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November 9, 2016
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February 4, 1999
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April 19, 1949
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, COUNTRY SUBJECT PLACE ACQUIRED DATE OF INF CLASSIFICATION r ' Approved For Reletafeettl98918119 Chile/Spain 25X1A2g 002711111 CD NO. DATE DISTR. 24 MAY 1949 Activities of Julian Quesada Alonso? Spanieh NO. OF PAGES 2 25X1A2g Communist in Chile. TO CIA LIBRARY 25X1A6a NO. OF ENCLS. (LISTED BELOW) SUPPLEMENT TO REPORT NO. 25X1X6 The following background information has been obtained on Julian Quesada Alonso, aka Julian Tessada Alonso, whose connection with the Spanish Communist Party in Chile has previously been reported:* 1. Available data indicate that Quesada joined the Communist Party of Spain when it. Was founded in 1929, and has been an active member ever since. In Spain he was a post office official and a member of the directive body of the Union, General de Trabajadores (UGT). During the Spanish Civil War he allegedly acted as a censor for the Republican government, controlling postal and tele? phonic communications. , Following the fall ofthe Spanish Republican government, Quesada Alonso fled to France where he is believed to have resided until he was sent by the Spanish Communist Party to Chile. He arrived in Valparaico? Chile, on 28 March 1940 aboard the Srl WINNIPEG and was accompanied by his wife and two children> since that time, Quesada Alonso has played an important role in the activities of the .f.:Ipanish Communist Party, and prior to the departure of Antonio Guardiola was designated by him as the Chilean leader of the Spanish Communists. 3,, At one time Quesada Alonso was reported to be the manager and director of Igelferdad deknam, the official Spanish Communist newspaper in Chile, and he also wrote articles for the Chilean Communist newspaper anag12,. He was also said to have acted as liaison agent between the Spanish and Chilean Communists, and between the Soviet Embassy and the Chilean Communist Party (PCCh) during the time Soviet diplomatic personnel were in Chile, although this report has not been confirmed. Early in 1948 Quesada Alonso was reported to have stayed in the same hotel in Los Andes with Jorge Calor?, retired Bolivian Army major, who allegedly went to Chile to enter into contact with Communist agents. At that time, Quesaden name was listed among the Communists sought by the Chilean police c, No record has been found, however, that Quesada Alonso was over arrested by the Chilean police. His reported friendship with Gonzalez Videla may have been the- cause of his immunity from arrest. He is believed to be in close contact ulthllanuel Delicade and other well?known Spanish Communist leaders, as well as with Julio Alegria Alfaro, the former leader of the Postal Workers Association of jMiilo and a fanatical Communist. CLASSIFICATION "MteitERLft, AT Document No NO CHANGE in Class. 0 410.131rCLASSIFIED Class. CHANGED TO: TS S C DDA Memo, 4 Apr 77 Auth: DDA REG, 77'1763 Date:1 5 MAY 1978 By: 9h09 : CIA-RDP82-00457R00270055000 -4 STATE NAVY A. /cm\ AIR# FBI a .1 cument is hereby regraded to in accordance with the 1978 from the ce to the C.C.;NF leaer of 16 Director of Central In Archivist of the United Sta ? Next Review D.te: I Meese 1999 Approved For Releas CEUTRAL INTELLIGEUCE AGEUCY 457R002700550002-4 25X1A2g 6.''yeriada "tlonso was repoed to have changed his nano to Tessada in flay 1948. At this !Axle he ceased previous activities in the lumber business and attempted to enter the thentric-i field. He had written several short plays, but vas ensucceseful in hal/in- these presented by the Thcperinental 2heater of the University of Chile. 7. Police nide a four-day onrveLllance of nuesnda Alonso's activities on 9, 10, 110 and 12 "Ipril. florin this period it was obrerved that he spent almort the entire tine at his aperment at Calle querfanes 1433. Each Doming and after- noon he was observed to leave his hone, walk to the post office to see if he had received any nail, end then window shop idly before returning hone. During this time he received no nail. Although Nesada Alone() allei7ed1y is engaged in selling books for different printing houses in rtantago, indications are that he spends little tine at this unrenunerative work. re is engaged in no other known business, but both he and. his family dress exceeeingly.well and he apparently has no difficulty in paying 3400 pesos a nonth for his aeartment. 9. Chilean Inveetigacionee corridor his unknown source of Income and his activities to he highly suspicion). 10 ruesada llonso was be-n 23 Uovenber 1903 at rIrgonda, Province of Nadrid, ?pain. He is narried to leenin DlImeo Rieva and has two children. He in 5 feet 1 inches tall and weighs abeit 155 pounds. He is of nedium build, has a thin narrow face, a long nose, dark iair, bright, brown eyes. He usually mars horn rimmed glasses, is very nervous, Ind of sickly appearence. 25X1A2g CONFIDENTIAL Approved For Release 1999/0DP82-00457R002700550002-4