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December 20, 2016
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January 26, 2006
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February 19, 1951
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Approved For Release 2006/02/01 : CIA-RDP82-00457R007000520009-2 CLASSIFICAT ON Ct N DENT; AL CENTRAL W ELL!GENCE AGENCY ONO A J N REPO n. CGJI hY Oeb lany (.was Tian zone) SU ECT Thmsian 'Military flail LIovenents PLACE 25X1 ACQUdRED DA,t,E 0t. INFO. 70'.0 =zJW 3114 e;L^5VA&i 6 GCWO&MAY1C A773C"fleT8C3 IM7IO1WA7. D97=11 09 7V2 L4^7:?D fi7=3D I .13 yea WAC11,10 OP 431E Q3PiO41AAG1 ACV 80 0.3.53... UR emu) 73.110 A412.33UD. 5464CYAW8G1t6S38?.s3 On WE LZi:E A'Ri Ot G KZ F3E3S9'Ga't.`i3 C93 ACV C1A19CiC1t3 +Y1 AN OC3AF97f1OUII8T3 PQC1S352 76 PR4* 013TI :? Jr Pd.^.J' , 4G't+ S3W"QE3 02 TRIO 65D[197 10 PM-210173D. REPORT Nd CD No. 25X1 DATE DBSTR. 19 February 1951 ?4O OF PAGES 1 '40. OF ENCLS. CLiSTED ?ELOZlD,,. (~A M f SUPPLEMENT T ; r, t 25X1 REPORT NO. It ' THIS IS UNEVALUATED INEORMATIOf 10 On 27 and 26 January 1951 five empty 120-axle trains of flatcars passed through the ;.Mittcnwalde railroad station and headed toward Dresden, and on 29 and 30 January two more such trains stunt through :?itternwalde toward Berlin. 2. On 2C January 1951 three empty shuttle trains, one of 55 flatcars, the other two of 1.7 cars each, were observed en route from Berlin to ))obc rluf:. On 30 Januaw one empty 55-car shuttle tram was seen f;oin# from IIeidebarg::to Alin and two empty shuttle trains, the one of , the other of 50 flatcars, were observed going: from Berlin to :)obcrlug. 3. A train of I.0 bo::cars and 19 flatcars, carrying airforce personnel and equip ::iont, zrcnt iron Juetcrbog-%lies Later to -,randeaburg-11tstadt on 2 cbr,1ary,'** 4. :lest bound rail shy icnts which passed, through F ran1:furt/0der :;etwccn 11 wr 13 February included nine boxcars of ammunition for Toepchin, 24 be::care o." an monition for Lamitsch, and 3L tan:: cars of fuel for _ elten. Thirty empty se S" type flatcars were dispatched from Fran'.:furt/Odor to Brest-Litovsl: on 12 February and 30 more on 14 February. Document No. - ------------------ Ne Ckange In Class. El Gl Declass'Ied tlars. ChP.tqr.!d To: TT, OINnwLNTI CLASS1l=1GAYl an so may lie an error for Ileideberg. If this is the case, hoirever, it is not. known whether the Iieidoberg in Pomerania, Silesia or East Prussia is meant. Cogent: IIeideburg could not be located by any available reference,