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December 14, 2016
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September 27, 2002
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October 1, 1953
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I J Approved Fo PE81144826a000600210001-6 25X1A 25X1 Se= Traroi-i',17tien NBIMANDird Fal: The Record // 1 Cotoabar 1953 SUWECTI ;1:11ofl 31r7.2A4:fetYhg310,., Prot:KIM Messrs? Kirkpatrick Sheldon naird Warner 10 The CIA Honor Wards Board attended the meeting rald pre- sented the proposed dlsiga for the National Security Hada end its socomponling ribbon. These designs were approved by the Steering Gron04 Tt was acrecd that the Chnirmen, CIA Career Scriicc Beard, Would forward the &siva to the rector for his approval. The ferwardingfttsgrandumwill remind the Director of General SnitVs. personal interests in this matter. It will indicate that the National Fine Arts Commission must apprm the designs but that the Mice Of thaQuartermeter General will arrange. for this aPproval0 Tha memorandum will also indicate that regulations signed by the President require the Executive Secretary of the National Security Council to approve the design of the medal The MSthere of the Steering Group discussed how funds far the modal would be mae,o a-;7,41 able,: and it was agreed to refer the natter to the Dp/A with the ? suggestion that ptsrraps SeciaritfuncU be used.. It was indicated that leas than 45,000000 would be invUved0 It was agreed that fifty medals woull be an adequate reserve and that these stocks of the medals and the dies thomselvee ,hculd be the custody of the Director or the Ie11eraryo zie , _enal Security Council' whichever is appropriate 20 The Steering Group discussed whether or net authority should be seuht which wdUld permit the Direetoe to eward the Medal ef_rreodonQ 25X1A9A Mr. I [indicated that in responce to a reqUes frem theMonor Awards, _ autheri,, 25X1A9At the General Counsel recommended aLOilnet ecokine Warner reported on crble inforoption which indir,lat1aT thA military awards are 'being received in adtquate nur'rle by deserving CIA personne The p ering Ste Group e:?-sused its de , . - 4 , 25X1 so on ee,--04. GP/ BY 11 ApPeOINF40?61\461-4At : CIA-18:rsagenpA I Ar 1 rif, ilsidielberAT JUST aca- NEXT NeVaeW NUM HI TI/4 Approved For RIse WWI a_ , Toptt6R04)9600210001-6 folio -eereT Smart e-IF?arliarion exploration of this matter? This study would inclede a review of the reasons gimn by the General Counsel for rscomemding against .trying to obtain authority for tfte Direoter to award tile medal, including the baste for earlier deelaions to exclude CIA from a list of those, Agencies authorised to award the medal? (CIA woe ietentienally,exe eluded fram-the list even though it was an active partner of other Agencies in a drive to revIve the Medal of Freedme)0 This study would include obtaining freo the General Counaol a eesume of the past 'history of oar activities in connection with this medal, and exploring the situation dieectly-with the Bureau of the Budget,. ? 30 The Steering Group dismissed the feasability of CLS being granted authority to awerd the medala and deceretiena or other Ageneiesend rmed Service:Jo Mrt17:712dieated that .he did not 25X1A9A , believe that CIA should attempt a authority? He indicated that other Agencies might eaciat such actions ced that relations with other Agencies !nicht a strained Am a reaultp He indicated that in his ppinlee we have nn alequete system far Obtaining such medals and decorations for our people,. Nr0 Kirkpatrick indicated that he 'did not feel that this presented A renl problem, and that in his opinion military award: are apprepriate fer award through 'open.- tiallyesilitary channels? Yx01 lindicated thtt the Military 25X1A9A Perseanel Division has estfolished excellent arrangemente with the =aril boards of the Armed Servicee0 He felt also that State and Treaeury Departments mieht object strenglyte CIA efforts te obtain authority to award their medals? mr.. Warner diadUteed general statutes cevering the awArding of decorations ? Tt was aerecd by both the Steering Croup and the Barr Mu:1rd? Board that authority to sward etch medals and decorations should not be soughtby CIA? 4? The Steering Group discussed the recommendation of the Honor Awards Board that the Director establish for CIA peraonnel gold, sileer and bronze medals foe dietinguished, exceptional and meritorious achievement similar to the aeries of medals now available in other Agencies, Mr..Warner :stated that other Agencies hive theseetedala and that further use of tiete houorAwards system would help to keep the Rational Security ModaL in its proper place 43 a rere4 awarded top medal for CIA personne7e The Steering Greup approved the recce:none dation and requested that e study be produced which would present come plot- .recomnmadations for Lep/emitting their deeision0 50 The Steering Greep diseuased the states oC the laneevity 25X1A9A award program:, Po W cE as inested. Nro I that the Homer Wards. Board is not relearned With this nritter. Mao: stated Viat the 25X1A9A .326 ir Approved For Release 2003/01/27 : CIA-RDP80-01826R000600210001-6 CONFIDENTIAL Approved For Rele s?e)2003/0e019MENTS haiegerT Secu Yarorraion 1 rAt00 10001-6 longevity awards will be established agein on 15 Soptonter 19,57: the 25X1 A9A 10th anniversary of CIA. Mr0 recomended that perhaps=re 0 accurate determinations of the completion of 10 years of croditaole service could be made of there were a study of rosters of the C1U ? which indicate those on duty with CIO pier to the formaticn of CIA; The Steering Grcup agreed to this study of the GIG archives but also indicated that in the meantime the date 18 September 1947 would remair the base date for computation of longevity. 