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December 16, 2016
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December 20, 2004
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September 12, 1958
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Approved For Release`20O5; r6 : CIA-RDP80B01 AftAN, A3 000100090047'-9' keporti L. tit ti request *I a wssti Aeg vt.::e be ^..i in the Of ice o.A the i,a/C . *a 6 Au ukit t95; to dismu&+xa Auto- -w ties sa6 a eaa o:! peed up routine reporting giros ie ~3. C3 {ssdtrl'o ;. The following points were discussed. s. The time lag inherent in the forwarding r,4y pouch of routine intelligence reports could be factorially reduced if automation were introduced into the re- porting program, at as early stage and continued throughout the forwarding aye tea. to. Automation system adaptable to the intelligence reporting process are currently available. The prod-- tan of introducing the" automation systems into the various established departmental field "parting activities is not so such a technical problem as an administrative one. It is difficult to persuade bureaucratic institutions to change established a i thoa.*. a. CIA* td/p, has started to Introduce, automation into routine reporting on a small scale. The results of the ssperiaeeat are promising and nay lead to ea- passion of the arcs of tape punching equipment for the initial field typing of reports. Also, the CIA Office of Communications is experimenting with a h speed radio circuit to Washington. This circuit will be able to pass the present total cable and pouch reports to Washington in about one one (1) hour. d. The iervices have comeesereisl contracts for studies on automation of inforeatiou handling. The Air force, in particular, 1n interested in the report- ing problem. 5X1 25X1 Approved For Release 2005/01/06 : CIA-RDP80BO1083A000100090047-5 Approved For Release 200/ kij0O : CIA-RDP80BO1083A000100090047-5 Automation of :ioetiae Field Reporting The meting coacludei that: a. CIA we of "Flozewriter" tape punching Soar in the field should be continued, and reviewed in the sear tutu" with a meet tows" Its, ox4muslon. b. CIA ld provide a tood proving ground for automation. This would require additional tape punching equipment and us of the e riacental high volume radio circuit to Washington, a. g will obtain pertinent service reports on automation methods and study their applicability to CIA reporting. d. As the CIA automation program pr r s s the departmental intelligence producers will be invited to participate. 4. Attachment it is a staff study on the Volans and e of Interdepartmental Intelligence reporting. 5. AttumbmOst b is a staff atndy on CIA field on of "teletapee". b5X1 ?5X1 ttachaents: 2 Staff Studies Approved For Release 2005/01/06 : CIA-RDP80BO1083A000100090047-5 Approved For Release 201'TCIA-RDP80B01083A000100090047-5 u"IL1 To eaaaiue (1) the vole a and nature of intsiitgeuce reeporttn from the field and (2) pe a ibte communication systems for electrical. torwarc1ir of the bulk of this -:eter is to Washington. u. 6ae, about 4410,E were - teat: and 160,000 2. CIA doeuvients constitute roughly 20% of too d ueent total, while CIA cables represent ouly about IS of the total cable receipt in thO /1. tee, ICA &no I. cae:blea COnsti tutee rougca iy o the total received and the uaalttury attac +ew System 10% of the total. 