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December 14, 2016
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October 11, 2000
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March 31, 1949
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Approved For RL2 f>Yr CLASSIFICATION 25X1A2g 027 !, 82-004~1" INFORMATION REPORT COUNTRY SUBJECT. Germany (Russian Zone) Railroad Traffic 25X1A6a PLACE ACQUIRED- DATE OF INFO. 1 - 31 March 1949 25X1X6 N OF . ENCLS. ZL b b~LOW SUPPLEMENT TO REPORT NO. 1., During the month of March 194 the following eastbound transports , moved through Kilstrin-Kietz: 25X1X6 &Q. of Trains No. of Cars Description of Tr n;sRo tg 17 786 Cement 15 655 Potash 1 50 Barracks parts and roofing 14 641 tiles Construction wood 7 373 Coal 1 29 "Karusselenketten" 1 48 Large open flat-cars, empty 5 235 Dismantled wooden barracks 25X1X6 3 131 Timber 2. During the same, period, one train of 20 cars, carrying prisoners 25X1X6 of war from Insterburg, and one train of 10 cars with horses passed through Kt.strin-Kietz and proceeded to the west. -In addition, 96 allegedly empty trains returned from Russia and passed through Kil trin-Kietz on their way to Germany. Railroad employees notice_ that a number of the closed and allegedly empty cars contained artillery munitions. Source, helping.to unload such a car in need of repairs, observed shells similar to the anti-tank munition used formerly by the Germans.. Each train was accompanied by three or four guards. 3.. Between 13 and'31 March 1949, the following eastbound transports destined for Brest-Litovsk moved through Fr-ankfurt/Oder: No. of gins No. of Cars 1'299 1,004 CD NO. DATE DISTR. 5 MAY 1949 25X1 A2g NO. OF PAGES Description of Tra!2?Po is Industrial: goods and coal Coal Reparations. goods Soviet Army equipment STATE s U7 ARMY AIR FBI Approved For Releasd`200vl P82-004,57ROO2700220002-0 CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE AGENCY 25X1A2g During. the same period'19561 empty cars passed through Frankfurt/ 25X1X6 Oder, returning from Germany to 'Brest-Litovsk. 4, Between 13 and 31 March 1949, the following westbound transports coming from Brest-Litovsk passed through Frankfurt/Oder: E of Trains No.. of Cars Description of Transports 1 30 Margarine 23 1,25 Prisoners of war During the same period, 67 empty trains returned from Brest-Litovsk. 25X1X6 *nd passed through Frankfurt/Oder on their way to'the Soviet zone 'er'many. In addition, the following transports of interest passed through , Frr nnkkf`a t/Oiler between 13 and' 31 March 1949: moo. of Tr No. of CCars* Description of Transports- Origin Destination 1 19 Military personnel 16 16 tanks Cottbus Ktistrin 48 Military personnel 27 27 tanks Kirchmb ser Mlllro se d d ith b 2 130 ly loa w Presuma e army eqquipment and spare parts (no troops) Brest-Litovsk MiAllrose 2 23 Military personnel Frankfurt Cottbus 26 Military personnel 12 Vehicles Berlin Frankfurt 40 Military personnel Eberswalde Cottbus 30 Military transport 13 .(tank repair shop) 13 tanks Kirchmdser Milllrose 13 Military personnel Kirchmdser MIAllrose 30 Military personnel Brest-Litovsk Cottbus 1 50 Military personnel Cottbus Eberswalde 3 39 39 tanks 61 Military equipment Kirchm6ser Mixllrose 25X1A6a ,mment. The number of cars is given in approximate figures. tes. Aut 01/03/05: CIA-RDP82-065? cument is hereby regraded to AL in accordance with the tober 1978 from the teltigence to the