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December 22, 2016
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March 31, 2011
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October 24, 1952
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Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2011/03/31 :CIA-RDP82-004578014300010009-7 I - .~ ' " ~` SECRET ? CLASSIF'1CATlON SM;CURITY INF~RMATIOH ~I~FOR~~IXL~~1 ~E~'ORT REPORT CD N0. COUNTRY USSR~'Germany SUBJECT -~ ~ Sovic-~ army Leave Procedure: 2. Observations made on Journey from Germany to -the Soviet Far east DATE OF LN F0. PLACE ACQUIRE THIS DOCUMENT CONTAINS INFORMATION AFFECTING THE NAT I.ONAL DEFENSE. OF THE UNITED STATES. WITHIN THE MEANING OFTITLE 18~ SECTIONS 793 AND 794. OF THE V.S. CODE. AS AMENDED. ITS TRANSMISSION OR REVE- LATION OF ITS CONTENTS TO OR RECEIPT BY AN UNAUTHORIZED PERSON IS DATE DISTR. 2~+ Oct. 1952 N0: OF PAGES 1 SUPPLEMENT TO REPORT. N0. ~~ o ~,ra e THIS 1S UNEVALUATED INFORMATION STATE (c~ X NAVY ARMY (~ X AIR X NSR6 Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2011/03/31 :CIA-RDP82-004578014300010009-7 Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2011/03/31 :CIA-RDP82-004578014300010009-7 ~ ~ C $L T INFORMA7.'ION G1tiT LEA UHE :~? 9 . iaava anti't~.a~nt. 2. Loa~ve .docuro~entation 3. Outwa~l, jaurn?y 1~.~ Rstu~n journey 1 . I;oa~ ~r~ti~~.emant Exrary :Soviet y off3:car .se=va.ng in Gormar~y 3,s ontitl.~ ~o. l~avo in the iISSR u months after ~3.~s ~ arrzval at hint .station. raC~niDai. porsonnal ~: entitled t~ a porioc3 ~ loavo one yc~Ar after- .arrival z,n Cermat~t; and s~~.c~rs aPtor 2 yoax's servi.co ~ Gorrnaztp. 2 loaves cjaah year; -eg.. 90 daym ~ilus travelling time but this generous allawariae was altered to one 1?av~e per year in-Jung 1984 at the "dQrtsand." of units stationed ~.n Gorsn~ as thQit- sl~.t~e to hole tho ooonomar ox' the USSR. In i 95't an aru~r orrlar, issued by N1arsYral V~ISSiLEVSKY Iiirii.tud loses travelling tirr~ to ~ 5 d Flying parsotu~l ~ an nxCoption. They- are. givon a g~.~zrantead ps~ric~. of 60 drys at horn4 plus . t~av~l].ing~ ~,~ . , it .would be batter #'ox tl~c moray of the .. tboapa i.f a ' ~a.~. of om~e vav~a 'was. not ha1r7. out, bit if thc~~ ire giv~t. the promise that after a da;~'inito sorv3oa of ~ .years 8.uratic~n-they wn;x3rl ~o roturnad to the USSR. . ~Laatt+~ ... s~cRr~ Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2011/03/31 :CIA-RDP82-004578014300010009-7 Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2011/03/31 :CIA-RDP82-004578014300010009-7 S~C~ET Loaire entit7.ea~ant .for the first ? year of serui.ce iri units stationed 3.ri the USSR i.t, one. month including travell~.tig.tame. In the Following years travalii,ng timo is allo~red.~in addition i:o the month's Soave. ftavrever, troopa are not always, a3:lowed .to- ao" on leave. Usually under somo pretext of a t-raining exercise, the 3.aavo is postponed indefinitely. The higher rax~ of `#iQ 'staff aril. tho political officers .were the onig ,personnel to .,ga on 'ieayo regularly. . The leave g].at;~ was drawn up in the -unit within tho first month oI'. the -year. The essential si.s~aturo on the Hermit to cross? the USSR frontier *ras that of the Art~,y Cop~nande~ -The '12th an3 i,~th oP each month tivexe "sighing" days and documents Yr~.d to be. presorltnd- fb,y i;he v~uriaus units 6 days bofor? thesr~ dates.