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April to late Day 1Q49 25X1X Motor vehicle repair plant (prominent builp di* a with flat glass roofs on a 200300-meter area, by a 2-meter board fencer c? erenoe go 21 Me work under strict guard Annex 3) Suburb of Podal on the n,)rthern perimeter of the city, southwest of the Sholoma- Aleykhema trunk road(with streetcar- a 1 .meter brick va11 rn.d h I0 line)(coe 25X1 25X1 1 3E c:Ty; A proves{ I 81*q~1RDP82-00457R004500140011-9 Soviet Su 1 Insts3.lst,iobs in the Fiev half surrounded by Data on In.itall u:ion: Plant for the save-rbly of 'motors and, repair of 1,6-ton Ford trucks, Soviet ArW enterprises constant checks by officers work force: About 1.00 Pi`s and 500 Soviet viv .son in each of the three shifts. Produetions a~ Grinding out and assembly of motors, mounting and testing of new motors (duplicated motors for 1~5-ton Ford trucks), no assembly li,, b. iepair of motors of Soviet, Army vehicles.,: Monthly output (estimated): 150 to 200 now motors,, 50 to 60 repaired motor vehicles; Repaired motor vehicles were picked up by troop units, New motors were shipped away on trucks belonging to the plant or were stored in the plants 25X1A 1 achment. 2 Remarks Approved For Release 2003/08/11 : CIA-RDP82-00457R004500140011-9 Kiev (eontd) 1948 to 'arch 1949 February to March 1949 25X1X 25X1X s1-;CREj 25X1 Approved For Release ZoII31Uo7ii : CIA-KUVt$l-OU457R04500140011-9 CFt,'TEAT, INT1 LIG.;NCE i G 'CY Fuel depot (200x100= meter), wooded area., surrounded by a 3-meter woven=Wire fence;, rail= road spur NAY of the main railroad station (see reference Nob on Annex 3) Tank park Cpne 30x8xi2- meter quertere building, about 10 sheds (roofs supported by pillars, each 60x12x6 meters), fuel dump) 25X SECRET 25X1A One 20 z 1Sx6.meter brick building, numerous grasa- covered., l-meter high earth embank- meats-,, Railroad tank cars and gondola cars carrying barrels arrived at the depot eLmoet daily, SW of the city, about Quarters occupied by a 1,000 meters south of guard detail, but no 25X1X the airfield near troop unit. About 20 the construction of Volinski, N'A of the l6ght SP guns, partly 1102 tank storage siheds, highway running in a covered with canvas, let the mentioned area southwesterly direction were stored in each ,(surrounded by a board (see reference No l on shed, The gun barreled fence)up to October Annex 3) did not project over the 1947,, The sheds were SP gun chassis. The super-, guarded by a de- structures ware mounted to Itail of soldiers thy;; the rear of center ofIchas- were quartered in a ais, Piled barrels and a rick building.About tank truck were seen in a 3O new T34 or Shchuka- fuel dump, covering an ;"tanks were standing area about 50 meters f o10 n planks in shed square, The park was The tanks were moved in~- guarded by 1.0 sentries, to the sheds immediate)- No change in the number upon the completion of of, and no employment r of, the S!F guns was observed, tank sheds(roofs suppor- ted by pillars) were constructed in 25X1X 25X1X Approved For Release 2003/08/11 : CIA-RDP82-00457R004500140011-9 25X1 Approve_FN, lease 2003108111 :CIA-RDP82 00457R004500140011-9 CENT, L INTELLIGENCE AGaCY 25X1A Kiev (contad) 1944 to October194 25X1A the mentioned place in October 1947. n Very many,, tanks of various types covered with canvas and standing on planks, were stored in the sheds, Tank repair plant 500z 1116,000 motor area, surrounded by a 21 iron fence, railroad spur, approach road with poplars alone it SECRET, Western perimeter of Kiev, south of the exit road to Zhitomir (Brest-Litovsk High- way),; 0E of the point where the highway crosses the railroad line to the military railroad station, bordering on a tank barracks (see reference No 20? on Annex 3) 25X1 a. One assembly shop (200 x 100 meters) for small repair work on six or seven tanks daily, eight lathes,, operated by 15 Soviet soldiers), b, One rein workshop (400x200 meters major repair work, about 20 lathes, operated by 30 Soviet soldiers o., Manufacture of -rare parts for tanks four lathes, operated by five' Soviet soldiers. 