Meeting of the Steering Group of the CIA Career Service Board on 31 August 1953.

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December 9, 2016
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August 8, 2000
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October 1, 1953
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Approved For Relea OGC HAS REVIEWED. 5X1A9a 25X1A9a 01/06/09 : CIA- DP80-01826R0005&1160003-7 154.04 ere)? Securtt fotiOt 1 October 1.953 NIMORANUDIFORs The Record ? SOROCTI Meeting of the Steerieg Group of the elk Career Service Beerd on )1 August 19534 Preteets Messrs? Xirkpatrick Sheldon Daird 25X1A9a 25X1A9a lo The Cie Honor Wards BeLrd attended the meeting and pre. Oented the proposed design for the National Security Medal and ite iseeompeneleg ribbono eThese designs were approved by the Steerieg Group*, Uwe: agreed that the Chairman, CIA Career Service Board, ? would forward the designs to the Director for his approval* The forwerding memorendum will remind the Director of General Smithqs perseeel interests in this matter* It will indicate that the Netecnal Fine Arta Conmission mast appreve the designs but that the Office of the. Quartermaster General will arrange for this.approvalo The memoneWhimwill also indicate that regulations signed by the President require the Executive 'Secretary of the National Security Ceuncil, to wrote the design of the medalo The webers of the Steering Group discussed how tutees for the medal would be nada evaile able, ad it was agreed to Wet the natter to the DD/k with the suggestion that perhaps National Security Council funds could be need*. It was indicated VIA lees than $5e000000 would be involved? It wee agreed that fifty madaliewould be an adequate reserve and that these stocks of the medals and the dies themselves should be in the ceetody of the Director or the F.-eke-utile Secretary, of the National Security Council? whichever is eppropriatoo 2 The Steering Group discussed whether or not authority should he sought which would permit the Director to raged the Medal of fteedrano indicated Vint in response to a request from the Honor AwardsRord the General Counsel recommended Realest seeking such authority* reported on amble infwmetion which indicated tb2.t Military awards are Wee received in adequate exalter by deserving Cu perponee10 The Steering Group eepressed its desire for a further Approved For Release 2001/06/09 : CIA-hDP80-91826R000500100003-7 Approved For Release ji/06/09 : CIA-RDP80-01826R000500 03-7\ 84,4-RqT SeenriTY =nation Oploration of this matter? uould indlude a review of the reesOne given by the General Counsel for recommending against trying to obtain authority for the Direotor to award this medals including the beets for earlier deoisions'te goal& CIA from a list of those Agenciee authorised to award the medal? (CIA was intenticoal4 exe? eluded fres the list even though iterts an active partner of ether Agencies in'a?drive to revive the Medal .of Freedom), This study would include obtaining from the Genera Counsel a resume of the past-histori of oer activities in eameetion with this medals and exploring the mitt 'tion direelW4r-with the Bureau of the Budget? ? ?_ 3. The Steering Group disoussed the fessebility of CIA being granted authority to award the Medals and decorations of ether Agenoies And 'limed Services? indicated that he did not believe thet pu should attempt 'to am n this authority? BO indicated that other Agencies might resist such actions and that relations with. other Agencies udeht be strained AO A reeult? He indicated tAtt in his opinion we hnve nn alequate system for obtaining such medals and decorations for our people, Hr0 Kirkpatrick indicated tbnt he did not feel that this presented a real problem and that in his opinion military awards are a prepriate far award tgrongh coven- tiellrmilitery channels? indicated that the Vilitari Personnel Division has establishedexcellent arrangemente with the awards hoard* of the Armed Services He felt also that State and TreAnury Departments mieht object strongly to CIN efforts to obtain gitthority to award their Medals disouesed general etatetos .oesering the awarding of decorations? tt was agreed by both the Steering Group and the Honor Awards Board that authority to ward such medals and dnoorations should net be sought by CIA? 1 The Steering Group discussed the recommendation of the Honor :Awards Board that the Director ietablieh for CIA pereonnel gado silver and bronze medals for distinguished, exceptional and meritorious aChievainent antler to the series of medals now Available in other Agencies0 stated that other Agencies have these modals and that further use of this honor awards syetemwould help to keep the National Security Medal in its proper place is a rarely ;warded . top medal for CIA personnel? The Steering Group approved the reeonpme- 'Aation and requested that a study be produced which would present con-. plet''recommendations for implementing their decision? ?50 The Steering Group dieeus altroariTsgrap X was indicated b7 Boutile not cc:merited with this mattera ria Approved For Release Z001/06/09 : CIA-pRIDP80-01826R000500100003-7 of the longevity that the HODW Wa3.da stated that 41.7hot 25X1A9a 25X1A9a 25X1A9a 25X1A9a 25X1A9a /06/09 : CIA-iRDP80-01826R000500 eRereT Securrtf nrox7rStion longevity awards Will be establAshed again on 18 September 1957, the lpth anniversary of G1A0 recommended that perhaps more accurate determinAtions of the Completion of 10 years of creditable service could be Made of there were a study of rosters of the GIG whick indicate these on duty with CIG prior to the formation of CIA. The Steering Group agreed to this sttdy of the CIG archives but alo iedicatedthet in the meentime the date 18 SepteMber 1947 would remain the bate date for computation of loneevity0 be The Steering Group discussed the survey by the Honor Awarde Beerd Of 41 honor and inceetiei awards that have been rude to OIA personnel since 18 September 19470 The sureey was approved. ? , 70 The Steering Group discussed the propobal by the Honor Awards Beard that a CIA notice, suitably classified, be issued periodically, listing awards that have been mAde. The Steering Group approved this peopesal, contingent upon the observance of necessary precautions to aeoid viol-eting security requirements. 