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December 21, 2016
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May 8, 2008
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October 14, 1955
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*"a - i Approved For Release 2008/05/08: CIA-RDP80-0081 OA008100740018-5 cENTRAtINTWJGENGE AGENCY REPO INFORMATION REPORT CD NO: COUNTRY .?.ast Germany SUBJECT ' 1.7. ' PLACE ACQUIRE DATE OF INFO. rat WS DocUutNT DOM7AIN$1UPODMA7100 AVtU !S "it NATIOMAL an 0, TML tlnmmD DDT$$. ?ITMIM 1Mt Mims* 40 1181 is. usT10M! 1b 15UtI 15 a $ Al 'tl011 Amu a In s0811 0M SAX " is Moto=& 8 PMDIItnlnt R LM 7.. ENSSSMO:46V B - Boxcar; F - Flatcar; G - Gondola Car; T - Tank Car; TT - Heavy Duty Tank Car 1o The following.shiprents were observed at Frankfurt/Oder between 22 August and 3 September 1955: Date Number and Type STATE ARMY 17 B 2C F 39 T 16G 16 F 46 B 52 T 58 T 23 107 T 24 T 9T 10 T S T. 13 B 16 B 5B 15 B 6T 15 T 63 T 4F 24 33 F 46 B 18 T 21 T .15 T 23 Tanks undetermined undetermined, serving as crash cars truck empty empty anti unition ammunition anmunition inrpty, serving as crash car empty IS-tanks 25X1 DATE DISTR. IN J, r 1955 NO. OF PAGES 3 ILLEGIB THIS IS UNEVALUATED INFORMATION CLASSIFICATION F-E-C-1t-c:--1 4 NSRB FBI DISTM 77- Brest-Litovsk 11 n r n Zwickau Brest-Litovsk 3 Aue Brest-Litovsk Frankfurt/ Oder Koenigsbrueck Brest-Litovsk It to Mockethal 5 > It Espenhain 5 It It Finsterwald? 6 n It Werneuchen 6 n It Rangsdorf 7 tt n Toepchin 7 tt M Altengrabow 7 Wolfen Frankfurt/Oder Frankfurt/Oder Brest-Litovsk Brest-Litovsk Brest..Litovak Brest-Litovsk Kirchmoeeer 2 Aue Hall e Brest-Litovsk 4 Brest-Litovsk Ruhland 5 tl It Ea;:enbain 5 i f1,ASt+~, , 25X1 Approved For Release 2008/05/08: CIA-RDP80-0081 OA008100740018-5 Approved For Release 2008/05/08: CIA-RDP80-00810A008100740018-5 Date Number and Type Load _ Cars 24 51 F 41 F 7B 22 F 15 F 1. B 48F 16 TT 27 F 13 B 25 F 10. T Koenigawuster- hausen Neustrelitz Jueterbog Brest-Litovsk n n Merseburg trucks Zwickau tanks Brest--Litovsk 26 38 F trucks 12 F sedans 40 T 8 TT 2 Sept 3 B 3 Sept 3 B 4B Berlin Brest-Litovsk Brest-Litovdc Brest-Litovsk 8 25X1 8 Brest-Litovsk N < g Dresden Brest-Litovsk China 3 2 Brest-Litovsk 8 Frankfurt/Oiler Frankfurt/Oder Frankfurt/Oder Frankfurt/Oder Frankfurt/Oder Brest-Litovsk Brest-Litovsk Frankfurt/Odor 9 25X1 25X1 9 9 25X1 On 5 September, 1 boxcar and 10 flatcars with load exceeding standard measurements were dispatched from Frankfurt/Oder to Altruppin.2 On 6 September, 1 boxcar and 16 flatcars with 1011 exceeding standard measurements were dispatched from Frankfurt/Crier to Altruppino On the same day, 1 thi=do-class coach and 35 flatcars with a load of 831 tons were dispatched from Frankfurt/Oder to Koenigswusterhausenag C A Possibly supply of tank spare parts. C Incoming shipments of tanks. The shipments observed on 22 August Must have carried 20 tanks instead of 23 tanks. This shipment is possibly identical with a shipment consisting of flatcars dispatched to Magdeburg which was previously reported. The 25X1 identification of the shipment observed on 24 August has been equally difficult. Shipments observed on 5 and 6 September have been reported for the first time. Lcme c. Export of the GDR automobily industry 25X1 Approved For Release 2008/05/08: CIA-RDP80-00810A008100740018-5 Approved For Release 2008/05/08: CIA-RDP80-00810A008100740018-5 8. Cam . Uranium ore shipments to the USSR. C . Crude oil shipments from the USSR to GDR hydrogenation plants. Jet fuel shipments for the Twenty-Fourth Air Arry? C to Ammunition shipments to known depot in East Germane. Rangsdorf near ossenposs1.bly serves as forwarding station. Outgoing motor vehicle. shipments, Shipments dispatched from Jueterbog possibly contained weapcne of aircraft crateso Supply shipments for the GSFG depot Approved For Release 2008/05/08: CIA-RDP80-00810A008100740018-5