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December 12, 2016
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September 12, 2000
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October 25, 1967
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SECRET 25 October 1967 Approver Release 2001/09/03: CIA-R MEMORANDUM FOR THE RECORD SUBJECT: Administrative %uthoritics - Legislative REFERENCE: Memo dtd. 10 Oct 67 to DD/5 from Ex/Dir-Compt.. same subject Marro dtd 17 Oct 67 to D/Pers.. D/Finance, D/Logistics from DD/S. came subject 1. fast week I met with In the Office of the Depoty Director for Support, to review procedures for keepini; the fill/S informed of pend t :- or new legislation affecting, rec .: :endattons to be made by the E IS to the Executive Director-Comptroller concerniu ad.:.alnistratjye authority. The proccduree to be followed will srtbstantially parallel what OLC has done in the pact and are spelled out here for the record. Z. Bella. OLC will review hills introduced in the Congreso as reported in the CONGRESSIONAL. RECORD. Bills which spear to have a bearing one travel expenses, allowances and other fringe benefits for Federal erg ployeee will be ordered to t e the responsible DD/S co.-r-ponent(s). A copy of the bill with a notation as to the DD/S cornponent to which it is also being sent will be sent to the Office of the DDI; - 25X1A - Updated veraiows of such bills as well as related published co mrnittee reports and hearings will be distributed in a like manner. 3. Distribution. CRS/ADD/AB will continue to be responsible for the distribution and rxbarking of bills, cor : ittee reports, and hearings under paragraph 2 above. OLC will keep a separate record an bills so distributed. 4. OLC Review. The above procedure is designed as the primary method for i for r ing the DDIS aced LSD/S con poreeuta of pending or new legislation having a bearing an administrative authorities as discussed Approved For Release1/10~ :CIA-RDP81-003148000600240034-8 Approve Release 2001/09/03: CIA-RDP81-0 R000600240034-8 SECRET in references. In addition, howev. r# each bill sent to DD/S will be reviewed within OLC for the purpose of identifying items of significant interest and bringing them to the attention of the Office of the 1)D/S and/or D13/S components. This will result in a considerable amount of interplay. as exists at present, between 0_C and the Office of the DD/5 and DD/S components. However, over and above this interaction. GLC will periodically review with the Office of the DD/S. preferably at least once a month. active legislation which falls within the scope of the references. 5. CONGRLSSIONAL # ECOR.D. OLC will continue to send excerpts from the CONGR 55IO11AL Ri~CQa1J bearing on legislative iten:s of interest to D1/S components. Nesrsrally, such excerpts are of price ary interest to the DD/S component involved and, consequently, will not be sent to the Office of the DD/S unless there is a specific request to do so or the item is of significant and known interest. 6. Public Laws. ?ublic Laws concerning authorities within the scope of referent n ernoranda will continue to be sent to the affected DD/S component as they are published and OLC will also send the DD/ S a copy of these Public Laws. Further, the periodical review with the Office of the DD/S. paragraph 4 above, will also include a review of these public Laws. 7. Other Pro*ranm.s. The above procedure is responsive to the requirement imposed upon 0LC under the references. Apart from this program OLC will continue to screen legislation for possible overall Agency interest and when interest is apparent. order the distribution of the material to proper componolts within the Agency for information and/or substantive review. There appears to be no feasible basis for separate programing of a review for this purpose from a review for "administrative authorities" purposes within the DD/S area. However. this should in noway adversely affect either the timeliness, or effective- ness of the "acimixtistrativ s authorities" review program as outlin: d herein. Officer of Legislative Counsel Distribution: Orig. - Subj I - DD/S 1 - OGC 1 - D/CRS 1 - Chrono OLC/LiM:raw (26 October 1967) C; Nov - lease 2001/09/03 :'CIS P'11..DI314R000600240034-8