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December 22, 2016
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March 2, 2011
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October 13, 1950
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50X1 -HUM Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2011/03/02 : CIA-RDP82-00457R006200370002-5 COUNTRY `ir trs `? TOPIC Soviet ilitarv mail and Road loveuonts in the ;;ovvic-t Zone of Germany REPORT EVALUATION_ DATE OF COP DATE OBTAIN REFERENCES PAGES -ENCLOSURES REMARKS KATE PREPARED 13 'Icto for 1950 1. TiTo ;;ondola cars loaded with coal _3assed thwo 2 Soptcmbor 1950, bound for Rathona,T/:lord. 2. The f ollo7 ing is a conplete licit o: military rail shhi nonts ob- ' erved at tho Frankfurt/Odor .1.950: :shipment 13 Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2011/03/02 : CIA-RDP82-00457R006200370002-5 fl path.: HD 70-2 UN %% a` wil . Class. Changed Tog TS S Na Change In Class. [] ri Declassified Document tto. ----- goods CLASSIFICATION Z ;e~tomb?r Sixteen flatcars with tanks which were unloaded at 3 tbahnhof and left toward Rosen- artan Thirteen boxcars with military goods One boxcar with mlitary goods Fourteen boxcars with military goods Seven boxcars with aircraft en ,inos; escorted by AF personnel freight F're t Litovsk to Frankfurt/Odor 13 September ;,card Luellrose to Juoterbog 13 September 1950 LLuollrose to Luiwigsluat (airfield) 14 :,eotorber Duellrose to Altluederadorf lb :epter~Lr I.:uollrose to :,bc:rs-,?ralde 15 September ;ht boxcars I,:uo11rooa to with military Altlu darsdorf 2) Septamber Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2011/03/02 : CIA-RDP82-00457R006200370002-5 sight boxcars with military goods; escorted by AT porsonnel "',-,,o boxcars with flour Two boxcars with flour 1even tank cars witty g Five boxcars with m ili.tary goods four boxcars with r .ita.ry goods Nine boxcars with unkno?m cargo; 9 i7I3`tIt I.JU 0:'a ICIAIS C)idLY F ,rcuellrose to .d.ttstock 15 Septombor Lioberoso to ?gad Saarow 17 eptember Lieberoso to ~~uex s-Lrrr~'ra Ido 17 >r to zt~cr Brest Litovsk to Velten 17 8epiccmbor i luellrose to Urcl eser 3.7 September Muelixose to Ubers Waldo 17 Septemi:~E'r br;:st ti.tovsk to ?trausber8 10 September 'roe boxcars with, a. am ition r'i ;htcen boxcars with c`7. -mr. nition =`, ino boxcars with ammunition; Tiw,ro? boxcars with tableware Twenty-two boxcars 1?;r.I-h ration mr.yolie:s Fourteen boxcars with military food s :))rae boxcar :`with cigarettes tine boxcar with Soviet ;~Dods F'inolw to a Saarow 19 September Frost Litovsk to ;u1 ora TSeuruppin 19 ,september Presi Litovsk to Lomits cta 19 :: e ,.ember Frankfurt/ to Lia deburg 19 eptemrer Frankfurt/ Oder to i ..4,tzkorn 19 Septex aher i;1ml,cllrose to Kum;2crsdorf 20 jcrtember +'re;;t LAjtovslx to Teltow 20 optormbor .'Pr,-,3t Litovslk to i.iaLliro e 20 ; Sentclabor Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2011/03/02 : CIA-RDP82-00457R006200370002-5 Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2011/03/02 : CIA-RDP82-00457R006200370002-5 7C ? i ?JLY 00-11IDENTIAL 1J;',' OL/T.Js Oils' ?Llf~i.` :+a'JJ!Y 3 30 A train of 10 ,. boxcars and 29 f1. tears, a i a::loa, .13 t'~ans, resat fro I Luo :L n to i''orot ;.., .nna on 3- ^3 ~ to .i er 123 corry? n ; ;o io , troops, (h) 4. A train o1. 