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November 17, 2016
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July 25, 2000
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September 26, 1971
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Approved For Release206 /0801 . -RDP80-01601R0 2 G C:3 Vv ? T ?.C 7 7 9 - ? 0?1., 0 .'. . : ? s TAVARD CrYty??7,1 -? .F.1,?dal to ill.: Na-.; ? . TOXONTO, Sept; 2-5-----Prime such a posibility ditring the Minister Pierre Elliott ,Trocicau said of the United Statos this week, "I, don't think they 3-mow rninh or care much scaly about ?Canada." In those few wor'ds on a talc- progrom; Tradeau volow a 1.x.1,-.1spread (1,-;eply and not -.1117:111t:?.cti.lies; gii::var:ce. At- television .proam.:.- Ile said that; if VittE-biugton's 10 per cent surcharge on duti- able imports 1.;-.(;t1i... that the Americans wantol to bay only? Canadian natural reTvrces, ex.ompt;,- frovil .111e tax, thou.,;li the remark was inciden- tal in a v,rei.1.1.1tier ciiseussin of AVan;ngton's new economic Ipolicly, it wr..s protnieenfly end chew niciespsaasl at- pct1100, I',1a1---orating on the rr.ou-,ht have to veas:.:-.7ss ft-nijamentally ouv -relations wlih theM, tract:, ifl,politioc:1 otherwis." Mr. 'Fr; dean ?,..,ent 'on to .nay, 'ihit as I've okays said, I cloo't tl-,:71k that- this is the. basic Aroc-:rica-n c1...sire. I 'don't' think: that they izno--,,.7 much or cace: much really about Canada.! -this rnor1i14 in an cciltoml don.t reati.",,...,; U 1 Co 1 L what thv'l:eto Culr,....1a.". (:.1..ce and 'yoronf_o has bean ',Dth er co I lits Vinzi-,.;1v,i-en -for able to I 1 1 n ro_ ? ;n the 1,n1Leu been ahlf.; to pen..::- ty? .te. :::notiL.1-1.3.nto?the culscioust: be? at. lea.,st hard if rtr,t hoc?:.dai, have boon 111*Ari--.5 su.e.h a:.; its. Trde.au's rlbout a bas'.c. challge in 1-ela- tions roust be ve;:-,1.?:.1.0..d as . Iy, bat .not Tru&au Covemil-iont, idle to 01111101 thems':Av's 011-1:1;.r.s. Cai:achan Go.,..ernynnt-s for tin U.S... map ?of the worid, We.. two more, wa..its to ? ? ?rerain ly..did up dome.stic Inariu.fo.c.tur- Vrgii)g 0tto-Y.1 "to crea? te an if.r.:? that. C:ecify..e prer,cc., in the 'United r!.c.cc,ss to the ? that vA!1 C i C d it t United . StetzSi Stat.as," the 3"2.VIS.-Cill, V,'e can haccily ???, ? ii1's Cc,: bkme c.lopimat - GI' ? Cited ? phg upon us if it has b:.-2.en aar.1- lOall editodal Yritted to escape his notiee that d Air,a;can jildiFfer,ence. to Co-Aatda rc.,flecto:1 in l'hat was a refopence to the eave::7..-;c: by -flie 1-,Tevz .e-:Lracterization of Canadian- liir.(?S of the 'visit of a Ca--;!.7,.,.-itla relat ons Ims.,-..act to Tivleau made before the Na- ton to get .frorn . ? ttnal Press Club in Washiltg- the :.0Jrcharz,e. tan us 1,.1.arch, 10510. He said at, 0?..ii.:'Ztit'S kisperlcnce 111 the flat Um: next ? to. you uphew;a1 warn only five 34 E.. 03:110 Ways like s!'eeping inclies of seaee at the bottoin ? ? vith an c.,1e-chant. No matter of Paz,e 2 ii. Globe ;.-!1(1 lgrz friendly or t the beast, if I can call it that, anothet? t-Jensitive t.;sue 417e is affected by every twitch involviiv; Ame-ca 1r,d 'gintnt." ? Mr. `1.'5,..-,C.le535 ,tchl Pailiament ci ? - The sense of neglect . by Friday ,that a prel!Ininary us- Janadca could provide the un-lquirv, in which _he sob-I lie nnd pim'ilog for Cariad.an pu!)Eciconfic%:nce, Incl:cated thati supv.ut foe a l'attwn to p10100-Ithere were no ass:nts of the. ;Ibnis.n, for many years a hasiojCentral Intelligence Agc:ncy LoiCanada: ? ' STATI NTL Approved For Release 2000/08/16 : CIA-RDP80-01601R000400240001-4 Approved For ? op..**.? ??????-???????,1???,,,,,Me ie-4RA000/10.8/16 : CIA-RDP80-0160 I{ TIMEB 846,132 -? 1 , 407 549 SEP. 2 ( I ----- . "-;""I. ? ?,1 ,?'-i rf. Ct 41-L3 V SIAIINIL 14 V--3) 'ictre gr.! ? ? - ? ? ) NTIVATID COWAN . The New TIh;e3 .TOR'ON.CO, SOFA. 25-----Primo such, a possibility during 'the Minister Pierre Elliott Trudeau television program. saf.ct sof the United States this lie said :that: if Washington's week, "I don't think they know 10 per cent surcharge on duti- ranch or care much really about able impor,ts meant that the ,Ga;n a d a," ? Arocricans;.wanted to buy only .1a those few words on a tele- Canadian. wtural resources, N'ision program, Mr. Trudeau largely exempt from the iLtx, Veiced a widespread and deeply and not manufactures, '!we will felt Canadian grievance. Al- though the remark was inciden- tal in a weightier discussion of. Washington's new economic policy, it was prominently .re- ported and drew widespread at- tention. have to reassess fundamentally our relations with them, trad- ing, political and otherwise." . Mr. Trudeau \vent on to say-, "But as I've alWays said, I don't think that this is the basic American desire. 