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November 9, 2016
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February 3, 1999
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December 14, 1948
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CLASSIFICATION cry U::.22AZ 25X1 A2 Approved For Re IO A?91 9 t1 2-00454jJ INFOR I IIoRT CD NO. 25X1MONTRY 25X1A2g 13 Jan 1949 SUBJECT Juan Antonio Orrego Sales, Music Critic F PAGES PLACE ACQUIRED DATE OF INFO. 25X1X6 25X1A6a STATE ARMY 25X1A6a F ENCL S. SUPPLEMENT TO 25X1 A2 REPORT NO. 25X1A2 Cwt. In it was stated that Augusto r Otte, Sales, on the editorial staff of the Coramunist-dominated magazine Pro-Arta,, had been dismissed from the University of Chile for Coswnmist activities,) Subsequent information has revealed that not Augusto, but one Juan Antonio Orre ;o Sales is the music critic of this magazine and a professor in the National Conservatory of Pusic, a dependency of,the University of Chile. Different versions exist as to why subject was discharged frown, and sub- aequently rehired by the 216tionn1 Conservatory of T.:usic. it was first reported that his Communist activities caused his dismissal, but it was later stated that he had been discharged because of his disrespect toward the policy and tradition of the Church. A second source reported that Orrego sales was the victim of rivalry between Conservative Party members belonging to the Social-Christian and Traditionalist factions within the University. Information now available indicated that both of these later versions may be partially true, There is reason to believe that Orrego Sales is not a Communist, and, though a mombor of no political party, he leans toward the Social-Christian faction of the Conservative Party, He is somewhat of a Oparlor pink", but openly repudiates the Corunvnist Party of Chile because of its servility to the interests of Soviet Russia, He is wont to arGue in favor of a return to the primitive oomrnirism of the early Christians, u+ 1e te; L Next Daou nt No. . Na CHANGE in Gass+. aS? 4: rrt V: Zvi 3$ 3 C I4 4pit 77 Auth: Date: By_ :HM. DISTRIBUTION LISTi N Misr BI' BEFORE PU BLIC R ELEASE OF THIg p~. NFIDENTIAL 999/09/08 : CIA-RDP82-00457R002200390005-4