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December 12, 2016
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June 10, 2002
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February 1, 1968
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AppfdVe- PL ACr A.o :,ATr Ar o: Wellin on NZ +s. PREPA14EO BY' Jan - Feb 66 a . ~ AI 0.T . 'OLR - E - _ INFOFMATION___.,4_ :rcr National Air._,y Corporation Fi1.1t Capt J3. L. Cathie tFf? Hpu:f re. euu ~:?Pro-s..., n ,+.. r11o.. r'f.1.. .-I, .+11... i1:. ..fh-fun... rn .. 01 1 Jf f1. II . ..1 , rn 11. h..1. o f 'Fl. . K-s1r. .~7 1!' al l.~ ( ; v LCWIS It. WALKER Colonel, USAF Defense Attache s WMMARY (CONFIDENTIAL) (L".. MI&W K (C) Report provides additional information voluntarily given by sourct V-4 which adds to referenced report (IR 1 869 0015 67). The source stated that his book " Harmonic 33" is now at the printers in England, that he has been in contact with UFO investigation organizations in the United States, and that many additional UFO sightings have been made in New Zealand but not reported. a 4 bo ~r n v CINCPAC - 1 cy w/o encl DOWNGRADED AT 3 YEAR INTER 1. Ltr CATHIE 18 Jan 68 CINCFACAF - 1 cy w/o encl VALS; DECLASSIFIED AFTER w/ends. 1 cy (U) 12 YEARS 2. Ltr CATHIE S Feb 68 w/encls, ley (U) super!-ire, !:::_. of his interest and activity in UFO's and his forth- v'o..zin~ book "Harmonic 33". He has been checked for security reasons a'.d no advert.? reports are known. lie has received considerable publicity in new-,,papers and on television. He admits that many people eonr;icter him "some kind of a nut" but he persists in his theory. On 16 January 1968 he came to my office and reported that four UFO's had beer; dete'ted o11 the Auckland Air Traffic Control radar scope on :4 .January- 1953 at 2335 hours local time (1411352). Three objects were 15 wiles aiwart in line, with the fourth object in line 30 miles behind the thd._ Relative speed was extremely high. In addition, 1s C1 sT NlwuTrON .-,3 .e.a JA 10.1 IT. DOWNORAOIrf. OA,.. 10. ATTACNM[NT 0ATA, y i;F-27 i'riendship) pilot by National Airways Corporation (NAC). His ! ' .ts:1~ a -.nt. i'vents: Captain Cathie is still emplo ed as an aircraft DIA EVIEW COMPLETED DD 20'.14.1396 I,.cI } : ( 1 86^ 0015 67 C, IR 1 869 0034 67 T-+ " ?A:. ACIts 04 PONM KJ., I AU0 w f)YNAY .0. s.s. (R.. I - t). AI V0 %N, I12. Jut. $1. MNICM MAY w[ U990 UNTIL I JAN ss. r f/s. Approved For Rele6se_2002/08/21 : CIA-RDP81 R00560R000100070025-8 Approved For Release 2002/08/21 : CIA-RDP81 R00560R000100070025-8 Available S7 Approved For Release 2002/08/21 : CIA-RDP81 R00560R000100070025-8 J;A -- N i;:, DAIT W'C.,n., NZ Ra"?P t t . , . k an ' r I' . _. " , ?J . rej; c,t s were : I L ??!1 ft.... Aviat ~ .: ors - nc l 1-ac he en wal'ccd cbaervations. iaptain Cathie was advlc~d inf(rrnatio:i ho 7rir_ht ha'e. 'I, (1'd, l,nf!"r 18 January 1965 .+t s achr.ent No. .:jri he . iid no, that Civil rc; ?' any more of these to .;tbmit any additional cv:er of his letter of (C) Pueblo Incid? t: t, ' Februar; 1968 a second letter with attachments was received Cr.- Cathie (att:.(,!hu.ent No. 2). This effort by Cathie indicates that be is ~j-?endinr an