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December 9, 2016
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May 20, 1998
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Approved Four rRelease 2001/09, Case History P80-01826R000900060002-9 NWA "Career Planning for Individuals'" 9 August 1956 Memorandum From: DD/Pers/PD To: Chief,, Plans Staff Sent Via: Chief., Development Staff so that latter could attach corrected copy of received by Development 25X1A Staff., 10 Aug. 195 13 August 1956 (','/Development Staff hand carried memo with attached corrected copy of to Plans Staff 14 August 1956 Chief'., Development Staff and Chief, Plans Staff conferred on minor 25X1A editorial changes and prepared memorandum from Director of Personnel to DDS transmitting or publication. 17 August 1956 25X1A D/Pers transmitted to MIS for publication 24 August 1956 C/Regulations Control Staff talked to the C/DS along the following lines: (b) Present policy precluded sending the Regulation to all employees, therefore the distribution would be changed to AB and "supervisors would be held responsible for distributing the Regulation to all employees." (c) That the Regulation would have to go out for regular coordination. C/DS replied that the Career Council had already approved the text. 3 September 1956 Technician from Regulations Control Staff called C/DS to ask for conference on the Regulation. 1 September 1956 Technician in RCS conferred with C/DS proposing many changes. After several hours discussions minor editorial chst es;:VWft .e-asfollows: `)LUASSINED Approved For Release 2001/09/Q4 ;Y AZDP80-0jBUGR4W 0( 000 t-9 r. A&)Th: !-ti4M 79f2 Approved For Release 2001/09/ 25X1A Case History CIA-RDP80-01826R000900060002-9 Paragraph 1. General l.a. -- picked up sentence for synopsis. l.b. - transposition of phrase "to standardize the function . . . the Agency." Paragraph 2. Career Preference Outline 2.a.9b,, c, added headings. Paragraph 1. Responsibilities 1.a. and b. -- added headings. Paragraph 5. Procedures 5.b. -- second sentence -- word "having" changed to "who have." 5.c. -- last sentence, "for the individual's future utilization" changed to "future utilization of the individual." 5.e. -- "concerned with his development" changed to "concerned with individual's development." 25X1A 25X1A (2) Paragraph 3.a. -- add underscored phrase: "Career Preference Approved For Release 2001/09/0 80-01826R000900060002-9 5 September 1956 Technician in RCS called regarding Career Preference Outline which was attached to the Regulation and was advised that the Forms Management Staff had already cleared this and sent the form to the plant for printing. 7 September 1956 C/RCS hand carried to the Executive Officer, DD/P., request dated 6 September 1956, for concurrence by 14 September if possible. The memoran- dum pointed out that the Regulation was approved by the Council on 26 July and had the concurrence of the DTR and COPS-DD/P. 14 September 1956 DD/Pers/PD inquired of C/RCS and was advised that the DD/P would be able to concur either on 17 September,, but no later than 18 September. 25 September 1956 EO/DD/P forwarded a memo to C/RCS concurring in proposed subject to the inclusion of the following: Approved For Release 2001/09/0 Ik"ov 25X1A Case History -- 80-01826R000900060002-9 Outlines will be prepared for any staff employee or staff agent, 26 September 1956 RCS advised. C/DS of EO/DDP memo and proposed changes. A copy of memo was hand carried to DD/Pers/PD. 28 September 1956 DD/Pers/PD hand carried memo to RCS stating: (1) the application and (2) "That there is no objection to incorporating the proposed changes in regulation if you consider that the inclusion of these statements are necessary in a headquarters regulation. The in- clusion of the proposed changes is not considered to be a mattered.. significant concern. It is a matter of great concern? however, t6 the members of the CIA Career Council that the Heads of Career Services, who have discussed and approved the individual career planning program, are delaying the inauguration or revision of their individual career planning programs until this regulation is published." (copies of this memo were distributed to D/Pers,, DDS and EO/DD/P. 1 October 1956 RCS forwarded including EO/DD/P proposed changes, to ADDS with a request to expedite. 5 October 1956 ADDS signed 9 October 1956 RCS sent with attachment Form No. 1030 to the printer and requested publicat on by October. 23 October 1956 A r6 e V6b 1'O% 0A%26 M6 1LNed in the Approved For Release 2001/ 25X1A Case History -RDP80-018 26R000900060002-9 Vam in the Office of Personnel. RCS advised C DS that attachments were printed but inadvertently not attached to 24 October 1956 Copies of attachments were received in the Office of Personnel with instructions to attach to 25 October 1956 Approved For Release 2001/09/04 : 0-01826R000900060002-9