` ~ photographs had to be subipitted far the permit to'aross thn USStZ frontier- (propusk c~raz. gosudarstvyex~uyu grar_?itsu). The photographs iiad to Piave the right battcim~.corner 1e#'t blank (quaarter circl.Q space) to accommodate a past of t~~? stamp... TY~se photographs ~vero tak~ri by un3.t photographers tE~ar^.~an) ~~ ti9e officers' _ a3.u~ .. "than. thcr dncunnnt had .bean signed, the:_unit was notif`~.ed~ and ati offioer..was sent sp?es3.a3:1y to talao ,them -book tci . thc3 whit . Ioave doctntai;ion is ~uucic3 ,w~~ the ~hvn, goir~ om. le&~ to--:thQ ?iS13SR U was (a) Identity Card (b) ~irmit Ito: cross th~a USSR frontier.. {F'ropusk) wit2i 2''photo ..graphs and a" f~tamp. a~ saturv.:o$ Gr~~ar. -(a) Loave Z~.ss {oi:p~ssknai. ~blet ) (d) 'Tra~ral Vounher (voltronskayv trat~c~vaniyq) :~'CTSb.AM: -- 3~SC04P. j . Otity-rard iaurna~r At' thQ- staticsti .ijz~P~/~crrsvar~ ,the t~.~-:~t~ti~:~~.~ary Camd.t stamps tho perrr~i.t to cross th? USSR;front~er ancl~~entc~rs '~ ,~.axt~.oi~.lars in a rvgsi;f~r.. He also reeervflg a ~eair pn ~tlroe`-~]:n train. . At th,a` tioknt af'fiae;,a; Y{7~3?AN ~-+:`3dC}SCOW t~:ok~t ~a~ ~at~ed ion axcF~rrge for the travel vcxzahsr. the leave train ,.. Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2011/03/31 :CIA-RDP82-004578014300010009-7 ? ~ Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2011/03/31 :CIA-RDP82-004578014300010009-7 SECRET _. C3 The leave train :loaves rC~SDAN at .11'00 hours. 1't is a ltaact~sy craih consisting of. 10 sZavpars and 2 soft (upho`l:stored) ooaszhvs. An extra charge of 75 roublQS a.s made .fob th.a uav~ of this gain (caurivr train) from k17TSUAZ~ to BREST, and to charge of 20 Mk for the use of the sleeper. Th? 1Qavc train proper (without ?xtra charge) stFarts from y i~ANC~CIDER. At 2300 hours th~~ train passo$ WARS,A~V+~, .and at OHOt~ hours. the followa,ng morning arrives In BLEST, wh3rv the change over into Russian txa.ins takes place. Shortly b?foro t~OZNAST is the first document checlt by Polish :~,ilt.ary authorities, who .stamp thc~ 1oa~3 . }pass. the a.nagaot~.ng porsoz~iel wcrc~ Saviat nations m ~ ~ rn3.l~:tsty uniforms. Another docum?nt check took place before rvaahi~t~g B~. Shortly t~efore reaching "the river BUG; the train was stopped and mila.tary guards aheckecl the carriage -doors which srvr? then locked. The train- thou .pulls up at a platform ?on both sides of ^r~hich aro high -,n?ts to preYont anybody leaving or entering bjr the sicla. Hero the train is boarded by. I~IG~. troaps, ~rrho search. the- train thoroughly, pro`b?.ng every. empty .space. `This search by a largo. number. ~of troops lasts a good, half- an hour.. - APtor: -the. search is complbtvd,: special' guazd.s board the train. ;;and it passes across. the bridge ov~or. thc3 Btl~.