1 don't think . that they know much or care . ' Elaborating on the thought:roxch reary about Canada. th','s morning in an. editorial (;r1-,IThe.v don't seem to realize titled f' he V wn al:flo Country,' what they're d,oing to Canada." The Globe and Mail of Toronto Ottawa has been pressing ? said: "Mos): other countries liFe Washington for an exemption b*; able to establish an effec- fi?om the surcharge, and ie- presence in the United marks such as Mr. Trudeau's States, have been able to pent- about a basic change in ? rola- trate far enough into the U.S.Lions ' must be regarded as consciousness to be at lCflSt1pnrtly, but not wholy,- tactical. heard if not heeded, have been The Trude". Government able to outline .themselves on like Canadian Governments for the U.S. map of the world. We two decades or mere, wants to remain a blank." build up domestic manufactur- Urging Ottawa "to create anin7, and the cornerstone Of that 'Cried:we presence:in the IrnitedIpli.ey has been access to the ..States that will be heard by the big,United States . United States," the newspaper markettlfrivihg commented, "We el can nardly ra Times's Covege Cited blarne the ephant for step- ping upon us if it has been per- lnitted to escape his notice that we are here." ? That was a reference to the ,characterization of Canadian- Arne...clean relations: that Mr. .Trudeau. made before the Na- tional Press Club in Washing- ton in March, 1969. He said at that', time: "Living next to you Is in some ways like sleeping with an elephant. No matter . how friendly or even-tempered isthe beast, ill can call it that, one is affected by every twitch and: grunt." . The sense of neglect by :America could provide the un- de.r pinning for Canadian public support for a return to .protec- tioaism, for many years a basic policy. Mr. Tradeau alluded to The Globe and Mail editorial!. said American indifference tot Canada had been reflected int coverage by The New York: Times of the visit of a Canadian ministerial mission to Wa.shing ton to get an exemption from! the surcharge. The Times "ratc.(1. Canada's importance in the upheaval as worth only five inches of space at the bottom; of Page 42," The Globe aid Mail said. On another sensitive issue: involving, American relations; Mr. Trudeau told Pa rliarn cal t on Friday that a preliminary in- quiry, in which he said ho had confidence, Vad indicated that. there were no agents of the Central Intelligence Agency in Canada. . Approved For Release 2000/08/16 : CIA-RDP80-01601R000400240001-4' ? Approved For Release 2000/08/16 QIA-RDP8001601R000400240001-4 TC/Ir Tp IN? ? ? ' ? 1r A ?'"?? e ??????,- ? STATINTL . ? r , ' - ; :..?. AV' ' r:?.." . 2.,- ..-:. ; ,,:.,,::.- .. .. ? 1-?? ? .? .? , v WO CYV 41..;c4 0 . .-+ . v..-.?,!?...ri.i.e.4 .? .?..,, A ..;?'::.,,.. 3.?.':?;`.*::?-?...7..? : s? ,.'..- - , al ; :;-:?-':"S ,.v Shown is photo,,tat of' a photograph reit at The )1ontreal. Star 'Wash intou Bureau, which forwarded it by air to Montreal. The bottom p ,... - a) lion (not shown) contained only a repeat of the "top secret" stamp a ltd. ill C illitidiS R. D. aho?e the letters "RD/p1" at. the bottom of she ...? P; Approved For Release 2000/08/16 : CIA-RDP80-01601R000400240001-4 rApproved For Release 2099/98/16 : ?`.-r\;"7 fr/ C:1,07.1.7 ? 'N. --, iff !./ -24 ci ? Lei CIA-Rpp .7 0-01601R000400240001-4 Ty- / g- ti m ? - v'-). 