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December 2, 1949
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Approved For Release 1999/09/09 : CIA-RDP82-00457R003600740003-2 25X1X 2Q Soviet Supply I;::atallationa in the White Russians iD 1- 2 5 POLOTSK September a,. 25X1A (55o30?K/ 1947 b,M 28044IaE) 25X1X ?IOGILbv 1945 to F4 (53050'N/ January 5Os20?S) 1949 1945 to ao February b,, 194'0 Installation Location Data on installation l: Fuel dump 6 to northern town sec- No information on stocks 8 ~; Ltiathei- tor,, east of the RR line to DAUGAVPILB (55?5U'N 26o ?I) 2;. Ration supply depot Yorthern town seam No information on stocks (4-story storage tar., between fuel houses) dump and airfield., on the road to DAUGAVPILS Sytpply depot "Sklad About 4 miles infantry weapous aruaunitiom o 'a 39" (about 10600x southeast of the townO clothing., ration aupplies? through interrogation 30300 foot areal in woods, immediate- engineer equipmento The std- of a oonb barbed.wire fenced spur ly north of the PR rage buildings had been stocked firmed that a lar e g track, asphalt road, line and road to with supplies immediately I,VD ration supply de- I 9 briok-buildings., ctRICUEV (53?40?R/ upon- completion. The eon- pot. was located each 20x60x130 feet$ 51? 55'E)(see etruction of the depot was there in 1947, :1e I small underground Annex 2) completed by February, l549,; entered the depot an ammunition bunkero the driver of Ltxol., water tower) BOYAGFi MO., allegedly inspector of the IVD supply serviee in the white tuaazian W. Ration supply depot About 3 miles south- Ration supplies and dismantled (former German Ration east of the town, in material Supply Depot) rroodag immediately north of the road and railroad line to KRICi=,, near a small railroad station and a village Approved For Release 1999/09/09 : CIA-RDP82-00457R003600740003-2 fiOGIL-PT. October (coutE) 1948 1946 until ac' October bo 1947 BORISOV December (54?15'N/ 1946 28?30'X) Ordnance park Buildings in Unknown stocks of guns woods north of the of light and mediuti calibereo RR bridge east of the The guns were placed in town, g long the RR blo^kez 3 guns in a line line to 1(RICii V and at least .10 guns from front to ream with a 66 to 100-feet spacing between the bloekso to Ammunition dump Eastern town port- Yo information on stocks (about 15 earthbunkere$meter, immediately extending about 10 southwest of FR line feet underground and to KPICIiEV 7 feet above-ground, camouflaged by sod) 2.; Parking lot for gins (barbed-wire fence; old partially destroyed sheds in the southeastern section of the lot" Adjacent to south- eastern section of the ammunition dump Several hundred guns of all types and calibers (antitank, antiairoraftland field guns. mortars)v Heavy gins were sheltered, light guns were parked in the opens Storage buildings t eetern town perm Empty in December 19480 some (4 large buildings, meter of NOVOBORISW buildings were being ref each 6o0-square meters,along the RR line to paired, others under eon- spur track and load- u:IbiSS struction, ing ramp) Approved For Release 1999/09/09 : CIA-RDP82-00457R003600740003-2 25X1X 25X1X when returning ~a Germany in November 1948, ob- served a parking lot for guns southaaat of the ( L RR stattone lrordintely uortheast of RR line to RIC11E{f, Guns of light, medium, and heavy caliber were stored in long rows near storage buildings4 Six rows of ammunition piles were also observed* 9 CIA-RDP82-66457R00360f40003-2 January WP. Storage depot (18 About 1. miles south 8 storage buildings were (egntd) 1949 br, buildings, each of the town still under constructions; 40x80 feet) scheduled to be equipped with freight elevatoraG They were, a^Cording to Soviet penal prisoners, DeceG.ber 1947 Octorer 1945 B09R Until (54?203 A/ September' 39?10?8) 1947 a u bo 20 au b,, 1. pp bved For Release 1999/09 Large ration About I mile southwest supply depot of 1,VVOB0RISu9? crest of road to JI SKc northeast of tank barraeks Fuel dump (3 con- About 2 mile south of tainers, 1 earth- NOVOBORISOV, east of the bunker) road to i;IMSK, along a spur track, about 3,300 feet a rest-nnortharest of 16C-foot high silo into the ground woods to about 3 quarters of their length, s ,uur track) Fuel dump (about Irimediately southwest 20 i,onlvairiar$,due of the to-nr_ in e ~$prucc 2c Clothing supply Spruee wood, about depot (6 canton- - mile west of the ment buildings fuel dump with camouflage paint, spur track) Ammunition dump In a woods near BOBR (strictly guarded) (restricted area) granaries From nearby grading work it was in- ferred that the depot was to be expandedo No information on In?orz;;aeioz o+L' tained from follow K's Soviet labor details were ob- served eonstrueting ammunition bunkers., No information on ammunition bunkers Approved For Release 1999/09/09 : CIA-RDP82-00457R003600740003-2 t8OBR January (c,ontd) to parch ':947 I 1~Ii?5H November (55oWN/ 1948 27?301s) Sunner 1948 August 1948 A munition dump Immediately southeast of (wooden cantonment BO13R, bsstween the road buildings, some of and railroad line to them semi.