1. Ztates cables are the source :ior about 3t% o The Usage of Current porti the Control Int?l.itj?tact lietia lea, while extremely email voles, about 18% of the sources cited in the cm. .1I tickers accOuut for about 15% ni the sources cited in the CIb. 2. About 90% of the item co.taiasd is the e`ea- tral Intelligence $elletis are basted epos Material received electrically from the field. Chile this may to a great estoat result from the accuracy of field selection of items to be seat by rapid ceases, there is no doubt that this greater utilization is also based to a large extent upon currency aloes, This is bearne out by the high utilization of FBI S and press arterial received electrically. . Time la s La r" t! a4 1. Asearding to the tars* of ,state 1choduls of Pouch iaR , the io o1w i* approz e Fewer aye "'are :evolved in the forwarding of re- parts by poach (cities listed below were estrae teed as representing various areas of the world and do sat represent the total listings in the amerce document) Approved For Release 2005/01/06 : CIA-RDP80BO1083A000100090047-5 25X1 Approved For Release 2005/01/06 : CIA-RDP80BO1083A000100090047-5 Approved For Release 2005/01/06 : CIA-RDP80BO1083A000100090047-5 Approved For Release 200510t106' 3 CIA-RDP80BO1083A000100090047-5 3. An estimate of the time deiuys invuiveu in C cables woulc not to valid since they are reviewed in Ws hind ton and re-proces sec as Tmh:.- reports before disheninstion to couasuuers. 1. A Significant proportion of documents Contain attachments which are in the fern of boos, naps, photon, etc. *bile an occurs** estimate is not available on all documents, about It j% of CIA re-- parts have attachments. It is probable that mili- tary attache reports containing attachments may run to high as , dep.ndiaac upon the area of the world. For example, Air Attache reporting? will contain a high percentage of maps, photos and diagrams in areas where such information on the et/ atellite area is availaLle. il, In addition to attachneate, in:tormmatio* reports containing internal diagrams, sketches and graphic material are steadily increasing in volume due to the increase is emphasis on scientific and techni- cal subjects. 3. deports containing attachments or internal graphic material can asset, of course, be diaaasemi- asotees by toistype. Otbor means such as enciphered radio f assts imi le must, there f ore , sae studied for passing this type of reporting to Washington by rapid means. . It appears that there are fee technical cc tions problem involved to transmitting the hulk ors field information by electrical means. f-a,e or r other modern c unicsatious equipment, could quite *se z transmit many times the current cable groupsge out of i'oreta n areas. There are, of course, areas where radio transmitters are not sutherisred and other areas whore reporting volumes, power shortages and real estate inadequacies would pro- dJude an 0 type facility. Is these areas ca sercisl t o V. .wit relay traffic to an field center. 25X1 Approved For Release 2005/01/06 : CIA-RDP80BO1083A000100090047-5 Approved For Release 20.051pl/Q6 : CIA-RDP80B01083A000100090047-5 The installation of an Ocenter in a foreign area would, however, be just a beginning. to order to capitalize on the efficiency of this equlpasnt out- stations would have to a tied in with the II center by rapid means - radio or wireline coeeunicationb with on-line enciphering etbods. irnrce the awe of the has been suggested for the rapid perm of Information, each outstation would have to streamline its operation to ensure that the flow of intornatiun would not suiier undue delay biefore reaching the 0 field center. Out- stations, therefore, would require a sufficient auntaer of "ilesowriters" so that teletype tapes could be made simultaneously with the typing of reports and it is possible that 24 hour standby of communications facili- ties would 'iA required.. .. The Washington end of the system wauid, at course, present a large problem mince extensive modification of present methods and equipment would be required. The initial selection of material for dissemination in accordance with the unique requirements and priorities