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November 9, 2016
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December 21, 1998
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January 3, 1947
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Approved Fop 08 : CI COUNTRY MAE).& -RDP82-00457R00020043 CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE GROUP INTELLIGENCE REPORT SUBJECT ECOM,14c lhafo .tion: P ping -Miden Railway,, `'an: ku Area ORIGIN EVALUATION OF SOURCE 25X1A6a DATE: \\ 1NFO.I DI t 3 fl:: aun 194`7 PAGES 3. SUPPLE MEW 25X1A6a 25X1X6 a , Prior to December 1944, the Peiping-I:~akc,en mai line passed throur*h Tangku; however , .. the Japan2 se built a ';)ypgsS % 1/2 kilos in length through IIsinh, and n).ow, with the e:~:ception of one daily through train to I' a.~a ng, only shuttle tr. ins cone in and out of T ngkun 2 There are even regular shuttle runs to Itslnho da,ily,, of four cars each, and there a-.--e nine, freight trains in and out of T,-]ngku each day. i''2 e lght wagon s 'a'ge '> ?C}:, . '9 i"ty tons e ach Passes r cars carry an averaf'e of 100 paasen ;er each0 Fast rionth 400 coal c .r?s ,:.Pere dis ,atchoda a: here is no specific rolling fAoc'k assigned to the Tangku area. There is a round house., the capacity of which is not known, for the servicing of locomotives at Tcngku. ;?~ Pre vious to epteraher 2c'45, 400 men were enployeri on - this shuttle run., but nor! there are only n few sore than `'_00 ton. Th re are four pay gr?ndes a ()0JCOC; CN'NC per month plus tires the b '--se pay of 20 CIIC, (n) 90000 CPC per rionth plus 1'4C) times the Lase pay of 40 CIA-,'C , (c) 72,000 tOIyC plus 1140, times the base nny of 300'C', (d) 60000 -CINC T lus 540 tines common laborer), the base pay of 2OCNC ument No. 3 NO GE in Class. (i DECL I? i:D Class. C' ',P. ^^ : TS S DDA :_3, Apr 77 '~'r9AL 25X1A9a Auth: DDA REG. 7 63 Date; By; 2 25X1A9a ,ADS ar r8r VTO ADBO FOR t N'Trot> d... e1e 0457 3-3 __ _. [ILA "I x FEW