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November 9, 2016
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December 18, 1998
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March 4, 1949
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Sanitized - ApproM-AK F ; e COUNTRY Siam%ltalay'a o114 0% LL I WAW SUBJECT Susceptibility of South Siam Itosleees to Communism PLACE 25X1A6a ACQUIRED - DATE OF IN 25X1X6 I CD NO. DATE DISTR. 4.. r 1949 NO. OF PAGES 1 NO. OF ENCCLS. WPM sd,Ow) t '~~-~ SUPPLEMENT TO REPORT NO. I,, Siamese itosleme in the four southern of provinces are becoming increasing ?y susceptible to Covznmist proaganda in the form of nationalistic exhorrts- tions.. Some of this Arnpagarr4 is verbal, but it most frequently occurs in pamphlets anct rapers which are believed to originate in Malaya. Moslems, who comprise 90 peroent of the total 700,000 population of Patti.ani, Satuni, Harathiicat, ert" Songkhla provinces,, believe that the Siaamese gover maent has raa.led, and will fail, to keep its promises to ve them honest local andsninie tration, educational aids, and the recognition of rights of Is? a is religion, customs and culture, The Moslems say that every- canvnission sent down from Bangkok to i,nvoesti- ma a their grievances, falls prey to lavish entertaining by corrupt local officials, who aru the :--richest provincial officials In Siam, They say that Chinese middlemen. r ho exploit them, have bought off moult-be aatabliahers of the goverment cooperative credit society. In addition, they maintain that the government refuses to extend the national liter racy campaign (involving the tea cnuig of ten million illiterate adults) to oslem provinces in the form of lessons in Malay, which is the only language most Siamese Moslems can speak. hp For these reasons, the idoalern are inclining more and more to Communist doctrines, which stress ties with their relatives in Malaya. They are under the impression that thr r are adopting nationalism, but actually they will find that they have adopted Communism. 25X1A6a a, -WAt1w, C1 Sanitized - Approved For Release : CIA-RDP* O P82 000