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November 9, 2016
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December 10, 1998
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September 1, 1948
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CLASSIFICATION ftAWWA&Q0T1,ii.L 25X1 A2g Approved For ReICAB1 SISQUOE -004571L1 qW2 ~F CD NO. COUNTRY China SUBJECT Economic Information: Chinese Coemm Diet ia4k2g Bureaus, Manchuria and North china 25X1A6a PLACE ACQUIRED DATE DISTR. 6 Jan 19.9 NO. OF PAGES 2 1. The Northeast Trade Bureau ("The Northeast Trade Administration Bureau") was established under the Northeast Political Bureau in order to supervise all trade within Manchuria and "foreign" (USSR and North Korea) trade. The duties of the trade bureau are: a. To investigate supplies useful to the military which are in the people#s possession, and purchase these on a compulsory basis. b. To dispatch special economic agents to Nationalist areas to purchase such necessities as cotton yarn, cotton cloth, drugs, etc. c. To purchase grain which can be traded with the USSR for munitions, vehi- cles and comauxnication materials. d. To send non-essential good to Nationalist areas in exchange for needed military supplies and goods. hhen agents are not sent, the bureau employs merchants who are often helped with small loans from the Northeast Bank. All goods must be sold to the Chinese Comnunist Government. Because of difficulties in exchanging money there are many exchange shops under the supervision of the trade bureau. Considerable profit is made by these shops. 2. t'rincipal branches of the Northeast Trade Bureau are as follows: a. Southern Liaoning District Trade Bureau at Tashihchiao (122-30,40-38), b. Eastern Liaoning District Trade. Bureau at Tunghua (125-.57,4]41). c. western Liaoning District Trade Bureau at Koupangtzu (121-44,41-21). d.. Northern Liaoning District Trade i3ureau at Ssupingchieh (124-22,43-2-1). e. Dairen Trade Bureau. f. Yingkou (122-13..40-40) pistr atN 1 Hw nDISTRIBUTION LISTING MUST, ad 1~-/r46NIN EXCISED BEFORE PUBLIC RELEASE OF THIS DOC MENr? CLASSIFICATION CO11FID I'I, besumat N .' l # lasar~ Dl 1~urrorv NO KANG t C CONFIDENTIALWA% letter of 13 Octo Director of Cci ra1 i'i: Arcl1:;rs t of the U~st s3tafee~ - Date: TIAL Approved F5r Release 1999/09/08 : CI -RDP82-00457R002200320003-3 Approved For Release 1999/099 QP82-00457ROO2200320003-3 25X1A6a C r NRIM-LALICY 25X1A2g 3. The Northeast Trade Bureau's head office ins the Hui Feng duilding in llarbfst C ? am nt. liui reng (; )("Way Foong11 is the abbrevi- ated Chinese name for the Hong Kong and Shanghai Bank. An earlier report also mentions the head office of the bureau as being at the Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation premises in Harbin.) 4. The head office of the Trade Bureau of the North China United Government is in Shihehiachuang (114-28,38.=.02). The principal branches are: a. Western Hopei Trade Bureau, near Wutai (113-16,38-43). Central Hopei Trade Bureaus near Jaoho 5 ). y. Southern Hopei Trade Bureau,at Nankung (115-22,37-22), d. eastern Hopei Trade .r3ureau,at Tsunhua (117-58,40-10) or Chienan (118-41,,40 -01). e, Northwest Shansi Trade Bureau. f. Southeast Shansi Trade bureau. 5. Under'the Central Hopei Trade i3ureau there are exchange shops in the following ^Gowns : Pochen ( ) T Yangliuching (11700,39-08) ulin (116-44.3e.21) T Huangtsun (116-20,39-43) zuyuchen (114-17,38-28) Y Changhsintien (116-12,3949) ukon (116-54,40-o9) Chinheien (115-02,38-02) Shengfang { ) Peitatan G0UFID> N u,, CO I DENTIAL Approved For Release 199 9/08 : CIA-RDP82-Q0457R002200320003-3