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December 20, 2016
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January 15, 2008
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April 1, 1955
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Approved For Release 2008/01/15: CIA-RDP80-0081 OA006600560016-4 COUNTRY TOPIC;:.._ .. EV ALUATION_ __ DARE O F CONTENT DATE CBTAINED R- EFERENCES _...r~, -DATE PREPARED I Ai'i1 1955 PAGES. 3 __,_-. ENCLOSURES (NC. & rfPE)....,_.. REMAR S.____~This is UNEVALUATED Information :EEC f 1atcaa. R - refriCerator car heavy-duty flatcar Date in Number and 11arch Type of Cara Load 14 50 B undet{ r l d 6 T fs 12 T 3 R new 21 F mach1ner5 parts `.C T undetermined 16 12 R new 16 T empty 19 30 F new trucks 10 F machinory partU 20 B undetermined 20 T empt - 6 F mac; .: nsj~ ;;r part, 2 B, 22 Say PLACE OBTAINED._J 20 B potash 16 T empty 15 46 B uranium ore Frankfurt/Oder Deeeau Frankfurt/Odor Grosskorbotha Zwickau Frankfurt/Oder Dees n Grosekorbotha Leip~ Alten~abow 1 Forst Zinna } Eilenburr Brest Litovck 3 2 25X1 Brest Ltt 2 4 5X1 Riess. 5 Brest Litovsk 3 T'rankfurt/Odor 6 25X1 Fratih-furt/Oder 6 Approved For Release 2008/01/15: CIA-RDP80-0081 OA006600560016-4 i!;SSIFICAi'1ON East Germany .,.....REPORT Border Stations y.~ Rail Freight Traffic throu :i aot G Approved For Release 2008/01/15: CIA-RDP80-0081 OA006600560016-4 1.9 20 48 cars 900 tons Frankfurt/Oder 14 F mach nexy parts Leipzig 20 B und.etermined 6 T empty 12 R new 2 F wheel sets 2 B, 22 SSy 1,400 tons Frankfurt/Oder exceeding standard 21 12 B n eeesurertents undetermined 2 SS 18 T long crates undete.F. r i ned 12 T 49 B 6 B, 2 SS 6 T large crates unt.etermined Ouben 8 T empty Leipzig 6 P machinery parts 20 F new trucks Zwickau 49 B undetermined Tr'rankfurt/Oder 21 SSy heavy tanks 2 B large escort detail 23 49 B undetermined, Frankfurt/Odor rod flag indicating ammunition 24' B undetermined 1 B, 13 F new txu .cks 5 F small radio trucks 4 B eacor: personnel 6 T empty Leipzig 2. Between 24 and'29 March, the following s1 i mgita were Frsxikfttrt/"Cc.er at the railroad stgrtions Jaen 3.oned.. Altengrabow 1 Frankfurt/Oder Brest Litovsk 3 Cottbus 8 Magdeburg ) Biederitz ) 2 fiesa Cottbus Burg 2 Frankfurt/Oder 6 Ouben 7 .Alltengrow 1 Borna Cottbus direction of Flalkenberg I,ii gdeburg 9 Riess, 10 Frankfurt/Oder 6 '`- 25X1 annoynced frdp ? , Date in March Nunbe ? of of which with Load Exceeding Standard Measurements 24 to 25 3 3 Strausberg 1 1 Ruhland 2 2 Herder 26 to 2t3 25 5 Strandberg 11 23 to 29 22 ,2 17erder Pomrient. Ammunition shipmen.te from the USSR. A large Soviet emr=i%ion depot is located at lltengrabow. Cottbus was mentioned in co-,=ection with the shipment on 25" !`8M'w problLly only an intermediate station. Approved For Release 2008/01/15: CIA-RDP80-0081 OA006600560016-4 Approved For Release 2008/01/15: CIA-RDP80-0081 OA006600560016-4 Corot. These shipments night involve a large number of East . teak cars which had been dispatched empty to the USSR. e shipment to Finow *as probably or use by the Twenty-Fourth Air Akmy. The receiving stations of the 3. 4. 5. 6. e? 9. Other shipments give no insications of the consignees. omment. Deliveries from East German railroad car factories Lo -he USSR.` total of 10, 471 tons of uranium oe Were' ppedd# Clo e n Uranium ore shipment to' "`USSR. lit February 1 -'ornnent. These shipments consisted of tanks, definitely of the new T-54 type tanks when loads e.zceeded and Re s probably also in the other cases The s e . on 1 Llarch is reported for the first., time.; it, was consisned to the 9th Tu Nv_ Li that case, for the first time a mechanized division would have recei b Dd tanks of the cv type, ? 041- - . - !.a or a, rr ? c is the r.-military post of the 0th Gdo MSecz Div, was the corree b receiving station, the shipment is reported for the first time. Corr~-n;,n1:. l pty tank c lxs probably. dispatched to the USSR. .cnnent. Probably exnora, deliveries to Poland nr the T1.^,,R. 1>om non -. Possibly aircraft consigned to the KVP. A=a:y.~int. These shipments were connected with the motor vehicle exc:1 ; e fir. o#;xmzn 'ii ch Is still ,::.nder wait at a reduced volume. 10. _oiaont. These radio ?trck were possibly consigned to the 9th Tank, li:.-7. ;onrrent. The shipments to Strausberg and t7erder possi ly consisted of ~c7u :prx?>. at co asi. ed to the Twenty-Fourth Air Army. The cars with loads e< ceed:ing -tan ozd measurements- , ossibly carried special vehicles as care ;'. wig cars, radar sets, -its.. 0. 25X1 Approved For Release 2008/01/15: CIA-RDP80-0081 OA006600560016-4