of Individual consumers becomes one of the first com- sideratio . One way of doing this wouule -e to employ as NSA-typo system r- that is, the field station would determine the ultimate distribution of items it reports and would punch the appropriate routing ia&tructions in the teletype tape which it produces. Upon receipt in the sabiaagton center the cables would be scanned eloct- tronically and routed automatically to ultimate cons ra. A system such as this is feasible technically and would ensure alert Immediate delivery of field items to users. The difficulties which such a system pesos are fairly obvious; 1. ih~/P cables, tor example, are now screenesu an TM reports. The concept of a tielo station send- ing its cables to users without an intermediate re- view would require a fairly drastic chi ge in poli- cies and procedures. This would no douf t make it essential for field stations to pertorn reviews of material in tam of certain criteria before trans- mission in order to determine it the material is "end-product" or "operational" data. 2. The Washington center would have to be alert for cables with security and dissemination restric- tions such as Internal Use Only". 25X1 25X1 25X1 25X1 Approved For Release 2005/01/06 : CIA-RDP80BO1083A000100090047-5 aAM r?wok Approved For Release 20051e1./06 "CIA-RDP80BO1083A000100090047-5 3. As Auto stia center in Washington would requires that individual coDMsrasaaers be equipped with sufficient equipment to beadle anticipated peak traffic loads, The expense of such installations w-oult be cousic er- able Initially. A system as describe a would suggest that colleac- ud consumer agencies In Vashiogton Increase hour operant ies to the point who" "of ter a" us sad immediate analysis a" instead of an automatic system for the scanning and routing of Incoming cable tram f ic, a conventional message center system could be used. The message center would det?r*ine the handling of incoming nesciages based upon the precedence placed apas the message by the field originator. In has ling large volumes of material, how- ever, the message center should be backer-up by a group analytic parrs i wa *Can each incomiaa piece eaaso "commend both recipient s priority of delivery. This tiel since It should not sae assumed that taws on traffic are always an accurate measure of the importance of a message, ucb a System would be most elite lent it both the message center and analytic function were located in one central point. alytic s caannis function would probs ali+ sv-e most active i it were 44 hours a nosy an it all primary aatteaa l l is ;?ence a ge nc iess were repreaze n tad in the area. it should pointed out that the nysteaa very generally "scribed here is essentially the system which ft .-*A used Before it converted to automatic scanning and routing iaev ice e" b. 1. The discussion above bassos been devoted to the electrical forwardi of print" swords. A~vrer, a large percentage of ias.fornatton reports contain diagrams, charts and al etabes which cannot be *out by teletype, =ut which a are responsive to higher priority scientific and technical requirements. 4inac* this material must :e forwarded to Washington consumers as expeditiously as printed words, radio facsimile becomes an important area of consideration. It may to feet be feasible to **ad all field reports, not raa ph is a ter i as l , to Washington by a s- ciphereacd radio facsimile and thus eliexinatee the punchisak, of teletype tapes and other related procecures connected with teletypes. Approved For Release 2005/01/06 : CIA-RDP80BO1083A000100090047-5 Approved For Release 200$/01-1Q6 :'.'CIA-RDP80B01083A000100090047-5 h. 2. The t nit*d tates ca unicsti lutee11i9ence Board has for several years cons tders( the enc ipherec* o facsimile program (~: I1,) . d3,C I t3 paper 13.k/42, July l9b6, reported the following summary o. toil a. 9! tL/Xi.