11 .1 1 frit)4Y-' ce/ r t .French to further sour Canada-U.S. re- The theory that the CIA had "arm.. lations,. which arc strained by Prose atives" within the FLQ is basedl'on dent Nixon's 10 per cent import ,ur- : these factors: ? charge. --Links be.treeeri the FLQ and Commu- ' Prime Minister Trucleau said today Dist Cuba have been clearly estab- reliminary investigation show. there ' lished, and there are reports of ties are no CIA agents working in Canada. between separatist extremists and black radical groups in the U.S. Also "If there are any CIA agents in the , Inc proximity of Montreal to the country, they are not here with .Can- S h ada's approVal,".he told the House of ? ''- anti the ease which indi- wit Commons in reply to opposition ques- viduals can cross the border, indi- catc a clear need for the CIA to tions. ' ? keep a close watch on the Quebec ? Earlier, Solicitor General ,Mn Situation. Pierre Goyer.told the Commons that -The CIA, according to congressional he would investig,ate"the'Star report to testimony and to ?disclosures of .sec wh.ether there Was any truth to it former agents, has put its inen Into ? The controversy stems from an en- delicate local political situations all velope 'slipped into the mail slot of over the world. To suppose that it The Star's Washington Bureau early would ignore a? problem as close as yr.terday. Quebec suggests that the agency ? Inside the env-elope was a photo-- isn't doing its Job. graphic copy of,a: document, stamped The theory that the .document is "fop secret" arid-- hearing the letter- bogus can be based on the following head of the CIA. Tt was dated Oct. 20, points: four days after the War Measures Act ?The Russian KGB has had some sue- Nias? invoked by the Trudeau governs cess in recent years in passing off merit to deal with the crisis provoked "secret" documents as CIA mate- by the 'kidnappings of British 'tratle. nat. With economic nationalism growing in Canada in the wake of commissioner Richard Cross and Quebec labor minister Pierre Laporte. Mr. Nixon's new ? economic mea- s A.note said the document had been sures, the KGB could be trying to encoded on Oct. 16, the day the emu- accent this mood by creating the impression that the CIA has been gency measures were applied?in Can- ?? ? operating Ottawa's backyard with- ada. The 'text read: out co-ordinating its activities with "Subjects. Quebec. Canadian intelligence. ? "Sources advise that urgent action ? ? ? ? ?The F rench security apparatus be taken to temporarily break contacts with the FLQ militants since the Cana- dian government's measures may have undesirable consequences. ,Sec- tion officer rated and approved." It was hdtialled R. D. wich for years tins meddled in Quebec affairs according to the pri- vate testimony of federal Canadian officials, may have planted the docu- ment to make mischief bet',veen Ot- . tawa and Washington. The c o v e r i n g letter, apparently Meanwhile, in their attempt to dis- written by a ?Ionian in an emotional . credit the view that the document is state, concluded, in French, that she Atithentic, American officials are say- was leaking the document because she ing that the CIA address on the letter- could not remain indifferent to the head ? 2430 .E; Street, N.W., Washing- need for "peace and order" in Can- ton, D.C. ? now houses a naval hospi- acla. . ? . tat, and that the CIA moved out years ' There is no clue to. the identity of ago. .. this woman. When two Canadian reporters sought As speculation about the document this address last night it had appar- mounts, one thing at least is clear: If , ently disappeared inside a fortress-like the CIA Was in fact in touch with the ? , complex of about 10 acres ? some of. FLQ, it was not trying to instigate the walls are 20 foot tall, others have terrorism, because this would conflict iron railings and wooden stakes.? with Washington's policy aim of sup, across .the street from the state- de- parting political stability throughout partrnent. . Canada. ? Signs there referred to a naval dis- pensary, but the sentry boxes were manned by special federal police, not. by -navy personnel. And whereas you Approved For Release 2000/08/16 : CIA-RDP80-01601R000400240001-4 can walk right up to the doors of Walter Reed army hospital here, as well as the Bethesda naval hospital. in suburban Maryland, admission to the "medical" facility opposite the state department requires special I.D. docu- ments. Washington newsmen have for some time been describing this com- plex, where the bnildings are equipper with all sorts of radio antennae, as the CIA's, "downtown"' office, to distie- guish it from the new CIA headquar- ters in Langley, Va., seven miles from Washing ton. ,a1;LCA,CQ Approved. For Release 2000TM 9M-IkDP80-01601R00 ? A ? 