-arid. trav+e7~s ti~rithisi a scrf3on made by. netting .ell both `"sidos~ and' ,on the tbp. Once across ih? bridge the train: is stopped again and all.: ~.ocuments excspt t'rit~ lc~ava 'pass are haridv~. to the eYi?cking .pvrson~ie]., ti,i_o also oomp~iro visualJ,y~ the identity off` the person with 'tYiv photograph: on-t'hs~ document. These. documents are .collected let?.r on at a.. given dv~k at?$1~Sr.statioh. A party-of customs of~'icials~than enters the compartr mdnts, noting: on thQ leave pass hrnr many pieces of :luggage are in :the possessiota of thA traveller, . and. also the amount of: Gorman menoy~. carried. lit 0700 hours "the train ?ntex~s BAEST station. All travellers leave the-? train with their luggage, v~rl~.i:ch is "w9ghed on the platform and the ?weight recorded on -the leave ticket . -The luggage 3.s -~h?n presented for the customs inspection, which 1.itvra7.ly turns gvvey article out .? No books or .papers of at~y kind are allowed- to be .talon into the USSR, t~or era: any _phot~5graphs or films. Films. are.. extracted from -all:- cameras, Clo~thvs at~d 2 wa-tcYias are allowed ~ to bs taken into .the country, ~iut" all articles rest ]~avQ ~aaen purchased .in the Soviet done of C~rma,r~y. Re;ccipts are "given, :fir artic~].vs .consfscatacl?. Ixi,.19~v..a Irt-was .~~I~d" to pay ?1';~O Rciublos duty. for a: doll, which he .cbnsic~.ervcl excossa.FO. He'prorhptly smashed the dcjll t~.exv:.and then, Thq .femsl.c train attendants ask?d some passengvrs"to add soma lingerie- to. their lttggagfl :~. prder to get ~it through t~iv 'customs. 3~i cases whc7re -the articles tivvrv; au.~t but an tap of. the pax~sona~. b?longiri~;s, tlas c~zstoms; 'confiscated the artcles::as .thvy_ were- ~w~'1l:,vvrsad yr~.tYi the ruses of t2ic~ tra~.ri staff. But. ixi other .cases thq articles ware passed without . rnuclz .difficulty. , ~Altit a17: pass.eng?xs hack y3.r,~assos and cl.~~ess mat?rial fo3~ t~~c3r w~v~: in t}ioir lugga~s.. ~Afta-r passing ... S,E .C R' lam' 1+ Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2011/03/31 :CIA-RDP82-004578014300010009-7 Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2011/03/31 :CIA-RDP82-004578014300010009-7 SEC-RET ..~,- Aftor passiliig~ tho customs the luggagQ is ha,ndad, against a receipt, S:t1to th? lu~g~;ag? room and the passenger. ~ioins the quauo at tho cash dank, whom th,3 Fbrsonal docurrorrts are issucid. The MOSCO'~ train leaves at 1255 p,tu. but tho quoua starts to Form shortly after the art-~.val of tho .traits ~ at tho statiot:r and at 09(?~: s.ou~rs evn~roi*e a7xe:~? becoma~s irr~pationt. At 1000 hours the. travcjl].or`s r~no is call.Qd aut atxd her is div?c~n hie documents af't~r Yv.s 1.vavn p6.ss has bean ~ou+q~a:rdd, axe; c~heciar~cl, ~d the -p~^ert of thsrporeci,t to arose the ~tSSR.f'rontlo!x', with. cazle phcrto~-r gr&ph kdpt back. Ho than Sons the queu? ~.t the field cashier's dusk whc~ro, ho4+~ver priori~~~T ins given ab~cozding to rank.- The idQnt:L-tar card, leavo pans and pay book art3 handed ,in axtd ho reeeives?his,laavo pay and ration money. ?Tho ].attQr amount~is ~g6 Roublos for a month's leav~o. Ha than mcroes to tho `next cash desk, ~rhere his German money is oxahanged at, tho rato of one Rouble for ,ono Ea:s.t Mark. Hey riaxt~gges to the M~3i:-terry Station Commandant, where a queue waits fos+ rai:lwa,y vouchers and seat' roservations for the- idOS~F~ txaiA. Having obl~ainod a .voucher, 'o3r;ed a quQU? at the 50X1-HUM ticltet offive, wlwrcj he' was finally seas wi~ ? a .ticlo3t -aftsr paying 200.Rcubles.