40 to 50 PNs were employed as auxiliary workers in three shifts,, They were guarded by personnel of a tank unit. The plant installations included. a tool rom and a bunker with fuel tank,, Toe tank test ground bordered on the plant to the south. Approved For Release 2003/08/11 : CIA-RDP82-00457R004500140011-9 Kiev (cont?d) 1946 to April 1947 November 1947 Darnitsa Early (Kiev suburb on 1948 the western bank of the On per Riv r) 25X1X 25X1X 95X1 Approved ForgReO r p 2003108111 : CIA-RDP82-0045 R004500140011-9 CENTRAL INTr.:Lu1GiNCL AGAiNCY Ordnance park(wooded SE city sector, about area about 1,000 me- 1?,200 meters NE of tars square) the South Freight Station (see reference No 24 on Annex 5) Ammunition and +Yeetern sector of the equipment depot city north of the (400xl,000ameter, exit road to Zhitomir, area, wooden sheds, between the main rail- barbed-wire fence) road station and the military railroad station (see reference No 11 on Annex 3) Large amount(ax- Deeding 19000?) of guns of various caliber, including 170 and 210.E guns with barrels up to 6 and 8 meters long, were parked without camouflage under trees. No outgoing shipments were observedc, Large quantities of 80 and 120mmm mor- tars, 76,,2-mm AT guns, rocket launchers and ammunition for the mentioned weapons were stored there. No exact data on stocks reuld be given 25X1A Attachment 2 1949 said that the ordnance park still existed at that timer A.-,munition depot Woods south of the Infantry and artillery and factory Darnitsa railroad ammunition of various (mixed woods, heavy station types, bombs and mines wiro entanglements, sere stored in several railroad spur) large, scattered earth Appro 25X1 For Relcaoc 2003,08,^ 1 : bunkers, Many incoming and outgoing shipments by rail. A partly re- constructed ammunition factory with ordnance repair shop and quarters for guard unit was in the same area3Ahout 500 troops were observed there, The fac- tory had not yet started pr o- duetion in early 19480 -RDP82-00457R004500140011-9 25X1X Approved For Release 2003/08/11 : CIA-RDP82$7R004500140011-9 SECRET C!!1VTRAL INTELiIGENCE AG ICY Darnitsa ( t? ) January to Tank spare parts In the rods about con d August 1947 depot (800x300 4 km SE of the Dar= nit t il me sa ra er area,, rail- road station 25X1X road spur,, 2= meter fence) 25X1A One dma1l building pro- viding quarters for about 60 officers and El;. Four wooden atntct;:.?4a qw,:..n 100 x 2C ueters, two large doors) for storage of tank spare parts of all types0 One --voden structure(100x20 meters) for storage of motor- cyeles (250 to 300 were seen) and bicycles Eight tents (5x3 maters) for storage of spare parts. Boxes with spare parts arrived by rail from the tank plant south of the Darnitea railroad station,, The spare parts were stored inthe storage buildings and maintained. No outgoing chip= ments were observed up to August 1947 25X1X Boriepol January to -Neves ber 1948 Fuel depot (I50x East of the Borispol 200-meter area railroad station.,south covered with pope of the railroad line lays, railroad spur.) to.Poltava 25X1 Six green fuel containers,, about. 8 meters high, 3 meters in diameter, resting on wooden trestles and several hundred fuel barrels were seen in the depot area. Guard duty was done by s oldiers. SECRET Approved For Release 2 5 04500140011-9 5 Pinyase- eiohi (5004651) 29x'18?E) Dnepro- petrovsk Approved For ReliigW 03108111 : CIA-RDP82-00457R0 4306'40011-9 CENTRAL IN'i''CLLIGFXCE AGENCY 1945 to ,ianuary 1948 1947 to September 1-349 August to October 1948 25X1X 25X1X 25X1X 19 Fuel depot Go 490to ? Veiaioie repair shop Fuel depot (railroad spurs, no fence) Sf,,e Annex 4 See Araex 4 No pertinent data NE city sector, Two r we of six upright fuel north of the mouth. containers, about 15 meters of the Samera River, high, about 10 meters in about 19200 meters diameter, resting on 50 cm south of the rail concrete foundations, road line to Xharkov topped by a vaulted roof with fuel inletso Also three silver-painted con-= tsiners and three black= qntV r J! eni~ta About paa:.