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December 14, 2016
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November 13, 2000
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November 17, 1947
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Approved For Release 200 P82-QNkA Ifi Nihu09 25X1A CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE GROUP INTELLIGENCE REPORT COUNTRY Germany (Russian Zoos) SUBJECT Railroad Traffic: Saxony- lnhalt and Kustrin-Kietz 25X1A ORIGIN 25X1X DATE; 25X1 A INFO. DIST. No7a'ember 1947 PAGES 2 SUPPLEMENT 1. Between 3 and 22 Aug ust 1947, a total of 39,721 carloads of goods were handled by the railroads in Saxony-Anhalt. The shipments cow slated of: 38,735 carloads of food, cattle, chemicals, fueland other goods 321 carloads of military equipment 616 carloads of reparations goods 49 carloads of dismantled equipment Do caigt o~ of Ng& , .C Des2mugn or T 128 roads) '8 Machinery 27. Bakery equipment 20 Salt 51 Miscellaneous goods 14 Pipes 2 Grain . 5 Lacktam (varnish product) from Leuna-Werke I Rubber from Bunn-Works 63 "Breitspurbahnsnr (probably rails for normal- .nge rail.? road) "Sch lspurbahnen," (probably rails for narrow-gauge rail- Wax 44 Roofing paper 46 Cement drums Wooden houses Cement Paraffin Machine parts Document No, NO C? ~:.??TILT Eg`L 2. The break--down of the reparations shipments mentioned above is as follows: a . I d For,Feleas, 00 O L3 3 34 4 138 1 4 3 Poland Brest. Litovsk Brest-Litovsk v Brest-Litovsk z Stettin o ^ 0 Brest-Litovsk -0- 0 LL - Berlin-Os-tha1 n z o N ~ Brest- Litov -- Erfurt Eisleben (Collection center] Brest-Litovsk Mock Brest-Litovsk S tottin . Brest-Litovsk Wier Rostock Stettin Brest-Litovsk 9P~2-00457 R000900800009-9 a) r e d7 N 0 {D c R Co ~Q1 ~CO a c r ~ .0 . 0 -IR N C U D r+~ 0 NL c a .. CONFIDENTI Approved For Release 20 - P82-00457800090084 r_s "' TITY:L IZIE LIC :iiC3 GrI OF r y4 3. The forty--nine cars of divrx-.ntled eruipa- nt wue from the Leuncu-.Werke tnd t-rore shipped to Brest-Litovsk. 4. DDtwoon 1 and 15 Lugust, the folloiring transports moved tea: tward through Kuetrin Kietz. Date 110. of W.rQ to t Deign l August 106 Livestock Insterburg 2 If 50 Flour Kaliningrad 3 It 102 Potato flour to 51 Grain Insterburg 5 55 Livestock Inzterbuag 6 52 Flour Insterburg 7 " 56 Cement (Kaliningrad 8 53 Barracks, dismantled Insterburg 51 Cement Kaliningrad There were no trains going east between 10 and 13 August. Between )and 13 August, sixty-two empty trains from the east passed through Kustrin-Kietz on their way to Germany. this docubent cont$ktm it 'o :?i tioa affecting the tu:tivtaLl iiet'6aisa of the Gnitea States within the meaning of the Espionage Act 50a U.SoC0 31 and 32, as? amendedo Its transmission or the re- velation of its contents in as manner to an unauthorised permn is prohibited IV law., Approved For Release 200 1 "" ' " T~t09-9