1.1"?h?-? ?, ? . . - ? ? p'1'? ? \LA \y tf) II 0 .'s.) c 'l - i) fro n BY EUGENE GRIFFIN. .[Chid of Canada Bureau] (a:cap Trii,ie Piess Service] OTTAWA, Ont., July 177-Dis- trust of the United States has increased in 'Canada since the publication of the Pentagon papers. ; Canadians have gone so far as to express fears that the Pantagon. m a y have secret :plans for the use of force against a future Canadian gov- : crnment.. They say the force could be used against a gov- ernment that was considered unfriendly by Americans, es- pecially if they. thought it were ;Communist. The extent to which some Canadian high school students are concerned about the danger of an American attack has dis- turbed the U. S. 'EMbassy. U. S. Thren t Seen Reports from Canada about ; the Pentagon papers, with edi- torials and comment by col- umnists, have pictured the U. S. as a military threat ruled by liars. At the same time, Canada is moving toward closer tics with the Soviet Union and Com- munist China.. Communist ag- gression in Sou ii Viet Nam es- capes critical comment, and statements from Hanoi are taken at face value. When the Viet Ceng recently proposed the latest Communist terms for ending the war, the Toronto Globe . and .Mail said: "The United States government must, for once, be henest. It must negotiate in good faith; it must put away lies and manipulations. Nothing short of honesty. will now serve the United States." Yank Writes Letter The pew Canadian attitude' that the U. 8. cannot be trusted has been felt in a personal way by; some Aincrican visitors who J I PA I III I L iLCC. ??^1?Th ..t., ',,,./.l.l,[1;1../0,'_W7'; .1....ii it. h. ti -1;? \ ' ? - -.., ., 1, 6:'; (nrinvn 11 61) J .!,.c, I ---) f\T A 1 \I e/DA fg f3P C. have been coining to Canada for years. Gerald H. Cover of Gowanda, N. Y., has come to Canada for 15 years and is building a cot- tage in Ontario. He wrote the. Toronto Star last week that he hoped that the "hate America" philosophy will not extend to the point of harming normal relations between the two coun- tries. "For the first tune since I started to come to Canada, there seems to be a feeling that maybe they [the Ca- nadians) should just watch us," Cover said. "Maybe-there is something about us that isn't quite kosher." Cover said there are few Ca- nadians in the public eye "who do not feel that Americans are spawned by the devil." In what Cover called the public eye are many Canadians who are raising an alarm about American influence. on . the economy, on. schools and on national identity. They are pleased with -Canada's trade with Russia and Red China and glad that Canadian exports to the U. S. last year dropped to 65 pei: cent from 71 per cent in 1939. Trucleau spoke during his trip to Moscow two months ago of the "growing conscious- ness among Canadians of the danger of our national identity from a cultural, economic and perhaps even military point of view." Rejects Suggestions Robert B. Stanfield, Conserva- tive Party loader, said in a lecture at the National Defense College at Kingston, Out., that he rejected su estions there might be a military threat from the U. S. toward Canada. A commentator on national television recently suggested the existence of Pentagon plans for a military takeover of Can- Ha, if a government should come to power that Washington 1 icl e-rnp ta.x Approved For Releaigkiwwwon??., wATKDP80-01601R000400240001-4 ing documents which he would ; like to steal from the U. S. Cen- (ml Intelligence Agency or that Pentagon, were "unconfirmed, undocumented and possib I y even untrue." The New Democratic Party, which has been the Canadian political party most critical of the U. S. except for the Com- munists, has risen in popular- ity. ;New Democrats, who call themselves Socialists, form the governments in Manitoba and Saskatchewan and are a threat to the Conservative government in Ontario. They are gaining strength on the national scene. A recent public opinion poll showed the New Democrats neck and neck with Stanfield's, Conservatives for second place to Trudenu's Liberals.