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November 16, 2016
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April 14, 2000
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October 16, 1951
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(NTELLpFAX 16 CLASSIFICATION- SEC; A p o r d For Release 2000/05/22 CIA CUNTRY..~.., TOPIC. SZplnok Airfield EVALUATION .-,?..,...,,.PLACE OBTAINED 2 o DATE OF CONTENT ,,. DATE OBTAINED DATE PREPARED, tesbr l 2rl REFERENCES PAGES REMARKS 25X1X .SOURCE t3ria1l scale construction, probably reconditionin - of buildings, was under way in the field area. An air force; barracks installation, consistinE. of n any tyro-story and three--story buildings, including soi under *n6truction,, was located about 10000 meters east of the field. About 200 men wearing light blue epaulets were receivinL_ their food in front of a building. hangar-like building, afuel dump, a firing, ranee, and an athletic field with a swing in the shape of an aircraft cabin were also observed at the field. planes with radial engines, plexiglass cockpits and probab , rigid landing gears; and 3 twin-engine aircraft on which no identifying features were ob- served. Two 'sing;le-en gine planes vrith radial engines circled over the field. Io vehicular traffic was observed, observed at tho entrance to the field. A nobil.e crane was in front of this building. Two guardhouses located nearby were occupied by Hun ;arian sentries who wore light blue epaulets. 2. The field was occupied by the following aircraft: .16 single--engine aircraft with in--line engines, three-bladed propellers, plexciglass cockpits, probably single;-seaters with Soviet. stars; 6 single engine planes vwitth in-line engines, tail wheels, probably two-seaters with plexLglass cockpits; 5 single-engine Szolnok airfield, located about 3 km south of Szolnok (Q 40/0 33), southwest -if the road leading to Fakoczifa.lva, was in poor condition on 29 July 1951. There w no surfaced .runway. P. low wooden building 35 x 75 meters, prob- ably used as a repair shop, quarterint. facilities and flit?ht control was ENCLOSURES (NO. t . TYPED CLASSIFICATION Q4(rjCj AM- - 00 NOT C1 GWIE Approved For Release 2000/05/22: CIA-RDP Kt ' LTIt,:, OP3T?Y Document. No. ---_ 00L NQ change to Ctaas. fJ Class. Ts: YS S 06 Rft'in: 1~N;1 $'A sr--