-~~~ n 10 railroad tank oars were seen on the spur track every 8 or 10 days r No filling or draining of fuel was oba rued. The depot was guarded by 10 to 15 armed civilians, Called "Tearem-Basar", repair and About 26ooo motors assembly of passenger oars and SE of the main rail trucksr disassembly of former road station, near German steam rollers, snow plows a park, opposite a and concrete mixeasa permanent circus- cork force. About 150 German We 25X1A I Attachment 2 Ten containers.; caoh with a pii ii,ia 1e3 ig to the loading ramps. Total capacity was estimated at 4,000 gallons. SECRETE Irotor vehicle repair plant (former theater, engine shop, assembly shop, turner's shop, forge, sawmill, car- penter sho no rail- road spur building 25X1 {, Approved For Release 2003108111 : CIA-RDP82-00457R004500140011-9 and an unknown number of c.irili workmeuG goroshilovgrad , July to 16 August 1949 Balakleya (49?26QN, 36?50'E) 25X1 Approved For Release 031AB 94 4 GI P82-oo457RA 00140011-9 SECRET CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE AGENCY 25X1X 25X1X 25X1X to June 1948 Fuel depot (on.a Ib068x2 000-wter area, dwelling houses, office buildings,, two Southern town seottr SE of the South Rail- road Station transformer houses,. pump station, ,well, standpipes, five to seven fuel oontai- ners, railroad spur, wire fence on con- crete..pnats) 1. Ammunition depot 11NE of the railroad (1500x 200 meter area, station (see Annex 5) about 100 ammunition storage buildings, 60x15 meters each, two thirds of them being constructed semi-underground, earth, embankments between the buildings. 15 brick buildings, each 15x18 meters, rail- road spur. Installations are partly camouflaged by trees SECRET 25X1 7 25X1A I ac en 2 Five to seven fuel containers, two or three being 20 mss term and 8 to 10 me- tare in diameter and three or f our 15 me- tors high and 6 meters in -diameter The containers had not yet been filled by August 1949. Still under construction in June 1948. Artillery ammunition of from 57 to 152 mm caliber, in- fantry ammunition and parts of weapons were already stored in some buildings: The depot was heavily guarded, dogs also being used 25X1X an ammunition depot north of the railroad sta- tiorGp to January 1948. About 50 to 60 storage buildings had been com- pleted by that time, with more buildings being un- der construction or pro- jected. Completed bui1. dings were immediately filled with ammunition for artillery pieces and heavy infantry weapons Approved For Release 2003/08/11 : CIA-RDP82-00457R004500140011-9 Approgt? Release 2003108111: CIA-RDP 25X1A 25X1X 2. Ordnance depot (seven three- story brick buil- dings, two wooden structures, one boiler house, one smokestack about 40 meters high, one parking lot, on an area about 1,000. meters square not including the park- ing lot, railroad spur) 25X1 2-00457 R004500140011-9 Some hundred meters -south of the mil-road station, on the trunk road leading in a southwesterly direc- tion (see Annex 5) 3. Ration supply de- N of the railroad pot (100x500-meter station (see Annex 5) area) SECRi'T4 25X1 Test stands and machine tools were in the brick buildings. Artillery pieces, other weapons and prime movers were cleaned and repaired in the wooden buildings. Mork force: About 38000 Soviet civilians working in three shifts and 50 to 60 PW. The parking lot, about 1,200 x 250 meters, was filled with artillery pieces of calibers up to 152 am, about one third of which were former German 88-mm AA guns, So= bunkers were filled with asnnunition. After repair of the guns they were shipped away by rail. Three four-story brick buildings forming an open squire, each about 80x20-maters, two trenches for foundations of 80x30 minter buildings, 2-meter board fence with barbed wire on the side along the rail- .road line, double barbed- wire fences on the other sidaa,c 'H0 data on stocks could be learned. 8 Approved For Release 2003/08/11 : CIA-RDP82-00457R004500140011-9 balakleya (cent'a) 1946 to 1947 25X1X 25X1 Approved F - P82-00457R004500140011-9 SECRtT CUNTkiAL INT1 LLIGENCE AGENCY 1. Armunition depot North of the railroad (13 brick buildings, station {see Annex 5) wooden storage houses, with concrete storage sites in fronts rail- road spur, fire bri- Bade) 2, ordnance repair south of the railroad shop (three buil-- station, in the tarn dings under con- area, north of the struoticn railroad market squares on the spur, fire brigade) road leading in a southwesterly di- rection(see Annex 5) Sr",CAET 25X1 6 25X1A I attachment 2 "Arsenal No 66"s still under eonetruotion4 All installations, have con- secutive- numerical desig- nations, the highest being No 2130 The depot was filled with ammunition for infantry weapons and artillery pieces of up to 172 mm caliber. Maintenance and packing work was performed by Soviet womena "Arsensl no 1" With one boil= ding for storage of light weapons and equipment and two buildings housing a repair shop for guns of up to 210 mm caliber and AT rifles,, a foundry, a saw- mill, a osrpenvar shop menufaoturing rifle stocks, a boiler house and test stands for harmonisatiaa~ Approved For Release 2003108111 : CIA-RDP82-00457R004500140011-9 Kharkov Fertxaary 1948 Kegichevka March 1948 (49?l79Nj 35?459E) 25X1X 25X1 Approved For R SECRET C1 NTRAL INTi LLTGG,NCE hG4 NGY Fuel depot 25X1A About ...7 km SSB of Kharkov, Under construction about 1 km NE of Pokotilovka, in February 1948, on the railroad line leveling of approach roads and incoming shipments of fuel con- tainers (6 meters long and 2 motors in dia- meter) were observed. 