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December 14, 2016
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July 26, 2000
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December 5, 1950
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CLASSIFICATIOi' . ;.. , 11TRUL .. U. S, WiICI.'Ls o1 Y25X1A Approved For R& I2al CIt1*M"P82-0046T 6100= I FOR ATiO REPORT CD NO. COUNTRY Rua .%a DATE D!STR. U SUBJECT Poarta Alba. NO. OF PAGES 2 PLACE 25X1 A NO. OF ENCLS. 1 sketch J'LCQU!RED (LISTED BELOW) 25X.1 25X1 A .'~1 E OI~ SUPPLEMENT TO INFO. REPORT NO. There folltsre jan explanation of the numbers appearing on the attached sketch of Poarta Alba, Rumania: lQ The main area occupied by Poarta Albf It is built on an open field with a slight incline tc aard the south. 2,. A gravel road five kilometers long leading from the old ton of Poarta Alba to the village of Ga7.esul (formerly 1Nazarcea). 3, The Cernavoda canal now under construction. It is about 20 meters -%Ade and about 10 meters deep, Ito banks are perpendicular. 4. The site where a port is ncheculed to be constructed. No work has beg= ar, yet. 5fl A two-way gravel road about 8,70 meters long and six and one-half to seven motors vide, constructed in August 1949. 6. Site where the canal has not been excavated. It has been interrulybed by the gravel roads number 5 above, 7. A gravel road about 400 meters long and six to seven motors wide, 8. The bed of a double track railroad line, starting from the railroad station Dorobantul ul in the west, and leading southward to the village of Gem, es ul. 80, A small railroad stop. 9,. A new railroad line, starting from the railroad station Dorobaatu_l and terminating at the port of 1a .dia. It passes about 500 meters n,rth of Poarts. Alba,. 91. A newly constructed road., starting from the turning of the public hi.ghvray at the village of Castelul, and running parallel to the railroad line CLASSIFICATION rE 7CONTROL .. U. S. OFFICI?LS_OAILY ARMY _7_ Hart F01 Document No. ------ QP3 ____-_-__- No Change In Cass. Declass'ofed Class. Chang^d Tot TS S Auth.; Nit 70.2 Approved For Release 2000/08/17 : CIA-RD ~bA_" 500 ?5'r-- Approved For Release 2000/08/17 : CIA-RDP82-00457R006300350003-5 CO1 cmEN71AL ST' u"'fi/COii'.'ROL U. S, OF'FICI/LS OILY CT11TRAL IITT'?LLIG I'CE AGl 7CY 25X1A 10:.. A three-story building, nearly completed,, the walls are made of brick and the floors of reinforced concrete about seven hundredths of a meter thick. The basoment is about three and one-half meters be1av the ground. The foundations are riade of reinforced concretep one meter th:.ck. The third floor has a coiling made of concrete? The roof is covered with tiles. 71,, '~,ooden barracks housing the offices of the engineers and the for. enu.n constructing the above building (number 10). 12,, Three apartment houses (one story buildings for 30 to 40 persons)., for the families of workmen and employes who show dilirrcnee in their work., 13, Houses for the inhabitants of the new town. One story buildings made of brick with twro,, three or four apartments each Up to the present 8,6 houses have been built at this.site, 14, Wooden barracks for the viorkers of Sovromconstructie., nurilbor 7. M. The city's '_lectric Power Station,, functioning since October 1919. 16, wooden barracks used for foodstuffs and clothing shoias. 17, Wooden barracks housing the office of the engineers and foremen construction- the canal. 18. A pormanent guard-house for the control of persons arriving in the :its,? 18. '4i`ooden barracks for the men of the above control station; about 20 newly called recruits are here, i81?, Another guard-.house The number of men of the control station is the some as above, 1.9n The paymaster's office of the canal Lrorkers housed in a wooden buildin?,,, 20, :Warehouses made of wood where building material is stored. M. The workmen's dining room, made of -rood, 22., A row of wooden barracks; irorhors sleeping cuarters. 23 Two booths q surgery and c?.i. spensary? 24. A large tiooden hall where party rallies are held and propaganda lectures are riven. 25, Uh1kno.rn 26, ^- wooden garage, 27. The joinery,, a wooden building.. 28. The blacksnith's shop, a wooden building, 29,a A wooden buildinm where the r eotings of the Party are hold. 30., Baths for the workers, 31. The fire department (it has a now fire truck), 32, Firemen's cuarters a, 33? Various of l ces.. 34? The office of the U?TOM, (Labor Youth Union), App EM1tI release 2000/08/17: CIA-RDP82-00457R006300350003-5 COI:TROL - U, S. OFFICIALS ONLY Approved For Release 2000/08/17 : CIA-RDP82-00457R006300350003-5 Al~ 2y i S 14 lriID !3 .i13. i ., -L: l 10 -a I}_. I---_I Z, LID [EF I ] [10 00 [I [1 'Jo PQA: 'caave:a~n r P 25X1A 1 Approved For Release 2000/08/17 : CIA-RDP82-00457R006300350003-5