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December 9, 2016
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September 21, 2000
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June 23, 1964
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Approved For Rela"2ft:iCb55A000200030008-6 FLMUNDUM FOB =020 STATINTL SUBJECT: Retraticm of 23 Juno 1964 1. A conf ranza vas 1 h at Ft lie on 23 June 1964 to discu6a raloca?- STATINTL "On under rSeucy conditions. The fulloviag p~aop a were in at:tandatiaco STATINTL .ut roi U. F. 1ndrist, C, PaeiLitiea Division, C4, Ft Lee 2. It was resolved as a result. of the meotingt a. The following buildings were allocated: Billeting - T-11231. 11232, 11233 Ictainistratlve Space > T-11527, and T-11528 b. t3oaraing fscilitiasr will be made available in Bldg T-11200. 1 inburs .z at for meal will be affcctad by the prole ure in affect at the time of relocation. a. The electricvl service for bldg T-11527 and T-11528 was furn- ished the group Who will rovica the capabilities ssnd -,,Ab--it all k~ao n r::quire- me-nts to this headqu>srtors, d. Blc? T-11527 tmd T-11528, and tree EdJsccnt tiferesto will be designated as a clan tftcd srca. A rcquir -:.r_ will e?w'J iwr Concertina wire and interior Ctcards during or t;,ata dagl_~'t.t hcrurar, ? r&up will sup;sle at required ward service. a. Fur?atitt . by Pt Lee. De:,ka, cLairs, and o iica equip-sent will not be 'aadc, availcbble f._' - C'~~? of the selected bui1d.:n,- s are ecuipped with air c i;:. There ;z: c no kn:w:t t:i;.t air c a could not be :;'1i1- ' j wi.ih the nt! .er Lear ion tile and in.tall::d is t.:n STATINTL classroom. The area. .:re t. _ .ucnir;hod as no---'ed. Approved For Release 2001/03/30 : CIA-RDP80-01055A000200030008-6 Approved For Release 2001/03/30 ; CIA7RDP8a=qn;5,IA000200030008-6 ~?t a GD-F :~ UL'J~CT 2 23 June 1964 110" S 1. via l3 da, bedding, eao zp, tat lao ate, will be furnished by Pt Lee. STATINTL h. !Peter ruid ryi: LZ a:t 2.~i~ t'aatcr a:uppliea and sanitation facilities are .considered edaquato. No problcz are cs ticipated in doce:s:acxttc:tio.e for reporting personnel. trr;:r_Z, ants can probably be tude to billet and mass a limited .w'ber of fe le students should it becoma. necessary. J. POVI- Tho ?rovo~t MLrrahal'a office viii issue required vehicles pass ea. All drivers of MI's t present evidav ca of emplate in.cursucca cover=-* bay fore vehic3..ts will be alLovod on the peat. k. Ample parkiga'specea will be made available. 1 Pair--. Parking op tee will be '. aavaailebiet. +s. :.r~xtrr~tint t ~fvim.: I?rcilitie F.,3zt will be avaa 1~bLe t? th ~ Croup to unload the crz .c and to relo+c^te ?ruiu ~_ d"111es, cad zz-211 pipe for rollih . c utp:n :i:t villcbe crude zavuileb3cx.l1,Do.' livery c~i1L be m,~: ; and u , ading acco~x:;~slislaed directly at mice tjitivout need for any trz :;:cr of shipments from waro:tojac area. A. Po.' ```;cI+.I E7t Post exchange privilcgus vil1 be made availaabL.a. o. .i