$ and T /i _ .x--73 These two equipments together co prise a sere:ur facsimile terminal of a point-to-point 10' racks circuit. (1) - isi urity A.quipvwnt service test ne"is are being pros urea now at an sepproximsis unit cost of $1Ga400.10. T ose will be available durinye the 3rd quar- ter iscal Year 1957. Additions to this con- tract will, provide delivery in the 4th guar- ter yY 67. this item will be available for production early to FY 5F with first deli- veries from production pros=ably in 2nd quar- ter VY 59. Cost about $13,000,00. (2) x_73 - T'rssnsmission Preparation euiparent (I. required per "-3 installation half or full duplex) 2 units each 33 1/2" x 36" z 17 1/3" may i;e stacked to form I unit tY high - 765 pounds. 17.5 rereea -asrvice toot mWels currently available. ,t.dditionsl models are currsntl .visa pro- duced. The 104r73 will be procurable at the some time as the K-3. Unit cost .17,I ?00. b. T C/ r-3 and T/1-3 i'het two equip nts are essentially isproved encl ssubeiniaturie-ed verssies of those listed in sukr-par. R. sad also cerise a secure facsimile terminal of a point-to-point OF ra+to circuit. aerator (Useable as Facsimile ;y Lqutpreent 1'ra ,iver) 0.9 amperes Approved For Release 2005/01/06 : CIA-RDP80BO1083A000100090047-5 Approved For Release 2005/01/06 CIA-RDP80BO1083A000100090047-5 bility of establishing a world-wide electric: presently under development. rvrico test pielea should be available by end of lY 58. procureaaaant should start about aid FT 59 with deliveries a raut acid F?Y 54-. Unit cost about $9,000.00. (2) d X-73 - tiectronic ?31g l konvsralon Lquip- nt for bad to Transmission (1 hequ2"d per 46-3 installation). 1. d a s p aces 300 pounds ity k gu i of (I system requires 1 transmitter or 2 for 10? standby and any number of receivers) Presently under development. errice test mode IF, should be available by 2nd quarter k y 59 with deliveries from procurement Starting about tree 026 O yY (30. ~ Unit cost about $12,000.00. 2 E . s s of each 1d" x 34" x 4911, - 7 le ivrer - I bag each 1180 x A4" x 48" 3. Transmitter - lib v uO cps It, gasper heceivrcr 116 x b O cps 11 aa4wres Presently under development. -~ervrice Um t models elould be available toward latter part of Fl 50 and procurement deliveries starting abet FT 61. Transmitter unit cost about T'2 0,W0#00. kocelver unit cost about 10,0.00. The statistical data necessary for a study Of the cost a is not available. to Vievr oef the expense zaa," t valved in patbering Such data, it was detereainec that a pilot study of .e ant data was already partially cospiled. of its tame, the high volume Of rGPOWtinK reporting system. Thel area was s:elec- an important, high-volume reporting area could be r c I* for the Measurement Of the pro able 10nefits at an vary of intelii .aee reporti a Tab seers ?ear a ; as e . vvrda-l +e out of this area agencies dear1 ctooor 1957 1 for the year 1957 is shown in Tat u. A bu cry rti statistics ollows: Approved For Release 2005/01/06 : CIA-RDP80BO1083A000100090047-5 Approved For Release 2005/(1,10qs,ClA-RDP80BO1083A000100090047-5 1. An approai:. a to total of 1,7571,000 words were contained to "parts issued is Ck toz er 1957 Y all U. . aencies {'his t figure in- clude-9 the word count of attar nt$ to CIA docu- wants only. Attacheents to other agencies' reports are not always available to CIA.). 2. An approximate total of 114,E words were con- tained in iratelligenCe cables issued oy all aaeaciea. pilot, plan for About 0 ,unications, C140 is preparing it cal forwarding of all U. . intellt?