955 REFERENCES 25X1 PAGES a' EN CLOSURES (-vo. & TYPE) REMARKS 25X1 This is UNEVALUATED Information I? Observations en the Wolfsbehringen construction area between 27 December 1954 and 10 January 19551 during the period of observation, 3 grab dredgers were used 25X1 or lava on. xor on the runway. The excavated earth was raised on Den?lition details removed roots in the cleared area of Haines Forest. 25X1 the number of laborers was reduced frown 900 to 300 at the beginning of the wint~25X1 season. A railroad station had been built in the Haines Forests about 150 meters fraan the p?int where the Wolfsbehringen -Haines road makes an obtuse angle. A spur track from Frisdrich$xerth terminated at this railroad stop between two shed-like brick buildings on either side. LRaeh of the buildings was about 25 meters long, i0 meters wid?~ eavered with tarred beard and fitted with 2 large d?ora. A newly built concrete road extended from the railroad station southeast to as far as the road cowing from Hainao 2? Between Christmas 1954 and New Year 1955, intensity of construction work at Wolfs- 25X1 bshringen airfield was considerably reduced. Only a ame~ll number of construction workers were seen on the construction site which could be entered from the Haines area. Mate ahi~ments arrived by rail at the construction site. conveting work had started prior to the Christmas h?lidays of 1954 but that work had been discontinued after 1 January 1955 because of frost. 25X1 ~,~~ent, The frost period hampered improvement work on Welfsbehringen airfis1~25X1 and discontinued concreting work on the runwe~. The beginning of concreting work is mentioned for the first time in this report. he concrete road on the eonstruetien site was established in order to improve transportation facilities. For location of road see Msp GSGS dlill~, sheet 4918~29a REPORT Approved For Release 2008/06/16 :CIA-RDP80-00810A006200190006-0