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December 21, 2016
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November 4, 2008
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August 3, 1955
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Approved For Release 2008/11/04: CIA-RDP80-00810A007800360001-9 COUNTRY TOPIC_ CLASSIFICATION SECRET ,East Germany NOFORN Soviet Rail Supply Shipments 25X1- EVALUATI O N__I DATE OF CONTENT DATE OBTAINED REFERENCES PAGES ENCLOSURES (NO. & TYPE) 3 August 1955 B - boxcar, F - flatcar, G - gondola car, R - refrigerator car, T - tank car, SSy - heavy-duty flatcar, E - express train coaches. The following shipments were observed passing through Frankfurt/Oder between 18 and 24 July 1955: Bate ir1 July Number and Type of Cars 12 46 F rails empty 25X1 Brest-Litovsk undetermined 1 undetermined Brest-Litovsk '3rest-Litovsk 2 Frankfurt/Oder 3 rersonnel carriers toxes and iron undetermined. Brest-Litovsk Brest-Litovsk undetermined undetermined Brest-Litovsk' undetermined n Brest-Litovsk. undetermined Brest-Litovsk Approved For Release 2008/11/04: CIA-RDP80-00810A007800360001-9 56 G 48 B 14 R 3 E e~;,pty 6B 35F 21 34 F undetermined undetermined 56 G coke 56 G empty undetermined 42 B undetermined 56 G 56 G 1 train 54.F . 54 B and F timber no observations F 56 B and G timber Brest-Litovsk Ziltendorf 2 undetermined 25X1 Approved For Release 2008/11/04: CIA-RDP80-00810A007800360001-9 52 B 46 F iron sections and rails 5 I+' boxes and iron sections ;'0 B 52 B 5,1 B 56 G 52 F 55 G 5 B 42 T no observations Dan:garten to Brest-Litovsk on 16 July. TT-: fo'.1c in,M .shipments sere observed passing through Muellrose railroad stwt I Date T ir..ber and TtTe of Cars Load 15 Jul 1r 16 July 17 July 20 B m'obably ammunition direction of 12 B used as crash cars Frankfurt/Oder 16 SSy presu n.ably 16 T-54 direction of t uk s covered -s th Frankfurt Oder tarpaulins, crates, barrels. Load exceeding s tandasd measu rements 2 B personnel 1 B personnel direction of 16 SSy coke iron sections Aron ore. undetermined empty Brest-Litovsk undetermined Brest-Litovsk Brest-Litovsk undetermined Brest-Litovsk undetermined Brest-Litovs?c 1 express train coach flatcars s,as d.isrtached from probably 16 T-54 tanks, Frankfurt /Odor covered with tarpaulins and crated barrels. Load exceeding std measurements; 16 SSy probably T-54 tanks direction of covered with tarpaulins Frankfurt/Oiler and crated barrels. Load exceeding standard measurements 50 F about 6C trucks direction of Frankfurt/Oder direction of Cottbus direction of Cottbus direction of Cottbus direction Cottbus 1 Brest-Litovsk undetermined Brest-Litovsk undetermined Brest-Litovsk undetermined Approved For Release 2008/11/04: CIA-RDP80-00810A007800360001-9 Approved For Release 2008/11/04: CIA-RDP80-0081 OA007800360001-9 25 4 F 4 trucks J, 11 Y 16 SSy presumably 16 T-54 tanks covered with tarpaulins and crated barrels. Load exceeding standard- measurements 7,. 0 June 10 E 3 F July 45 B July 1? ^5 B Ju :, new equipment wheel sets uranium ore n n 10 E new equipment F , Sets direction of Frankfurt/Oiler border direction of Cottbus direction of Brest-Litovsk 9 Cottbus direction of Cottbus direction of Cottbus direction of Cottbus direction of Cottbus I t l,'11---tied _ that two shipments each consisting of about ?C I.ea-.y-duty and loaded with 2C canvas-covered tenkis were dispatched from the ea: ;L v"*-.--, Frain furt/Oiler in the air??oction of Cottbus 6n 21 July 1955. 7 one shiprsent~ cc.isiL t o' 7 heavy-duty Hate: rs was dispatched from lierseburg airfield to Brest-Litovs A crane ?i th a c apatci ty o f 50 tons was to be :wade av ilable for t'., loding. 5 ~,,'.or,ment. Presumably res t supply of Soviet-type R-5C rails for the c rment. These shipments -are consigned to Eisenhuetten-Kombinat Oct roa i~'oundr~% East) (EY,O) at FuerstenbergjOder. Co;ment. The consignee cou.ld not be identified because no information 25X1 has boon received on the place of de tination. Frankfurt/Oder only served as for w_- ia; station. 25X1 IC0rn-,nt Probably an empty train for air. 'once ground units transferred from _~e T7`TR to East Germany. Four such shipments have been reported previously. [Comment. Outgoing shipments fif air-force equipment dispatched to the USSR. Code figure 90 was used for eastbound traffic. Comment. This shipment is possibly identival with an ammunition s' ;r._e ?t = - .- atcb.ed to Pfaffe:tidorf C,'--q the sale day. Corrment. Continued sh_ipm:_nts of T-54 tanks. The shipments appear tr~ e as follows: Shi-r e t 10 July. - Possibly identical 1,Hth shipment c?, M>