1.2 boxcars and 31 iatcnrt, 90 ax1oo.' 7.47 tons, carrying 3o -,dot troari , arnt : rom Forst :airs Pa to dotubus on ].4 c-,o t(nber `?o aU (4) A train of 11 boxcars and 21"', la tears, 20 a idos, 707 tons, -- raviot trooos gent from Fear it "Zinner to Luebben on 15 ` apte:Pbor _250., (?1) 6a A train of. 12 boxcars and 33 flatcars, 92 axles, 673 tons, 16 a?e'3tember l9 0 `rlth ,?r yt fr?o ~ieubul;ol~ to Juetorbog on aovic t; troops. (5) r train of :0 flatcars 110 a x1.os 307 'Donstgc- at f~~ona i~ociii& r ? erhausen to uoti'ia on 1 septomber r 1.950 carrying motor vcllii cios A (6 B is An unusually large Plum Cr of 3od7iet troop J'Zk')ment`T q mostly G lI. in , from ,erbst and dTero observed arriving n JuetC3Y'),'og- lto r,cr sad Trebbin,, i et oon 21 and 27 bept=.v_Iber 12x0 163 boxcars and, 312 flatcars wore scan thorea (7) 9 On 15 ,eptouber 19`"0 engineer equipment, haul.ed to the sbtsd PilitarJr ramp on truck loaded on 16 flatc-rs and 3 boxcar and dis- uatchied to vosslaua. (3n)) 1O, Fourteen large throe-axle amphibious motor vuhic1o wore loaded in rotsciam on I O-cptombor 1953a They -wore nroba};1., bo nd for osglau. 13 n A troo) train of six boxcars and 36 flatcar 50X1-HUM 50X1-HUM 50X1-HUM 50X1-HUM 50X1-HUM ' Can 17 Sc ptombor 1950 a convoys of 23 trucks, c :omin from I the dire c tion _a.I a of JroCv^C3de:eJ. to?r??a?rc3. JusuG12 bO;o acJ3 truck az'rie:d La t? 50X1-HUM 10 soldiers and some boxes, ::?rasl: abl r) w' murii Lion boxes a Sixteen T ,,mmsL= s ;ver: toain? Lms of about 30 rim ca1._ibe:r, probably ruck 50X1-HUM 12 U On 19 Soptotber 1950 four to six t:,ro -axle f J. bious ears, each occuoied 3 four to five officers; 12 to 16 light armored scout car and 14 to 16 trucks tm,ri_i Uui50X1-HUM of a out ; a. caliber, .aresuaIaa.?:,l r AT guns, came from the direction o J acterbo-- Joues Lager and through Juoterbog, going to lard i,lo: ter 'Zi:nna. The trucks were each occupied by 8 or 9 soldiers. 1%-Telve; to urteo50X1-HUM 1:: ssengcr car coping from the direction of Juetarbog-"i4eucs Lager, also passed through Juotor- bo1 going toward Kloster Z nna, (9) opt. from 1Jei_abukorr to .:u.ckenwalde on 2t; Sep ItY. ibex 125 , tr,~ Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2011/03/02 : CIA-RDP82-00457R006200370002-5 Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2011/03/02 : CIA-RDP82-00457R006200370002-5 Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2011/03/02 : CIA-RDP82-00457R006200370002-5 Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2011/03/02 : CIA-RDP82-00457R006200370002-5 ,,J}yy J I+4,I. x? (8) t'resumahly an 1i.: A co..-oon nt of the 14th ? ds 'cbz i`6' retura4 iw from ...uL;-row t'oL~sic'I.y a chipmoi?nt of repaired motor ZP:':.1cle c,5.2signed to cot:z,)oncrits of the air hth Gds Amiji . The sixipue It to "! orez eonnoctcd ',':*1. C,:1 '] eld exercises which were to start in the area, about the end of oe ptertber I')'J, It 4 i. ae J :21 or'I: n. ion a..ncl'j ca ::C: that the S'(3'"?;:a n '.'? a :.', ':3: G 1:: `t for !'i tt .ari is oarl,r , . p u. ": ocr but 50X1-HU was to ;)?_tr~ 5.r~.?:,.a.'i',o in la: -c-scalo field exec ci~,os in the q 7E335u u7., "; tt. ?~t:? r~, area be,?innn ; in a c ~' e 12 J Joni e:nt (7). ~50X1-HUN (9) the convoy observed on 17 50X1-HUM ~':e ptcm per 1'~`_ J 1:,elonged o hoactiua rtcrs ;nits of the Tlhhird ::2s T'ocz f"yf any c;"_1 ' c J vo yro n on 19 ' eo veabor 750 wore o1ozion s oh the ~? Tank -)iv. Tho t,7o roag Ynovorraortts 'i T.S?C '1r su:K~bly connected field exercises hold T)-," co ' ~o~nonts of the hri+.r 1 .ocz ';r..l y in the Ie L (.)r-:._arker~c,.orf aroa. (10) ;".g ca=r:)onent of i'.h.a unidentified AA. ' Div of the d'hird. 'Ids :..ocz