-underground, ORSif& (see Amex 3)c, well camouflaged in woodsy barbed-wire fence, spur track, off-limits to pre, Artillery park About 4- miles southeas4 (camouflaged by trees, of 11INSK town perimeter, watchtowers, 500-feet- on the road to MOGILEV, long bravel roads work-near the artillery bar- shops at northern racks and automobile plant edge,, partly surrounded(see lb on Annex 1)0 by a barbed-wire fans),; Artillery park About 22 miles southeast (4 small administra- of the town perimeters, tion buildings on the road to LOGILEVO barbed-wire fence) near the automobile plant (see lb on Annex 1) Artillery park About 4 miles southeast of !.INSK An engineer battalion Detailed inforamtion from BREST--LITOVSK alle= was obtained from Lip gedly worked in the dump thuanians, Location during the period of ob- was tonfiraied. in the eervatiow, ti.-ber requir' summer of 1946 by another ad for construction work unloaded by troops.< parking lot,, guarded by soldiers wearing tank insignia, was hauled from the saw- ??About 50 trucks mfll, Several amsuuition wore assigned to the trains, each of about 25 dumps SeveralT 34 oars, arrived and were tanks were parked on a ; Guns of 76oZ- m, 122-m-m and other oalibarse and rocket launchers, some of them covered with canvaap were stored in several rows in the open, Repair work on guns was observed. Outgoing and incoming shipments of guns were observed from time to time Large stocks of guns 'Designated 14RASNOYh of all types and automatiOUROCHISRCi3E".z This weapons. Repair work name was also used in was performed in the economic reports for open, Incoming and out- the nearby workers, going shipments were settlement pulled by trucks Guns and 76.2 -mm,, $7 ma,end 120-mm antitank guns,, heavy antiiireraft guns, rocket launchers, other guns of un- known caliber, light and heavy tractor s Approved For Release 1999/09/09 : CIA-RDP82-00457R003600740003-2 25X1X 25X1X BOBROISK 1945 to (53C32N/ '..'arch 29015tE) 1949 July 1948 April 1947 BREST- June LITOVSK 1948 (52oo0'N/ C> 230369N) February 1948 t'arch 1947 dump and shop 060 bo Ration supply depot (7 buildings, each 88x250 feet) lags motor vehicle park (brick,.-buildings wit. workshops) ordnance park (not camouflaged, open area) In a small wood, about 11 miles northwest of western railroad station, scath of the RR line to MI1Ws location not de- finitely as ortainedo Southwest of towns loca- tion not definitely as- certained. About 4 miles south of the town perimeter` in a woods; location not de- finitely ascertained Immediately north of the RR line to BULL PODIASU (62000'N/2S?05?E)0 west of the RR bridge crossing the Bug River Along the RR line east of BREST, on'sn airfield Ordnance Park (in open area) New fuel dump On the northeastern :utskirts of the town, about 6,600 feet long, north of the RR line ho detailed information Installations existed Fuel containers were un- before 1941, aceord- derground, according to ing to Soviet soldiersc Soviet soldiers. Ration and forage supplies. Repair shops dismantled in Germany, No further in- formation Several hundred artillery guns of 7602-n m,, 122-ran,and 172-nan calibers, several hundred 760.2-%= antitank guns and light machine guns (water-cooled, on wheels) were parked in long rows. Guns from 76,,2-m to 152,mm caliber, heavy guns with gun barrels loaded on separate carriers, about 120 rocket launchers were parked in 8 large squares. Several hundred guns were parked in each squared 10 long piles of fuel barr-lls and containers. Piles bad wooden roofs. embankments on the sidest wooden rabine were located bet- ween the pileec, Approved For Release 1999/09/09 : CIA-RDP82-00457R003600740003-2 25X1X Ordnan^e depot !About 1 mile east of the According to the engineer (3 bu+idinge nom- NOVO BhLITSA RE station,. i.c. charge, who spoke German, pletedd IC buildi_ngsirruediately south of the gums ware to be toaad there, under -onstruction, RR line to NOVOZYU.v,*OV Foandationa for other storage ea--a building about buildings were laid about 130x330 feet) 10300 feet south of the depot? 2,. Ration supply About 1,600 feet north- ;ore storage buildings depot (3 stor:-ge east of NOVO BILITSA PR wore allegedly srhoduled buildings, eaeh station, along a spur to be builts about 130x400 feet) traek DZBRZIiINSK Until for vehiele repair Southeastern town periA Serviceable siii late The plantD designated "rain (10YDi-'00V) June ______________r-eterz about 160 feet 1945, General repair Repair Shop",, ryas app (53040sN/ 1949 from the uINSe=BRfs$c on trucks,, mostly of uS rently subordinate to 2700519) L?I^'OVS1 highway, make, and passenger ears a unit in INSK, hn- ? 25X1X w 3 Ap!pro,v7ed For Release 199910 09 : CIA-RDP82-00457ROO3600F40003-2 (30MFL ?;arch (5 a- 5" / 194x3 of Geramn make 45 to gineere and foremen 60 trucks and 5 to 6 Die- referred to the unit senger cars were over- as "division",, hauled every month: Personnels 80 We and about 100 :Scvizt soldiers of a technical unite A major was in charge of the repair shbpc Approved For Release 1999/09/09 : CIA-RDP82-00457R003600740003-2