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November 17, 2016
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July 24, 2000
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January 14, 1958
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Ap*Ned F*Release 2000/08/15 : CIA-RDP*008324,000200080036-8 C-IA 1-N-T-E-R-N-A-L U-S-E O-N-L-Y SUMMARY AND RECOMMENDATION FOR THE COMAITTEE 14 January 1958 SUGGESTION O. 3203s dated 10 June 1957 Mechanic Machinist, GP-S3.13 (GS-11) STATINTL Printing Services Division, 01., DDA A. A method for modifying microfilm cameras to permit automatic cutting of Xefox prints. (Thermofax copy of complete suggestion is attached as TABA.) B. slaw.a....etivivAggna In August 1957, the Office of Logistics stated that Suggestion No. 3203 has been adopted and Is in use in the Printing Services Division and that it is now possible to trim prints automatically* That office also felt the cutter will have wide application in the Agency and in all government departments. Logistics estimates the savings as $20500 annually plus other' intangible benefits. (A Thermofax copy of the Logistics evaluation is attached -ac TAB B.) In -November 1957, OCR/MD made the following statements "The type of material, namely charts and maps, filmed on 35 mm in OCR/MD is not printed on the Xerox continuous printer. For this reason the suggestion will not be adopted by OCR/MD. However, I feel that it is a good suggestion and should be rewarded." In December 1957, Chief, Business Machines Service stateds "It is recommended that Suggestion No. 3203 be adopted. The estimate of probable. savings contained in the Office of Logistics'evaluation of the suggestion is reasonably accurate. Insofar as this Agency it concerned annual savings resulting from the adoption of this suggestion will not increase appreciably in the future because other improved Methods of quickly duplicating large records holdings have been developed, e.g., the hard copy Xerox Continuous Printer." Co kLLXetekk- Not In line-of-duty (Mechanic Machinist). A copy of the Job Description has been read and is retained by the Executive Secretary. Approveirhilr lidtgaltitrOld8/1-5?5:61Agltbki0-00832A000200080036-8 Appwed Fdlibilelease 2000/08/15 : CIA-RDP64083211440200080036-8 G-IA 1-N-T-E-R-N-A-L U-S-E Sugg. No. 3203 Contd. D. DOWANLAggretMAXIA-MaRiallgt1R0 1. Recognize that suggestion has been adopted. 2. Present an award of $1004125 to include $90 for tangible savings of $2,500,and($10-$25 for intangible benefits (Slight- Limited). _ 3. Refer suggestion to the Civil Service for consideration by Government Printing Office and other interested Government agencies. ? E- PislAmaLcartrolttem cl 4 Adopted 41).1 Award Letter of Appreciation STATI NTL Not Adopted Referral to - 2 - e-darbrwrz.tot Approved Far1RtleirdW12600168i1i : tar-iR61101=0)5832A000200080036-8