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December 19, 2016
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March 15, 2006
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April 1, 1952
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25X1 ~,.; Appr'6Vd'd`For"Re11 a"s CO ~'('~t 1 ..~ifirri nV (.qfliT'1 pt' zo-nnl TOI' "roop Trains _REPORT NO.__._I .-,._.-DATE PREPARED- PAGES 2 __.ENCLOSURES (NO. & TYPE), 5X1 REMARKS.. 1 Anril 1952 a:i.rcra r from rest T itovoic to 25X1 Koethon c ,.. , anU L' rs anc -t a cars from Juoterbo to host Litovsk on 2J ;.._~rc.i as 1~ 25X' 2 0 ;;ovie~~ trains 25X1 on 21 and 22 !arch inched: Date Shi;:)nont Pron To 125M Military shipnonts betae:;n 113 and 20 I.arc_ 1952 included: 2 flatcars with 2 tan css 25X1 from Brest Litovsk to osolau,, and 1 flatcar with 1 tanks from Brost Litovsk to t'iesa on 1 I:arch? boxcars and 17 flatcars, 21 I.;aa?ch 10 boxcars and l flatcars with troops 11cicherode Jueterbog empty boxcars and 25 Ju?terbog Oranienburg empty flatcars 1. empty boxcar Kurmnersdorf Tleuruphin and 39 empty flatcars 22 March 10 empty boxcars and 35 empty 3 boxcars and Jueterbo Oranienburg Forst Zinna unknown via 7 flatcars with troops :;3_ttonbcr 3. The follocrin' numbers of Soviet military personnel wore Observed in Lrankfurt/Qder between 12 and 16 :arch: Date To Droct Litovsk Iron Drost Litovsk 1.3 1,11 15 16 25XQ1S1 RIt3UTION aboard leave trains 203 and 210 193and210 180 and 190 210 and 200 200 and 220 180 and 200 210 and 220 203 and 130 1.90 and 200 200 and 190 CUSSIFlCA'I'PON_5.:,~,3T/US OFT'ICLU.1; Q?,Tr Approved For Release 2006/08/08 :CIA-I Ha Change In Class. [_] Declass Ied xaas. Clartd Tai: TS S C Auth.: HR 70-2 MV&S 0 2400 2-9 25X1 or1TROL/13 0FI'ICIAlS S,1LX 25X1 Comzont,, Including the three tanks ontionod in oaragrap}- 1 o. tote i ' or ` ',tn JS tanks from the U?S,,SR? has arrived in the Soviet Zone ofV Germany since late December l7 L The let aircraft a 25X1 ne,^a fi htc.r reeitent in fo?tlhera I 25X1 from t'ie iJd:~?S 3~ to date ;,h .h t e shipment of aircraft mentioned in paragraph 1 of Vi present r3-)or1; the fi,~'htor regiment seems to have re a 1 its T/L stro z the 25X1 Approved For Release 2 )06/08/08 : CIA-RDP82-00457RO11600240002-9 A. Jor;r ento Leicherode is s2 ua ,e on the Nordhausen-Lejnefeld railroad line south 25X1 of then Harz Mountains, The train mentioned in paragraph 2 probably carried troops who had participated in the conriand-post exercise in the area northtiest of !au:sbur as did the troop train from ;..rfurt to Juetorbo~ on 20 ::arch 1952? 25X1 lorzaent,, The volume of daily leave traffic in both dirocti;~nc a: boon approxG1.o1y~"balanced since mid-ii'ebruarr 1952. ` onevor, t! 10 average of soldier s loavin - fcr Best Litovsk slit htiy exceeds that of those arriving at Fra.i1..Au_urt;/0dcro C0flTFJI/T"S ox ICL ray ONrl,Y Approved For Release 2006/08/08 : CIA-RDP82-00457R011600240002-9