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December 22, 2016
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May 2, 2011
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January 3, 1952
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nni ifF 1TIA6. -~ e_. - Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2011/05/02 CIA-RDP82-00457RO10100240003-4 ti~~`i t Zone) ST, r. LT ITY 1T3I~'0P'-t'AT I I _.9MEPOR ,,ic' re~r;e~t;s of Soviet Troop Trains LDATE PREPARED 3 January 1952 _ENCLOSURES (NO. & TYPE) - , The following Soviet troop trains Were L the Dresden railroad district, between 24 _]in and 23 October. 1951: 50X1-HUM ZQ 244 October 5 boxcars and 16 SSY-type flatcars 3 boxcars and 22 SSY-type flatcars 3 boxcars and 17 SSY-type flatcars 21 boxcars and fJ SSY-type flatcars d.5 boxcars and 30 flatcars 5 boxcars and 17 5: Y-type flatcars Schwepnitz Oschatz Oschatz Oschatz I:eissen 10 boxcars and Riesa 35 flatcars October 19 boxcars and Mesa 39 flatcars 26 October 14 boxcars and Riesa 32 flatcars I"eisscn Bautzen K.lotzsche Dre s d.en- TTeustadt Dresden- i leustadt Gr. eifswaid Bautzen Dr o s den- Teustadt Tliedersedlitz CLASSIElCAT@0'}01 %T-,M, 5 `TROi4/TIS U;'I'SCIf~ .S 1Y Document No. ____ __ NoChangeIn6;3_.b !J DecladSifed Class. Changed To: TS S ev Auth.; HR 70-2 Date; QAU j7$___ Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2011/05/02 CIA-RDP82-00457R010100240003-4 -50X1-HUM- A Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2011/05/02 : CIA-RDP82-00457R010100240003-4 2 1reAt__Lj _(_ l:n ; A.?eceir1Der included.: a train of 10 boxcars vFi th cr,l di or a nnrl (2) October 1.0 boxcars and 35 flatcars October 23 flatcars Riesa 8chtiepnitz )resden- aresden- eustadt October 12 boxcars and Seh iepnitz r d'~2 fl ateaAs .lotzsche fol. lowing numbers of Soviet military personnel were observed rd It-cave trains in Frinkfurt/0der between 3 and 6 Dec ember or ; ber r;ac mber? 230 and .acce~.heti acs^.t,c=F> 230 and op Brains observed at the Or Knienburg? railroad station between 50X1-HUM } itn. 12 trucks l5 tank trucks idJ LLatc.ars With 10 tank tr and I ambul,-an :arc: ror . ran." enburg airfield. X T . 1 so' vht- 1ue enan pts J vSvvf,u 3 ~compresse -air startersspA~'on9 Dena er? m Rf .eterbog and went to LYerneLichen,, and. 31 flatc1-irs ?:i a.1n observed at the Orsnienburg railroad station on 1-1 oisi. v;ed of 10 boxcars with soldiers wearing light-blue e t7 go tr? Fa in In troop train w 71ic.1 went 50X1-HUM 50X1-HUM p e ie Ia U a , r . "gall maneuver was held in the Oschatz-Riesa area between about 11 - foil From Brests"itcav4jL 240 300 and 230 250 290 and 310 260 230 and 290 250 290 and 300 two trains 50X1-HUM 50X1-HUM 50X1-HUM xagu1_,js _` 50X1-HUM The train and, Probably, also to 0reifsv. al can 24`b r troop trains di~5f~atched i rrr~e. tiesa and 0schatz to i var rzta.s _tar t po is of the First Gras UP .c7.. Arrm - sup ort the h 1 ` f t -ape cliviioris grad army headquarters units. 50X1-HUM ~' S D r rib r c lec that of Yc~v~~taber C rC;t ti cfie -~.-y r G ~)P;LY Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2011/05/02 : CIA-RDP82-00457R010100240003-4 50X1-HUM and 3 repair on December; and a train of previously reported