- seed upon a cannon-user radio, hi :h-- netallatioa . in addition, Oftice of Communications is preparing, a pilot plan for the forwarding of all U. z. intelligence in based upon a c n-user enciphered radio Lacs e c s $tion tars reports barb attacbweut$* at: CIA reports had attachAWnts. 14% of Late reports had attach?ts. 125X1 25X1 Approved For Release 2005/01/06 : CIA-RDP80BO1083A000100090047-5 Approved For Release 2005/01/06 : CIA-RDP80BO1083A000100090047-5 U IG: T --sIXGLk, T - CAD" VOL.UMA Mised on DU/I ce P s 1957 CIA 662 230 ;Mate 11,1)57 9,90 :Navy 933 1,257 Army 919 466 Air 690 291 ICA 'S 6+Ea-3E- 4,792 U~i III 469 329 2.,'',356 P1',2913 Totals are hypothetical examples of number of cables which might be sent ii all ageuc ie ; "peaF_ec" in the Same mouth. CIA U Jfl F861 & CAD" LIPT..) ALL A"XC Il.-i ass on p e 1956 1157 .roc use n is 340v188 402,066 380, 000) ativzt:te6 .ables 204,745 160,158 160,UOO) Approved For Release 2005/01/06 : CIA-RDP80BO1083A000100090047-5 Approved For Release 2005/01 1' - P80B01083A000 6~ Etv 7-5 1. COMPARISON OF CIA AND OTHER AGENCY DOCUMENT (Based on DD/I. Receipts) Other Agencies 1956 60,840 279,348 *Estimate based on Jan, Feb, Mar & Apr 1958 2. DD/I CABLE RECEIPTS FROM ALL AGENCIES 1956 1957 110,000 l0 ..000 00 6,5 00 0 50 40 ,`i4`30 01J 20,006' 000 19,000 18,000 17,000 16,000 15,000 14 , 000 13 , 000 12 , 000 11,000 10 , 000 9 , 000 8,000 7,'000 6,000 5,000 4,000 3 , 000 2 , 000 1,008 1957 1958* 65,304 72,000 336,756 305,160 NOTE: CIA Cables constitute only about 2% of DD/I receipts. State and ICA Cables, 830. PERCENTAGE.COMPARISON 1957 1958 - Estimated ^ZI Approved For Release 2005/01/06 : CIA-RDP80BO1083A000100090047-5 Approved For Release 2005/01/06 CIA-RDP80BO1083A000100090047-5 6URYiY OF IN LLIC N h AkPOW'r'I.NG ervlce Total irage Words Per Page S ports 8enrif Luciosureb Air 808 , 800 200 5U% ta t+e 618,000 400 14.3% CIA 244,440* 420 29%* Army 59t260 400 40% Navy 17,750 125 50% 8,000 400 1.000 200 TOTAL: 1, 7, Word count iicludes inclosures. (Other Agency figures DU Mt7I, since not a 11 inc losures rece ivec in CIA) Total Words Average Words per page Air 20 , 528 210 State 81,840 264 Army 8,602 352 USIA 2,265 242 ICA 770 264 Navy Bone I, 10,5 Approved For Release 2005/01/06 : CIA-RDP80BO1083A000100090047-5 25X1 Approved For Release 2005/01/06 : CIA-RDP80BO1083A000100090047-5 Approved For Release 2005/01/06 : CIA-RDP80BO1083A000100090047-5 Approved For Release 2005/01/06 : CIA-RDP80B01083 0 100 0047 T b2E3 I. P 1. To determine whether Balstapes represent a feasible seem of rapid ones..aioetion with field stations and, if so, to recommend appropriate action to utilise Taietapea. 2. For rants the Agancy has been seeking wigs to improve and speed up field caminicatiois without overloading a A overexpanding cable facilities. Efforts have foil., d two lines principally: speeding up pouch barxiling and transadaci (n; 4z8 redo, ih cebla traffic by better selection and editing of cable m-..,argil. izlucetle"l programs and drives to cut cable traffic by writing shorter, "tighter" cables have helped but have usually been conducted in the face of a steadily nouiting volume of cables. Attampts to up pouches (all of which SD thou State or Da 'ense Channels) have Y. i ' Tying sucoaga. A "fast pouch" service to bay cities in Western Europa was tried for six acmtbe in 1954 and did cut pouch time considerably. Speed vus based one (a) "cable handling" of fast pouches at originating and receiving Lustallations, and (b) trans- mission by special couriers. Zia tatter proved too costly, baaevsr, and the service as absaadooad. Vincent saves by RI to str line handling of thoam,du( powah s and to eliminate processing of administrative din - patcbes greatly Improved pouch ties for a while. But this advance was offeet by the decision i n April 1958 that all A ur y pouches s at be t aummIttsd via TOP SST (courier ) aisamsL which