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November 16, 2016
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March 3, 2000
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September 16, 1951
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- 1 IIC";TION -Approved For Relea~ li~b6fOS ~~IA B~B~ ~R008300gi 8l9NO- " F TSON REPORT CD NO. PLA:" E 25X1X` RED DAT OF MR, u.n 5J. r? ; that reason airfields were pr;rtpared and completed by 31 ! r eh at 1 '5 "EP L-0 51 NO. OF PAGES 2 NO. OF ENCLS. (UsiC.ll BELT-)IP SUPPLEMENT` TO REPORT NO. 43 Norttit ':. r.~ _can p1.a-ne; were suppo? ed to join the fromt line combat after 1 i pril. nts. incliidi.ng HIwangju, Ank. and Sariwon in Hwanghae Province. 1.951, the Supreme Head?iuarttea?s of the North Korean Army in Pyong ,be North Korean 6 Corps to defend Ihran&ae Province. The corps ?~. ae ord of 1950 had apprc i. tely 20000 mein had 7,,000 in February. e : .r?ra was Haeju.. .i dated 20 Docenbar 1950, published and distributed on 1 April }' sflz ordered rropaganda in the North Korean army to stress the during combat and on the battlefield fs~ont--line troops are 'Z-or- to ka"2l civilians :, ac wy enth the losses suffered by the people will be index .fiad so tailed pdaraacra r.:.s., bloc" nations, there is no agricultural production in 1951, there is no danger of in North Korea because Cornunist China has promised to supply Agricultural production of Kirin Province alone is enough to feed Ai Korman ation.,, ("a 1 l1a for 421M-Wi6 g 4 } W aged 30,, a political instructor in Ue , V '(oroan M v Political Bureau. as called to the Arrry Political Bureau Y,{ r?s in Pyonf`3mng and given a ders to work in Hu anghae Province. SONS? -. V! K.>f f., ae NKLP since 194.60 had previously engaged in union and, youfih in Cheangsong- n., North Pyongan, and had been an instructor since t . e local Youth 'raining Center them, He was informed that people a a c sr r :. . had been restored throughout the province but that staff workers . Md '.=a.returned to their posts. He and three other instructors were ordered a x ?~ l "ouxaty to see that by 31 March the first sowing of wheat and, potatcm rat i_ - l- _._ Approved For Release 2000/05/22 : CIA-RDP82-00457R004 Approved For Release 2000/05/2 q,IPa,38,Qfj$2: 004578008300610008-9 C ENTRA .1.-'V h{ ENC Z AGM Y : ;?,%d % I t: i "ot a 'rc:a a.Lm:ad at abiizing public ).nd a r uu;iYt ng ti 7r~l.i c i r' Brest in the war eo . ,ictctr wry he rez onsible for two Tryon (towansh.ip:. He was to in- al) perso ; betwonn the rues of 17 and 55 :rho coul.r' ito farm work and ?.. are-tc3 t be cultivated. He wa then tv a ;.1ocat n average of per .'hr r Because of the difficult-,y o obta!-A .,- potato seed? Ft : tale is ,.i wo+ rd be planted in potatoes; and seeds wt.ald - given to s , _g n'; I~arrrere'- 'h?-. remaining areas were to be cu7t:.vated oy free -'?borers from t1:ie , es and from North Korean troops? '.'lh.a o'i Lgannda c.amrxai. r- was to stress the foiling descriptio-ii of the wax o +,o the statement that .he offe tsive of !:iovexab r 1950 wsaE, not a', the `1401}. but at the Americax, ar: s age f the war "x'he war started becauue the RCK army Invaded North inorth Pore:.a ',roops were forced to retreE,t because: of ,h Ske ztio ; of 220J UM-to. Nations troops, stage The Norte, Korean army drove south again wish the aid of :half 4-1-0n :a iinese Gomm aList tronns, iate,- ;inwrev sea to a million:, C -a r mt, G)nstrrwtion of new airfa_eld.-> in the area around Safiiwork 25X1At'c;F remrted independently by sa,veral. sources,, ; t Mment , 0,'ie p "yo equal. '36 square feet a Approved For Release 2000/05/22 : CIA-RDP82-00457R008300610008-9