-for a' sMlegpar to MOSEC@V', #'irst-*a3~iss' trav~e]: and axc?ss of 1u88~s { 50 Xg 'fz^roe l:ait) . ~iaw in po.s~esson of his tic~t,..he colleots~ ~s,luggag?, has a snack ..{vet~gr axpan~si.vr3 ~ aPFrox 1.7,0' Roiibie~ :Eon, ~2 persoias ~,? ,dots ihto tho train' and hands his ticket- to -tho~ tra`itt cor.~ciuctor. . Bticausv oi" t:he queues, it prafitalila to 50X1-HUM engage a .pori;ar,? who a~tait~s~ a13: t .is :noo?~sa~y through back doers arid.- then ~~ensures thFCt ,~ a:ooai nit ~i~s this: traits. carriagE~s pare .fit 1 -seta ,with apartirbents ~'or 2 or 1,. parsons. Every l'y is prozrid.~~t Par ~tIve ~paes?ngeri~;. Therc3 is a dashing car, shower room, 1iA! got into the- train, again handing `in ali his tickets, and to th,~ tuna of t;~ar~ial music. th?;: train loft at 2000'hours. - This train was .also .luxuriously ~fitt?d out, with dining service., valet svrv3.cp, :bm.th, T~arbe:r, laundry,. library.,; no~vs,~apcrs, Zoudspoakor sJs om giving a ,tray?l..corm~ntax~.T on places. of ~intor?~st on . route., ~ ~vtc. - The majority of` :passorlgers y-~ nzi.litary personnel and their zamil.ies, going on or re-turning frpin l.oati~, as,v~oll~ as party officials. The tra~,t~ ~~uas made,?up o? 7 0 carriages::"~ slacibors) , of ~rhich 2: >roro luxuxy; ~oas_; .env clana~~~az~,, aYlc3. _ 2 lt~gagq :-vane . ; Thera ~roro 5~ sea`ts, poi carriagc3 ~'he 'tra1.11 ? . . Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2011/03/31 :CIA-RDP82-004578014300010009-7 Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2011/03/31 :CIA-RDP82-004578014300010009-7 S E C R E'T -C6- The train c~~vered 1 ,000 IKn in Zl+ hours. Tha f irgt 112 ICrns out of MOSCOUi were a locitr:fie3. ~.pprox every .500 IS'm the loeorioir~vo was: a~hanged. Halts ~ver? ori],y mado ,~:t ~a.ix- stations, usus~l3,y far ~an7.y 10 m~.i;utQS, un.7.oss tho locomotive was ,ch~~sg?d; .which meant a 1+.5 ma.nuta stop. Locoi!notivt~s wezb. changed at tha follow:~tyg stations':.- A:LEIiSAi~}ROVSK { ohang? of ].ocoi~ot~.v~ from electric tEi. staam) ~~.RCSLA.Vh Bi7Y I~~RGY MJLCTOV S'VF,TrDLOVSK. T'YUN~N O:~fSI?: N ~VC~SIl~IRSK KL3A.~NOYA3?SK N IZFIIE ~ INSK CRHEI~MI{HOVC) I RKi'~TSK . I . SLn?Y_t13dKt1 ULAN-TIDE C:EiI~~A ft on cast - Est ruCu3~ traatn raaoves tvPO : ~.o~3omotivas ) SKOti~0~IN0 #{LTYf#ISHEVKA vC)5 BIRC)BIDZHAAT K~3AKOVSK GiaB~:I~UVo ThiarB at-e 3, t3-pes of Trans~Sibe n trait i.n c~era9liotz:;.. One oonsisti.t~; of i0 slsepor-asxri~ag+ss, 2: of wh~.GYx a,xci supor luxury slAOpers. They co~leta t&? ~ourne~y_ Mc~SCO~? - Vl,Ay'~I~06TOIi: itl 9 days. Tha .flarQ is? t?,Q2y Roubles and .275. Roubles for the sleoBor. '..The: fare for the" luxury coach is 1,500 Roubles? The seCotui typs is m~dr~ up of 10: oarr3,a~s-, ~#`. vrh~ah 2. ~ro ]arairy slsepv:cs, 2 nxdinary slAapors arad tha r4s~;.upho~~:ste~i+ad carriages. T3i~a Tourney on thaso tr~ai~t$' taiaes 10 e3k,atys. Pares for the lu~saac;;r Gv~ch -? 1,,1.00 ~oublx;s . Ordinsry fare .