are generally saeoh s1cswer than other channels-. This decision brcu it about an acute e~ieations problaa for stations where acurl+er service is intr. ant, Dattieularly in the Bear Host and Far East. 3. MM emssly 1958, Pr' ad by a sugssation fray the Chief of WI, the llaehine Metbad,s Chit of DDT (0 0) began st1" whether " elotapes" migfiit provide the mews for a secure "fast pouch less costly than the system, used in 1954. Umbers of other Agency ,opponents with wlbae the idea ye disossased were encouraging. Several awn ia4ia4tsd that "71e10- tapes' >tl tt help pane the way for scans really sophlstiaated oaINmunieatlms tedhniques Involving hi&t speed eleatronis tsonsmission and rutam,atia macbsellml rsprodnetim and disssm imtion. "T.letapes' are aatrw paper tapes p roduoed as a typing by-product by a 5-cbss,aal llsmovriter (or ?4 ai3Ar asehins e) These tapes can be ooverted by a asabsniaal ecamo device into amotrypted tapes that can be treated as ''wiclassiflsd." Such tapes can later be decrypt and their contents reproduced mechani- cally Into srmaatl~y the same styS. sad foam as the -ar1gt=I typed product. 4. AV had 14 TLax iritere (available trc a coWlsLad records project) and had already started a test of 'deLetapee beteoen Washington the decision was arno'ia sd that all ~ava~y parches Approved For Release 2005/01/06 : CIA-RDP80BO1083A000100090047-5 Approved For Release 2005/01/06 : CIA-RDP80BO1083A000100090047-5 coatalfiflC _ 67X{ET material vould bays to be is witted via TO deyslolment greatly acoentueted the uec for "fast pouch" serr'ioe and caused DIP and DIE: (a) to 1,Umch an iaawdiate wve thru the lbaagument Staff to have State ~t its ao~crter aerrics, sad (b) vo ask that cabs a toady and testing of Taletapes be saaslarat d with a v1m to their early t iberaver feasible. 5. While -alppcvvin the awarlment a , f letepe Unix bed Wash- ington tbs Office of Security W" mod, to test to oquipm vo a security point of vicar. Paod.iug the out-Caw of these tests, to gpes (although "uccSs.esifled") are to be trsusportsd by Al'0 rsQist mood, arfl. In . PVCUWzx 6. gMM a. TO be feasible, 3lslete es meat save snough mouay (vban used in list of cables) or ecu*ugh tlusa (rhea used in lieu of dispatches ) to WOMWO t the cost of cgiaipm mt =a psrsaca,al - machine operators and - rs+guired to provide the fballity. uhi1a cost factors MW be herd to aeaeor* accwntely, some reasonable caoalusione ought to be possible attar Teleteyes are tested in volume for at least 2-3 aortas at 3 or 4 selected statues. b. go utLuire Tsletepes, a station must hers the ecsam squidwent sad service needed to samrlrpt and decrypt the to *s eoschn:zlas l]y . It not bane facilities available to repair the 0 FlaxoWriters ssppltsd by Warn ngtan. And for the tapes to be profitable, there suet be a means - u clsaecitie 1 pouch, APO, open sell, or air freiSht - for transporting the tapes to and from Washington (or laterally between statL=a) at rates of apes" i1-r 4f aan~ faster than T5 potashes . c.M nMascs arc soy As a first stop in dstssvdning the fesaibilittiy of teleta iss, it is Nsirable to loyor the wlir of oc~llomUmm orl4i,nated and received by the s 3c r field stations. Tab A ecntains this in - famt for cables, Tab B for dispatakes (tho tba periods covered by the two stud3es ere not identical..) 25X1 25X1 Approved For Release 2005/01/06 : CIA-RDP80BO1083A000100090047-5 Approved For Release 2005/01/06 : CIA-RDP80B01083A000100090047-5 25X1 9. APO btuu statima gave l al I.PO Pacillticu. Tab D list thu. It is possible that APO muLil m-vice cay be faster to amm of tbsae posts tku La~cl: ie 1 pouabsa. And, wl:iic APO nail does not have d3plpmatio 4 nity, it is tree frm toruigxi cta to,.- and intercept problems. 