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December 14, 2016
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April 16, 2003
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January 31, 1950
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Approved For Release 2003/08/11 :CIA-RDR 457R00420026 CENTRAL INTELLfGENCE AGENCY INFORMATION REPORT COUNTRY USSR (Uhite Russian Suit) SUBOT PLACE ACQUIRED DATE OF INFO. Airfield North of (rest 25X1 0OWI Ili .4TIAL 1YII9 OCC ~rtt CO~tTAi@76tEdAOIt;7ATI00AF~6Tl?SdTh ffAri 'L1L0$PB1798 QPT tt U 11 D STAT1 3 17iT11ilI TFIR 67CAW 110 07 178 CCr10t a ACT 80 0 .O. C.. 81 AfIO 88, AS Ap81UOCd. flu TC4p&QW8totD 611 YH8 Il y9iATI014 07 M. C411TGHT2 Itd ANY WASRfED TQ Fn l17AOT"1112W P3600.1 19 PM WIDITSD 6Y LA I. IEPL+ODVCTI0;# 00,Tii10 LOS I IA PC I UGITCD. 25X1 CD NO. EAT.E PISTR, iQ. pF PAGES NO. QI ENCLS. WED 8Fa ow, SUPPLEMENT TO REPORT NQ. THIS IS UNEVALUATED INFORMATION 25X1 25X1 31 Jan. 1950 J An airfield with a spur track was located on the northern out.- skirts of BRLST (23042'R/5205' 11), 6khito Russian SSR, not .r from the railroad transloading station. A hangar and nume- rous earth bunkers serving as q .arte.c's were located on the edge of the field. A 66 x 660-foot concrete landing strip was near the hangar. 2. The a irf ield w as occupied by 60 to 70 s in ol e-, engine and twin- 25X1 engine aircraft of various types., including planes of German origin, There was flyinf, only with biplanes of Soviet make. June 1946 r. dal 47 25X1 The airfield, located northwest of the BIREST railroad tran.5, loading station, dust east of a double-tracked railroad line, h .d a small hangar and a solid building. '.[there was only day flying with eight to ton biplanes. One twin-engine Douglas daily banded at the field. z_':_ - '.*+a 10,48 Al. The field was located west of the tr of the double-tracked standard-gau j.,7 OSTO ~ ~i'an ;~irti~ s1nnG wore r-%'h an-trejA ---- N VIA ? ..nn Y r I.~`" .? ., .. ._'I 160m ST R~ F] c a? larsL4 w! `~s ^.e?,,.9 ~~iid'4 J t~a~fl y;.....{ F ?M a s l/ 25X1 Approved For Release 2003/08/11 : CIA-RDP82-00457R004200260015-5 25X1 Approv lease 2003/08/11 :CIA-RDP82-00457 004200260015-5 25X1 CENTRAL INTELL'GUPjUE AGEUCY 25X1 25X1 1946 - June 1948 5. The ER:EST airfield was not far from the transloading sta- tion. No hangars were observed. There were four under- .-round fuel fuel containers of a capacity of 8 to 10 cubic meters each. The field was oecu.!iec by about 10 biplanes. Twin-- en,*ine transport aircraft occasionally landed at the field. February 1949 6. A 1,000 x 5,000-foot airfield was located east of the EREST-- North railroad staticn. 'i':_ere was no han"Tar or runway. The field was occupied by el tht biplanes in mid-i-ebruary 1949. 25X1 ICoznent : The BREAST-I+orth airfield is i.: former co:n:!iercl al airfield. Aceordinp to aveilable infor::astion, it seeris to be of no military i..portance. The observe( rli :^ht t naininr- w:I th s ale biplanes was possibly conducted by the local IWD unit or by OSAV. 25X1 I Approved For Release 2003/08/11 : CIA-RDP82-00457R004200260015-5