- _9~ Roubles and. 1~~o Baubles -for ~thc~: sleex~or. Th;asQ tra3.ns ar? usually used :E'or shorter journeys. Th9 third. Y-a,s .10 carri.e.ges of ; up}iolstered c~ompartr~ents (pa:lum~ragidye ). The ? corrpartrnents seat 12 poople. Fbr 2Q Roublas.. a .~aattress ,arid blax~l4at is prov3:ded, 'wh21o fdr shorter journeys tha chsuc8? is 10 Roubles. Those trra~rxs maka tho journey a.n 12 daye a~sd are riost].y used by soldiors ! car for shorter ~ourl~ys. The fare. from %05C@x~ to VL,'lI7IV0.~iTOK a.s 750 RAti1~3.QS on t}isse .trains. the,- jclurnc33~ ~o V.i~t~iD~VUS'TOK:` fron;;LiASCOti+' costs 2,'500 .Boob os_, as a~ blvs.. per:.day fs epont :o~t'~ focd` arul drink. . Evosy conv~snienes arid. co~?'su't is provided such. as bat#~,. er~crs~, 7:stu~Yk~r,. barber, vay3t s?rvicv, library a;u~ rrnasic. The aarr~gos ~e ws~.l spri~ttg .and- there is aa,xdly arty ttcise, .T,hsr~ ~ a table in awry Q.rtmont, vertt:].at~rs _and suf'f~iai.Qnt loclters :~o ldc~: osroryrfrhing ups ~~.ti~3.o~rs . ,.. SECRET Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2011/03/31 :CIA-RDP82-004578014300010009-7 Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2011/03/31 :CIA-RDP82-004578014300010009-7 S~'Ci~ET - C7 -~ Windows:- ~ only bo. opened. on the corridor side . l'he c~aors cannot be ].ock~d bt~t must .remain ,ajar for at least 10"ctn. "This 3.s to pryvc~nt ax~y imtnorality~. , ~en~ tnaxri?d couples are forbidden u;T a ,rain rules to .cohabit; and tlio fine -for doing so is 150 Roubles. 50X1-HUM In 1 g54 ores able to buy .a guide, -.book fox the an~iaro 50X1-HUM jo~zrney at the station _in. NtOSCOW. None of .those woxe availably in 1 q51 . Although one copy was availably on .the train,.-one *rras nat allowed to keep it for any length of time,-.nor to. copy out any gtata,on ar infortnata.on concE:rning the route and landscape. the 1.s.~ratAries wore a oonstant source of ctiscord~ there yr?r~ n~a.rty rvotaen %vho hacl not sovri, a toilet before atxi. did not know ha^r to manipulate it. Tn consvr~uencs _the~ lavatcsry ~ras~ alvrays very dirty Infax~nt do.sc3ribpd it as . "lik?a pigsty" -after wt~t~n had ~vd it. .But t~~ar>,yy families; ?special.ly with small children; also did thv~.r utmost to tnalo~ the use of tI~ lavatories most repulsive to .any subsequent user. Maass in the dining-car tvero expensive. and the majority of the ;.~asseX~rors pla,nnad their meals. to .coincide vrith ~. l.ongvr stop. at ono of the. larger stations, wh,arv a chciaper hot meal (14 Roub.los~) was provided b3- the station restaurant,.. Plenty .of Foodstuffs wore also offered by :.oval hawkers and p?asants at .all: smaller stations. The train staff -eras offieivnt and I~lpful. Th?y complet?cl a journey to VLADIVOSTOIt and back and thou ha.d 20 ,days cast. In 1950- thy- train staff still toleratcc3 the swarms of chi].drvn and cripples who invaded the coach?s at-tn4~t..stations in order to beg, gut. X11 that ha,d: chat~god 'in 19j't whoa- nano wore scan. The -first check of documents by .tx~.oflps tool~.placo before raach3.ilg C~HITA, though l+liGB troops tivere abpaxd tY~v train throughout thQ journey,. watahit?g. tYia... passengers. Lost of -the train journ?y i.s spent reading or p].