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December 19, 2016
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December 12, 2006
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August 23, 1950
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INTELL.QFAX 21 Approved For Rye 2006/12/13: CIA-RDP82-00457R005800210004-5 CLASSIFICATION__. C COUNTRY- Ir~ 5 . %Snnn of Gnrmz nv TOP6'lrSn'7i nt 1411'! tarv i'vni1. 'ri'1'C,?iu-?ntq and woad ! arieret in the Frankfurt/ Odor? Luckenwalde and rrurt bread EVALUATION_-. I DATE OF CON!'E DATE OBTAIN REFERENCES nel rr, or. Hoorn 23 Au," 19503 PAGES---- --P` XOSURES (ado. & rvPE) REMARKS .furlough were on trains from Frankfurt/Odor to Brest Litovsk and return. l ginning 29 July 1950 eastbound trains were occupied raost:y by officers and 11, C0sq Met-bound trains carried 50DD lam,. 600 officers and 1100s and 25X1 IDLNTIAL .T/C1)1TR0L/US OFFICIALS ONLY -11-19L 1978, Approved For Release 2006/12/13: CIA-RDP821994457R0058402.1000475__.-",L an.c ur ex between 21. y. y 0 Diu ust 1950,, (1) One hundred and ninety-four tank cars of fuel wont from Brost Litovsk oJVolton (N 3/Z 66) via Frahkfurt/Odor het-ne?en 24 July and 7 riuLust 3. A train of 20 boxcars occupied by soldiers wearing reed bordered black epaulets, and an u ndetornined numbor of flatcars carrying five light armored scout cars, four 57 :tea longg-barreled uns, about 100 sidecar motorcycles with mounted machine guns, and 12 trucks, passed through Frankfurt/Oder an 25 July ].950, The train cad from the direction of Jorbig and headed toward 'Cottbus (N 52/A 57). )to A shipment of 5 new trucks from Brest Litovsk passed through Frankfurt/ Oder on 4 August 1950? The consignee was Deutsclier Aussonhandel (German Foreign Trade) Berlin. 5. One hundred soldiers with rod-bordered black ts9 eight 7602-mm Guns and 12 trucks left by rail for Kroepolin (fl 55/0 61) and Rostock (Li 5510 81) on 9 Aucust 1950. (3) 6. 'A train of 15 empty, heavy-duty I.-axle flatcars was assembled in Fr ank- furt/Oder on 9 .Aunt 1950 and left across the Oder liver for an unknown destination, 7. teach day botwoon 24 July and 10 August 1950 ahout5)0 soldiers going on 150 damaged trucks passed through Approved For,.Reledse 2006/12/13: CIA-RDP82-00457R00589t 'Ip004-5 .SL -'.-CO;`1` ROL / U. S. OFFICIALS ONLY 8. Nineteen trucks towing 57 long barreled guns, with 20 soldiers wearing red--bordered black epaule s c ach thick, passed t1 ugh Luckmm?talde (ENS3/Z70) on 1 August 1950. The convoy cane from the direction of Jueterbog (E69) and proceeded toraar~d kb.sdorf (Z70). 9. , N1 ne -true with box-Woe superstructures tOvdng 76.2 mm long barreled guns, passed 25X1 through aucl:Pr~ ?;alde on 2 August 1950. They came from the direction of Jaenicl dorf (E79) and left toward Berlin.. (5) 10. A troop train of one boxcar occupied by soldiers vrl.t: x rid-bordered blaei epaulette, and an undetermined number of flatcars s arry ng t e1ve 76.2 rm s with neun ic. -tires. ld kitchen, and 12 trucks left Erfurt (J36) toward t:e ar on August 1950, Co roe is uni o the AAA Division of. fourth Guards chanized Army,, prob- ably en route to the AAA range in iestr p probably a ship- ment of n3 .r1 ti unit of the 20th Guards 1 chanized Division return- jaig to its home station from surer field exercises, possibly in the Olu-dr xf as =C0.17MOL / U r m CL'.ti ONLY I DYI Approved For Release 2006/12/13: CIA-RDP82-00457R005800210004-5