6, The Steering Group discussed the survey by the llone tkardc (Horned of all honor and inceptive awards that, have been mc;lo to CIA personnel since 18 September 1947. The surVey was approved. 7. The Steering Group discussed the proposal by tho honor Board that a CIA notice suitably classified, be issued listing awards that have been made. The Steering Group L21.1-:)ved thi.o proposal, contingent upon the Observance of necessary preeaut9.1c to avoid viaeting security requirements. 8. The Steering Group next discussed whether or not individual recommendations for the granting of honor swards should be eent, directly from the H onor Awards Board to the Director for approval or should be reviewed also IYLthe Career Service Board. 25X1 A9A discuised the regulation covering this matter and incif_ccd 125X1A .that both the wording and the intent of the regulation are that the CIA Career Service Board indicate pally to the Honor Awards Board, . but that specific oases would be reforrel directly to the Llreotor by the Honor.Awards Board. The Steering Group agreed that recommen- dations for individual medals or decorations should not be reviewed by the CIA Career Service Board. /n view of this decisions the Steering Group did not eonsider the proposed awards of military modals which were on the Agenda. 9, The Steering Group considered whether or notthe Incentive Awards Committee and the Honor Awards Board should be merged into a.. single group with unified secretariat and staff support. Mr. Kirk. patrick indicated that in his opinien the two groups considered quite different matters, and that one considered decorations of intangible value chile the other is primnrily concerned with tangible. rewards, ? He also indicated that the awards considered by the two groups are ?at different levels, and that the Incentive Awards program almost excludes the possibility of awards for personnel of high position (they are expected to make significant achievements as a part of 25X1A9A their job)0-1? referred to correspondence which established CONFIDENTIAL Approved For Release 2p03/01/27 : CIA-RDP80-01826R000600210001-6 Approved ForRilepse 2003/01/27 : CIA-RDP80-01826RW00210001-6 S4r..e-te-aja. .13 SeauFiTyWiiiation an Aereement by the We gecupe that thesele praotically no Neale bility of overlapping or iepliostion of their ft:notices or respenoim nilitiese He further steted thet there had been ee.eoefliote.between the two groups in theienet. Tho.Stecring'Orcup eereed thYt the Innen.? tie, Awsras Committee and the Iftmor &yards Beard mhould not be merged Into a single group. 100 The Steering Oreup.disorseed the use of Ci DeTslopment Siete es follorars A that a oarai eavalweane Dem oe encemberedley 1.h.. subieitted a pe , al o Mr. The Steerieg- Group aperevede b. Mr0 indioeted that soother propeoed use of a comer ds lot (byt11 1 bed been referred -to th Office of Training. Mr. Baird indicated that he is holding the case pending receipt of R training requezt? The Steering Group teek no action om this case? c. Mt. Baird presented n memorandm preposing tht 12 persona dur-ohtly occupying Jai" *Zeta be transferred- to career davoloprent slots. Ile indicated that thane parsons were filling the JO T nets only because ueeh slate were the only available vaeencies. He state0 that thmee persony were not properly jars because they wire recruited and trained by OTR :with the ine tention -of later pleeing them whore they were needed and where their quelifiee'tions would beat be iised. The Steering Group reaffirmed the fact that career daVelopment slots should not be used unless thorn were !mown assignments and position vacancies awaiting people at *the end of their planned devolopthent dare Mr. Baird indicated the.t he hld obtained weitten stateeente from. the. chiefs of the aree divisions involved ti the effect taint group. Mr. position vacnnete -wen- be for the 1)1)/P/P peraonnel in this indieeted that there right be scoe cleeetion ebout the veet ty of thee, statements in view of the .uneertain budgetery lir4tatiens which might be forthcoming? The Steerine Greup a72proved the assignment of theoe 12 persons to career davolepment slote but with the provision that Mra verify that the DL/P personnel invelved will be accomode dated position vavancies in the DD/7 complex Upon their return? de The 5terini Grew was informed thet.twe more proposed uses; of career develveeent clots areforthcomine. e. Mre indicated that monthly personnel statistioal reports will shim/ the we of career develtpment slots and will indicate when they expire. Approved For Release 2003/01/27 : ClAikbP80-01826R000600210001-6 eeBeCeReEeT ? 25X1A9A 25X1A9A 25X1A9A Approved For ase 2003/01/27 : CIA-RDP80-0182614a600210001-6 25X1A9A fek Mk** rocanTendod thlt there be better staffinz or roquoata for the use of caviar divelogment elotSe inoludinc concurrencos by the career iervies boards invelTedo 1124,3t0Oring GrcUp agromi that the Execaltive Secretary should check e,oh rocuest with the'oarair sorvice bcird involved before submittinc the request to the CIA . Career Serviceflo-rde ? SA Kt. Kirkpatrick urced th-t there be more use of the avalAile vreer development slots? Executive Secretary ApptovedForRelease2003/01/27vVA-RDP80-01826R000600210001-6 sam,44.4