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November 16, 2016
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April 4, 2000
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February 12, 1951
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25X1A .+`?~3PiC ~o~b~:r~t~ fi3.r.~3eld CLASSiFiC1~TI0N ~`t~~9NTRY `~r' (.~ovi~:t Zoz~.e) _- ~- -~ .,, a ~.~_, _..__._.~._.-___.REPt~RT iVC. ~:!'ALUATIGid_.. .~,,_. PLACE ?BTAIi*1Et~ !5X1A ~J}~~"E fli= CC~1?ENT ~'~TE JETAi~1ErD ~:~_FER~.iVCES.~.. ~'i~~ES ~ .~E~JCR_CStJRES (~a? ~ r,rPC>~_ 1~ r.~MAR;CS 2.5,X.1.~~ ~V 1J RC~ 25X1 C 25X1A .Approved For Release 2000/0518 : CIA-RDP82-004578007100360012-5 to '?et~~rcan 3.30 and 2 pm:~a on 22 Jamaar,~ l,'~1,~ dpproxittely !RO to ~~ sir.;~;le? en~;irne, ~.a~ ~;'~.n." rlonop3ac:os ~rit'z in--3ino Qrz~yi~ae here pax?'.ced in tiro rar; on tFZe northern ec:;;e of tine ('' S3/~ 6;) ai.rf?i czld, >~ ?~ill of i;he p~.ares ~zac. an antenna roc? on top of the coel.pit, a ti?rsapo~ 9.n tho coo'~r~~;.t nointc~c~ ~:o ~.he rear, anc~ a c:id~ectiorral loop .:a,~`errna on t~ze i'u,ola,:rs foafi.? t~rarc~ of the ruc.c:or ass~:r::~lyo ~ she engines anti coe=tpits Z~rere covcrec: ?r:? tarpa,ialinsa. '~"~zc 1?~zda~~.L'' eci;;? of ~ti~e ru~:c?er ass~;i:~~1y ~~as na~.nted red, j~ 25X1A rea square or c~ccle eras ~~a' n ecx Qn tl?ze lo.-rer s~etion o:E' t>~e ruc' assot~F~:1;,? near the trailing ed~;ea y 2~ t~nnroxi~at~ly 25 w7.:"a~;1e-en~ix!e, log: 1,r3.n~ L'loxzOplaner of tho sa~ze type rrexe pz~r.ced ~.n front of tine ?zan;;ars on the southern ec~;e of the x"field, yi7e; zJOr? covered :?;rith tarp2,i~.l,zisy ?~ Thcre vv&S zoo fly:~sr; althou'rz v~sioza_'ty eras ~oodo t~,xcept far so:~.,e sentrios, no solders tiiere seen at the fiai.~.,, 30 :~?a;~i,s wore stored irz five stacl~s, eaci~ aa~roxi:~ately ~. r:reter i~i~h and ,~ meters long, on fire northern corner of tyre f~.eld near the airersftn la'our t~f tyse stacits mere ix^rtly cowerc;d tia-ith tarpaulins r'ins consist:is= of ei;ht sections ~,rran~,ed in the Nha,re of a star zrere c:iscerned fro..z ti:~~ roar. ~'!,e Lorzbs -Mere stored fir. faur la;rerse T?~s fifth staclc ~r~rzich ~ra,s not; covered Zritil a tar~aa,z~.irr, i1aC1 onl;; tr~ao roars of bcra~~s althou?P~ t'~zF_ ~~i~.e liras ti~ze same i~zei~,ht au ti,c: ot'.-z~r four, Tito ao?ohs zYere of ~'~at.~zor t~y~~s~. `:'T'rey trerc 1