25X1X Ordnance park 1 to.2 km SW of the town 25X1 SECIWTA Twenty-three 60x18mmeter wooden buildings were under eonstruction0Many AT guns of 70 to 80 ma caliber (estimated at more than 1 .,OW gun ) were parked in the copeaa... Guard duty and mainteuanee work was performed by a unit in strength of two ccaapenies.r No out- we.-re aeon up to ]lama 1948, 25X1X confirmed that an ordnance depot was in the mentioned place (1.2x2 km area with railroad spur, board fence, watch- towers) in early 1948. About fifteen 50x15 meter cantonment buil- dings with concrete floor and 24 windows each were under con- structionr Unidenti- fied quantities of old US AA guns of about 90 Via, caliber., charging units, air- craft engines, 50, 75 and 80=arm AT guns and 105=mm light field howitzers (Gar- man model "18") were stored in the open. 10 Approved For Release 2003/08/11 : CIA-RDP82-00457R004500140011-9 Aegichevka (cant?d) Lozovaya (48062?ui 36?158E) June to November 1947 February to December 1947 25X1X 25X1 Approved For Release 003108 R004500140011-9 SECRET C.1TFtAL INT.:1,LIG+iC AGENCY Ordnance depot (railroad spur, 2x1 5-km area) 25X1X About 1 km SE of.the town 25X1A I aG ent 2 About 50 50120-meter buildings were con- structed or under con- etruction. Sound loom.- tore, searchlights and charging units were stored in the buildings. About 2,000 75=mm AA &n= s were parked in 40 rows of 50 guns eadi (counted) in the open. 1. Amiaunit ion depot On the town perime- Ammunition was stored in (barbed-wire fence) ter, about 4 km 48 60x45 meter wooden NE of the railroad buildings with solid station foundations and tarpaper roofs. Thor* were also two three-or four-story barracks buildings occu- pied by 150 to 200 troops, west of the depot (Sep- tember 1947). 2. Ordnance Park Adjoining the ammu- Very many artillery (barbed-wire fence) nition depot pieces (without tires, thickly covered with grease) were blocked up there 25X1 25X1X confirmed that an ammunition depot of about 24 storage buildings and a rail- road spur was near Loaovaya in late 1947. Packing and storage of 80-mm mortar smmunia tion was observed. Approved For Release 2003/08/11 : CIA-RDP82-00457R004500140011-9 Approved For Releas2E3/08/11: CIA-RDP82-00457R004500140011-9 SFcRrr- CENTRAL ~u - LvcF" c ,4 rwcy 25X~ Xnm~r~3 Soviet Barracks and Supply Installations in KIEV 1 Tank park 2 Officer candidate school and Air Force Barracks 3 Barracks (AAA units) 4 Barracks (police units) 5 Police School 6 Cantonment (AT artillery units) 7 Military quarters (penal unit) 8 Fuel depot 9 Barracks (signal unit) 10 Barracks (tank unit) 11 Ammunition and equipment depot 12 Barracks (infantry unit) 13 Parachute unit 14 Barracks (tank unit?) 15 Barracks (transport unit) 16 Old Artillery School l7 Military medical academy 18 Barracks (tank unit?) 19 Barracks (tank unit) 20 Tank repair p/ant 21 Motor vehicle repair plant 22 Officer Candidate School 23 Barracks (tank unit, formerly 24, ordnance park 25X1 Approved For Release 2003/08/11 : CIA-RDP82-00457R004500140011-9 25X1 Approveek"F~OCRee as .Tmrs-U I EA1 CE' CEV rR4L Legends 1 motor vehicle repair shop 2 Loading ramp 3 Sastline depot 4 Guard quarters 5 Barrack$., 6 PP Camp No. 7110/3 7 Explosives storage depot 8 Quarries 9 ooaen bridge 10 Railroad bridge Approved fMePI 25X1 (~ F.ucy SCALE ,49oor 7S-,000 25X1A Approved For Release 2003/08/11 : CIA-RDP82-00457R004500140011-9 25X1 25X1 t ~; EQ E.V - /- o 7o c 0 ,--/ / c~G E ,EP#J/R St/ oP ' AsoG /NE P Po7` .3. (; U . gvARP RVARrERS ,'r BARRACKS ' `. PW CAMP No. 71101-1 7. ExPLosivES sTflRA4'E PEror //++ P. QII4RRIEs `E J7-ML 1,7- u IcEJVCE ,4yEAJCy 25X1A Approved For Release 2003/08/11 CIA-RDP82-00457R004500140011-9 SECRET- 25X1A Approve or LLee e - - 1011- Flt1 LLiCEMrF I"iEa!cV town c enter of JAI AKL EVA Approved For Release 2003/08/11 : CIA-RDP82-00457R004%00.140011-9