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December 14, 2016
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November 6, 2001
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May 27, 1952
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Si'u .' i;G 3`i ti ,:'t3 ''~?'Iui w "PLY 4 % SSIF`' ~ATLI I _ Approved For JRelease 2002/01/16 SMAIRT0P8&HOMMIi24003900 COUNTRY t;eri ~~; (Soviet, Zone j NO.- 101'IC Sov:i.e' mil Shipr_nts -VALUATION-, see below-. ___PLACE OBTAINED_ 25X1 A DATE OF CONTENT. 2' A~sri1 to , Lay x.952 DATE OBTAINED_. .~,..__._... 25X1A._...._...........DA7,:'. PREPARED-. REFERENCES _._: RAGE~3...__,_,., .m.. _ENCLOSURES (No. & TYPE). ....._.-_n. SOURCE 25X1X 27 :'ay 1952 - 1. The following two ship. opts passed t1wough the :: ddin railroad station: 25X1 X 26 April.. An undetermined number of cars with 1 rocket launchers ani the two radio 25X1 B cars consig:led to Dresden Neustadt, 25X1 B 27 April. An undetermined number of cars with 16 guns and motor vehicles, including 25X1 B consigned to stermark, 25X1 B ^ 2. According to official records of the Berlin regional railroad headdgiartars, 3d Subdistrict Office, a troop train of 9 boxcars, 27 flatcars and 1 gondola car with 25X1 X troops and trucks went from Jueterbog to Neus-`.relitz, on 3 :,ay 1952 under shipment record No 75735, -w# 3. The following leave trains were determined from the official records of ti: Frankfurt/Odes railroad station: Date To Brest Litovsk From Erect Litovsk 27 April.. 270 and 260 2500 and 280 28 April: 280 and 270 260 and 250 29 &pril: 26o and '28o 24Q and 260 25X1A 30 April: 280 and 270 250 and Z50. CLASSIFICATION S. C ,]TIGONT .Or, ALTS OFFTCTAT;) .RIMY Approved For Release 2002/01/16 : CIA-RDP82-00457R012400390008-8 Approved For Release 20!02f(/01/16: CIA-RDP82-00457R012400390008-8 s.)JaVt~.:IrL'} 1.,.,1'l ;t' L/?JS OFFICIALS -_):J,Y 5GUU Y INii C.1:.IATIQU 25X1A 25X1 A c Co ent.,~ It is pos_;ible uI&t t hze train carried a component of t::o z4th AT Arty iris; (US) of the IV arty Corp,-, it ri Jueterboc~-:_t?ues Lager which returned to its post from N ustrolitz on 9 "_-ay,, 25X1A Co:rn!2nt Th -daily nu.:ier of pcrsonriol _;oin:, to, and comp from, ';rcpt Litovsk, tent: to indicate that, altho-w:h the divisions arty Ucinr; tr nsferrod to the troo;) trainja. LWounds, the volume of leave traffic in both directions x e'lained almost the saY ,,,)LA") ',F Approved For Release 2002/01/16 : CIA-RDP82-00457RO12400390008-8