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December 19, 2016
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August 1, 2005
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November 18, 1947
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~~~ drle,~'li s~:v rX~,ia~'~ o ass 2006/11103 :CIA-RDP82-004578001100140007-0 ~ ?eef~'.n~ the asti~def'ense of the ~niteaT~Statea sith3n Jt~esn~ a! the ~"~~ ACt ~~ II.s.r+r 31 82]CZjStd ~ 25X1 as amssad?d. Its treansmiel9ion or 25X1 the s~latioa of its ooatente ~ ~'r ~? ~ "~"~E~O1Tf~A-L ~~TELLIGEI~~E GRaIlP 3s~1 pmraoa is ~bitsd by ~,soa `'`'~'F.~.3~GENCE REPORT t~~ tll~1~ vssa ~~~~~~~~ Nailroede DATA: :J~~~~ zDEN___ ~~FO~ Qts~: ~ ~io~slber 197 ~~~Es suP~l~~s~r ~?ts~-41~uTlorl _ __ _ __ _ ~ S'!"A~lE~~VVA~~_.~NA~/Y_,_ .JUSTICE` __ R & E_ _ ~_&_I? _ _T1...~_ 25X1 25X1 There is a sia~.e ?tasui~,x~d~ track on the Berlia~+!inslt -1~4oscox railroad line, ='~.s ~oluboi impress, for passangmra Daly, tuna twice daily, oa this 3.ino. The mtaade.rd~-~as~e track an the 13ae which taus Eras GermBS>z~* and Poland tere~iaetss t Zdiabinl t~ty~sia lone. em,st of BreJSt oa the 13rest~inolc r~:3lroad~ ? ~tam~n~~ 'This contradicts that the a -gee ta.~alc vxtenda from Poland oscow. German T]iesel engines are eased by the gavernl~ent on the l~oecoe~ev~.atopal, ~~c~~ou Knrsk, and l~osQOa~Str~3.iaxgrsd lines. tan >~ad~ceci Ge~ae~ e3e*tric~~driven railroad care lying at Brest-Litovsk f.a a d~loreble cond3tion~ ~'he Drew employred in the traisf?r esmsa still living is the cars. There are double trAOks on the 3vexQlavalt-~4oscoa railroad lins~, In thce foxmer s~rm,an-~occugaied area vest oi' Suibyshsv, aloeg the Yolga~* the railways a3I bey single tracks; ell bridgeB are o? wood. ~,ll trains in the Sverdlovsk area ere stun-~drivan. One paassn~er train leaves ~xai~.~r from this vicinity for Mosc+~. ~aanmattfi~ Although the iat'ormatioa iA Paragraphs 1 and Q i~ contra.-~ dilatorr~ it #s given far aa~+ possible ass isa ooJnpletia~;; the picture of .~a3.tx'o~a in this ere~x. s Docum~nt No, ,d4 `J NO CHANGE in C'. ass. ~ ____ ~ DECI~ASSIFIF;t ,~,~` Class. C..ANGhI~ 7'?7, TS S C DDA T`~,r.~~, , ~ r ;~:r 77 Auth : DDA F;i~ C~ . 7"' > ~":3 25X1 D DOI~FIDENTIA~, f; L.ASSIFICATIOIV Approved Far Release 2006/11103 :CIA-RDP82-004578001100140007-0