10? amm WNW= Weletaape Faced by a '1cw i'riter is basically the ass na the taps pr iuced by a Teletype uachins. The latter is st nde.rd eeptipwut at all posts r Cre cm= work is done meabrinically meter-,;. of s wally, and all sued Teletype ^acbinss are serviced by L ix y esp34 . 31ius, the caesao capability to process Tele tew , eaxl.a to at all latpartit posts, tbmi6r., a::~chinaa and psrumnal my have to be adctsd in sar Lnstazoes to beadle the extra load . u. aB s bb g list.. the statiaoa %%am l]sx rit $ ports and service an sr.3Lb3e l ,oalllr. 8tatioas "sold os such ltcilitias sags be aU* to arrenP s+aic easoo techaician to service their ao hi ss ae Pwb+Ws air ship ttm to sass otter statida S repair. 12. 8 -W No asttr in the T&3atVs "tea to oohs alae~g sra teou~ Volume bas bun list aad h&W in abayaoos pending Security's awrowal. chosen for the test boom a. it bad the ttI4 11 tl+s. peraaor:.l to sop.rlasat with Ztieletapo under 25X1 Approved For Release 2005/01/06 : CIA-RDP80B01083A000100090047-5 Approved For Release 2005/01/06 : CIA-RDP80BO1083A000100090047-5 t 25X1 r omb1c: am-urtty co I tip : a:.c to cope with a e1 1 ctx rc,1 camri and -uysb1cTw Q-:r_ . "max: to iii ira ",t_ 25X1 a. PAOC:~ ILLEGIB b. UIPw ccslp1etc cac atlbility bed the Y1axawritca? &:id t ii ty' "d-r rat used by Comm bus beau dwtr ted. Subject to 3ecurity'tz flad'aj, the equi-prent preamtl r :rued is the Teistape systwm #neats to be quite satisfactory. Sane modLficatiar s arrci l apro're- amzta vill undoubtedly be made as time goes on. FFr instaam, the keyboards of the tiro whine are not identical, nor do :ptrate at the ease earricgee retut-a speed. But thew '.i adman protrZ+ W ee4 v reconciled . A all cadre of pereuasu in vashiuem have baoqm fly 2ft:lt r with I bxc* niters sna wale to ,e izeg the test Per". '!heir Iiwloden and the tsobal.q en they Wye der*2opsd can quickly be pawed aioc , 2ezstiitting the 3yr?tmc: to be expended na rupidi j an cvaiI ubic cquipmat and eircu=te=ees VWraat. A Ub11 tree 2 ae@ typist using only vritten iastsvc tious Mn Learn to opcrata a Y1 +ritmr within a very a-t time. And any 0k 0 tecxmicion urlho c as operate a Telattye zz china can process Tela' within a few tk7tu`e . 13. AM= PPROff?xm a1. MW t TEEN 25X1 Approved For Release 2005/01/06 : CIA-RDP80BO1083A000100090047-5 Approved For Release 2005/01/06 : CIA-RDP80BO1083A000100090047-5 ILLEGIE At the actcet, linitatians of egcdpeent will detand the extant b %d ich `. ? a apes can :a oared. Daly 14 fexc ritern am avci1cb1a 4nd ref ectaments (costlag 43,000 per mchine_) 2 ve to bp-- r viov. Total lcbd ti Le abaft 4 -6 mantba. f3ame s taitiorin lx--w tmouqlh black in tbcir C-.xzwo unite to bnn&l& T ntapos vit out 44j-iag mcbinee or pezrd.e:. Otter staticce sze not so sit * t&. mechin s, modified to "braak bs kw tepee as t2wy are en- cryptsd, coat about $4,500 e.o lsed tins row sevural weds. The Lang toss proepeats for l s1atopw - cc a system ae~~lrayi~~g similar yrinciyloa - look hi 1y prmisin . Once pro- codures are 4roslaried and persccs bccc eacustomad to the fact ;''+&t acrigi..uatccv can type their nesseger m nechtaes xtiicb is the eeme aps:stim pro4i s aaa11 ties that am be wac yptsd, decrypted, rKIro ced In smdtipU oo piss and dias~~tl~eiatsd - all by !test auto- nst3c aechenic.S procesuee - tbi ear *iciting possibilities appear. By adding W.tra i speed s1 t nic tranad osiaa (which is already ca the hcrissn ), a "ten cen be 8e ,1op i that viii. bendlsd nos t, par!>epe almost all, field oaasaicetiaas at eoctsgsasl y hi& rates of speed and yet at rsasacsrb1e casts sad with a naderate sired Camomdoatians staff. Moreci, stick a systat am easily be linked to othw Agencies in the intelltPOoe oanwnoita7 M. vbatawr points and to yAaterwr degree wq- be desired. Iv. Q. .. . 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