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December 19, 2016
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Approved For Release 2006/11/27: CIA-RDP81 M00980R00010009, 018,-6._ OJ,C: 7(136 7/2 25 August 1978 '"'` . '`_ J`.3-F!', VIORAM)UM FOh,: Chief, Liaison and Oversight Control, Policy arid Coordination Staff, ODO Assistant Legislative Counsel Senate Foreign Relations International Operations (McGovern) Subcommittee Investigation of Foreign Intelligence Activities in the United States connection with its ongoing investigation of the activities of foreign intelli~' gence services in the U.S. The Agency will certainly be asked to testify, and I believe it would be wise for us to plan now for this eventuality. 1. I I Chairman George McGovern (1.). , S. Dak.) ha:> announced that the International Operations Subcomi-nittee plans to hold hearings sho.rtl 2.1 As you know, we have consistently tried to impress upon Subcommittee staffers Michael Glenno.n and John Hitch the fact that the Agency is by statute and Executive Order specifically denied any domestic police, law enforcement, or internal security functions. We have also pointed out to the Subcommittee that its specific concern with alleged harassment of U.S. residents by foreign intelligence services is particularly the province of other Government departments. 3.Nevertheless, I believe that the Agency's witness at the Subcom c. is hearings must be prepared to respond to the following line of questioning: --Recognizing the proscriptions on the Agency that exist in the internal security field, is it not true that the Agency sometimes develops information on foreign intelligence activities in the U.S. through its sources overseas, or becomes aware of such activities via disseminations from the F131 and NSA? If so; --Why doesn't the Agency use its influence with foreign intelligence services with which it has liaison relation- ships to put a stop to harassment of U.S. residents and various other kinds of undesirable activities ? Are there explicit or implicit understandings between the CIA and these liaison services regarding unilateral operations in one another's country? Does the Agency ever ask the FBI not to take action regarding particular instances of foreign intelligence service activity in the U.S. because of such an understanding? Approved For Release 2006/11/27: CIA-RDP81M00980R000100060018-6 Approved For Release 2006/1 1/P74 jet -R '$1 W 980R000100060018-6 --Is there it significant difference between the Agency's attitude toward: (1) operations run by a foreign intelligence service against a third country in the U.S.; and (2) foreign intelligence service harasst-nent of U.S. residents ? What does the Agency do when it becomes aware of the first type of operation? Does the Agency's attitude in such cases depend on the countries involved? 4. LJ The answers to some of these questions overlap with the CIA comments you drafted on the Senate Select Committee on.Intelligence report entitled "Activities of 'Friendly' Foreign Intelligence Services in the United States: A Case Study." (The recommendations and conclusions section of this report were to have been discussed by the NSC/SCC sometime after 15 July; has this meeting taken place?) The Subcommittee's concerns also relate to ongoing negotiations with the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence regarding reporting to the Committee on the CIA's liaison relationships. I believe the DDO should be thinking about the drafting of testimony for a prospective Agency witness before the McGovern Subcommittee that will be responsive to the line of questioning indicated above and in keeping with our views on disclosing the specifics of the Agency's liaison relationships to the Legislative Branch. The McGovern Subcommittee is focusing on activities in the U.S. by the intelligence services of Iran, Chile, the Philippines, Taiwan, and Yugoslavia. Distribution: Original -- Addressee I - OLC Subject 1 - O rono OL.Cfinlg (28 August 1978) Approved For Release 2006/11/27: CIA-RDP81M00980R000100060018-6