8e The Steering Group next discussed whether or not individoel recommendations for the granti4 of honor swards should be sent directly from the H onor Awards ,Board to the Director for a royal 25X1A discusted the 'regulation covering this matter and indicated Or should be reviewed also b the Career Service Board0 Iftt, both the wording and the intent of the regulation are that the CZA eareer Service Beard indicate policy to the Honer Awards -Board, but that specific 68.808 would be referred directly to the Director by the Honor Awards Hoarde The' Steering Group agreed that recommen- aktiono for individual medals or decorations should not be reviewed by the CIA Career Service Board; In view of this decision, the Sedering GrOup did not consider the proposed awards of military medals which Were on the Agenda. ? 9. The Steering Group coniderodsihether or not the Incentive AWards'CoMmittee and the Honor Awards Board should be merged into a. dingle group with unified secretariat and staff eupport. Mr. Kerke petrick indicated that in tie opinion the two groups considered qeite differeet matters, and that one considered decorations of intangible velueethile the other is ptienrily concerned with tangible reureedee He also indicated that the awarae considered by the two groups are at different: levelp, and that the Incentive Awards program almost 04004 the eeseibility of awards for pereonnelee high positione Utley are expected to make Significant achievements as e'pert of 2 X1A9a their jcb)0 referred to correspondence which established 25X1A9a - 25X1A9a Approved For Release 2001/06/9,9 : ck_ litt1311826R000500100003-7 Approved For Release 1/06/09 'CIA-RDP80-01826R000500 25X1A9a 25X1A9a 25X1A9a 25X1A9a 25X1A9a eiret formation OA Agreement by the two groups at there is pratticilly no possie bility of overlapping or duplioition of their functions or responnie nilitieso Re furthor stated that there had been no conflicts.betweeft the two groups in the pest* The Steeringliroup agreed thet the Engcim. ties kdsrds COnmOtt*o and the Honor Awards Board thould not be merged into i single grompo 20, The Stearin Group disco-aced the use or Career Developnen , ? ? Skits as follows. ao and Mx', Sheldon sOhnitted a propoet1 that a career deeelepment Sloth* emoushered by The Steering Group approved, indicated that another proposed use of a career divelppment slot (by 'd been referred ,to the Office re Training )Tro Wad, indicated that he is holding the case pending receipt of a training request The Steering Grasp tode no action on this caseo co. Mro Baird presented n memorondum Propesing then I persons tur-dntly occupying Jce *We he transferred to career develonment slots? He indicated that these persona were filling the JO! dots only beesauee such slots were the only evallable fteSIVisso He stated thattithese parsons were not ereperly.JOTos booseee they were not reori4ted and trained by CTRwith the ior, tention of leter placing them where they were needed and where their qualifications would -hest be Usecio 'The Steering'Orcup reaffirmed the fact that career development slots should not be used unless there were kno?in assignments and position vacancies awaiting people st the end of their planned development duty? Mr. Baird indicated that he hid obtained written otatementa from the chiefe of the srea divisions involved to the effect that position vacsncies would be waiting for the DD/P personnel in this group. ...ndicated that there might be scwo question abciel? theIMILALagi&tY of thee* statemons in view of n encettain buegitary limitations which might be forthcoming? The Steering Group approved the assignment .of these 12 persene to career deoilopment elate but with.the provision that Mro verify that the DLO personnel involved Will be aocrorm. ?a---51-0 position vacanpies in the DD/P crimple; upon, their return., do The Steering Gro4 was informed that two more propoeed uses of career development slots are fortheminno SO , indicated that monthly personnel statistical repierts will show the ure Of career developMent slots and eill indicate when they expire? 25X1A9a 25X1A9a - Approved For Release 2001/06/09 : CIA-lRIDWa-01826R000500100003-7 Se ReEoT Approved For Release 401/06/09 : CIA-iRDP80-01826R0005, 03-7 1144 Seeu O;Si7tion 25X1 A9a to reoomended thnt there be better staffina of mqueets for the use of earecIr development dote' ineludina eonourrensos by the career-servioe boards involved? The 3teering Group agreed that the Executive Sioretar'y ohOuld check eaoh remest with the career serviae boird involved before submittim the request to the Oa Career Service,Bcordo -go Mro Kirkpatrick uraed th't there be more use of the avaigUble otTeer development slotoo Approved For Release 2001/06/09 : CIA- DPJA-01826R000500100003-7 pi,a.1404