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December 19, 2016
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March 10, 2006
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July 12, 1951
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I~ ~EPARE ).~ .-, I)ATE 1. On 13 June 1951, ralirYoadmen of the i`,'uestr in-T; etz rai jlr oa+ station stated that one or two troop trains of 50 boxcars eachi carrying youjag soldiers ' Tith closely-cropped hair, arrived daily at the Lue?str1.Xa~: kietz railroad station `Ue tween 12 and 18 June At Kietz., the d.orrr of the cars :seine bolted a .: dispatched toward. Fran,=.fur'/0 r- Dur`_ng the night ;> of 1.2 through 18 June, troop trains of 50 cars each occupied by soldiers r,ith long-hair passes. . ._rough :'tetz toy and ,R .r str i 1'l eustadt via K"&uest$ irk-.s'.its tadt , (1) 25X1 25X1A 25X1 C 25X1 C 25X1 C 25X1 C 25X1 C Approved F'or`t eleas jDD 1O'3T17 CIA-RDP82-00457R00820 r (Soyiet between 23 and c. c: une included: t p,e Shuttle-train 53 boxcars with so_a :4.?-',:x?5 Shuttle-train L 53 empty boxcars Sh3_rarennt ahuttl ea--a'tr a in ? 7 boxcar.; viit k u _ . - rz 57 empty boxed. ss 53 empty boxcars Approved For Release 2006/ Brest Litovsk to Rowsengarten ?':.3 Julie Rosengarten to Fran f urt/Oder /14 Frelenwalde to Brost Litovsk Frankfurt/Oder? Uerhig 26 June Cottbus to Ku.estrin-hor?der ~7 Jun -e + u iTrML/ US O 1PIC I '' .,LS 01"'I"' Y Document No- ---- ---------------- N? Change in Class. O Declassified Class. Change:l To: TS Auth.: HR 11-2 1 Tei VkAWOPMGMAWR~08200780005 (2) 25X1 Approved For Release 2006/03/17 : CIA-RDP82-00457R008200780005-5 x '15--ton 25X1A 3. I railroad station three troop Trains or ' . oxcars eac; , occupied by soldiers, passed the oug:I on 22 _.:czr~ 2 dune. The trains c:roi. the east and 't. ~y t for a'~ Yves.e bound .ef"a7. Z i.. ~" ott-b'.~ k came Y' ~ "Y1 east and 1 .' , er big , Eberswwa de and Ari erm`~.e.nda v r. Tr r "gains 25X1 between 24 ,n, 20 IOW-LID I-A uci r S :"" ie_trai 1 L--j of 27 boxcars with s . a`ers Troop train of 12 ,n-td 27 ' flatcars vjitlh soldiers Shua 1ea-tr air boxcars with soldiers mttie.trai}.n~ a 11 ~"O_~ ctiers7 hoxcare3` with T. oop train of 13 boxcars and 29 3 iatcars with soldiers .M'-'utt le-tra in r b p Jy boxcars Meissen to Jueterhog,.~ r i t ?es 24 J ufne Rostock to Ko+f nigsbr leck 24 June :uestrir! to JF!' eterbou-.Al teN Jueter'bo ;-J i es l' a cr to 1'elssen 24 June B Lz. ti.c i t o Koenigsbraeck 2-4 June of 53 e' r n a r1c .'e s 4sr.In 24 7 ne Shlxt;tIe-train ' ox :ars with scat ers 3 '. ro train of i3 boxcars and 20 flatcars with so'l-d11--rS roopJ train of 8 boxcars and 25 "Iatcars with soldiers Jue Ler .log-4 l Ges Kuest.F.?: ,,t~~ 216 d u.n C 1, oubuk-o 0'F to 27 June ``. eubukovi I;o O?5t?it le r s d:: o.;'`f 27 June !ti? J`t,.a O~ "..l,F'( ~ ONLY ~.3~` '..~F