~ying cards Return. ~ournaY Not much ~.~.ffarAnca was.expvriencea on the r?turn journey. ~'ello~v pass?n~ers -from %OSCQVP were tnostly~ military` per'sonnol-returning On arrival.in,BRESfi. the s~ta? proc?duro a.s adopted-as on .the outward .journey. ,All docurnetits. are .,surrQndvred, the -second -part and y~hotograph of tl~ r rmit to cross'-the USSR froriti.or is kept back, and all travellers pads thrqugtt the Customs shad, whore all bociks;' letters and papers cry confiscated. OnCQ on try .train,.-one is not allovriod to leave it -until arrival in Of-irtnax~y. l9hi~.v on th? train, all clgcuments rzro once more chACkvd and stamped by Polish ofi'eials; and a~ '600 hours. the journey'`enck ~.;~ 50X1-HUM POTSDAM. S :I C. R. 1'; T Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2011/03/31 :CIA-RDP82-004578014300010009-7 Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2011/03/31 :CIA-RDP82-004578014300010009-7 E G R E T 50X1-HUM k~.iropean. R~:~sia..impressed 'very little; great deal more progress must be made- to rebuild the w~*-ci.atriagsd terms; ~ b~g3.nn~.ng has only been made with-the rebulct~xig bf the ra.]~ra~r stations such as MLN$$. and SMCILENSK. fro vi~ciia~.. AlthouA,Yi the "Muagoyita!": is re of so~?t6'ty, mush ~.s just faoad~a ~3id the ms:n in the- ~treot is trot much better off -than the rest ~;of the ?.Sowiet .population. What d:1d i~ipres owraver was.- the town of NOVC)S~, ~~rh~.~Ch is. called,a 'secor~3 hfOSCOti~i' vtoraya.~t~~,A:j, zt .~Yzad.-~ the- most imposing and olsariest raiiclay station, and it tip, ;the train ~ hours' to trazrex'se "the bui}~t-~.tp.. area..of the town. Most: of ~; streets had. trees planted ark. th? Pactory~ areas ~~sxt;etxled as far as the.-' could 9~ea. At the same .time ~nzon new bLaildin,g ?7as~ actively going on. estimated the 50X1-HUM population ~of NOVOSIF~IRSK to torsi at least 2,000,000. SVLOV~SK,and' KRASI~fOYAI?SK'also made a favourable i;mpra~sion 50X1-HUM ue to t:tvei:r clelinliness, size a12d, activ~tt~? atul. also due' no 50X1-HUM ou q : fa.ot the:t the railway line passes . the a 3a~ge ~ares. off' tawti.. Also .worth noting was `tY~s ind;ustria.3~.zatibr~-of the ~a4rea f'~rom Oh~K to~ lalt+e '~#AiR~1G. . On both sido:s -of the rai7.v~ray .line a.s afar ~aa ogna . cou3.d see-are fa~ctari.es, working or being bui.3.t. Tbs~ train ~reztt ;?at great speed through these"axea.s. At I0'3CA,~+K rho gain conductor .,minted out a 50X1-HUM >:arge syf~thetic p9t~c~l plant, ,:.nc~h had been r?mcaved ~rotu rma~ at -w~s~ row in full. production. The most cn:~tsta~ing f~~tu~~ ~~ t~ 50X1-HUM progress made batweert 1 y50 and 195'1 on the huge Yaydro-e so ?r a projotot the ~vres~~a river 'bartlc on rho high mountain -rad.ge. ~.pprox ,'-2 ,~a-ir br~~ore reachit3g IRxUTSK t:he' river maps a sls.ght . sweop to the eft' .leaving a ~laix~ 'hetweon the. motu~tain ridge and the :river -bank. I:n 1950 three 7arg? parall.ol embanlt~rieAts 50X1-HUM lead be?n, bui.lt~ in t?~z~ o soil for those: was dug From a hil.I. close to tho~ river b~:nlc. At that tit~uo thousands of forced ]:a~ourers ~ve:x~ employod, -but no signs of its future shapo rare yet - visih7.e . 3:rs yep 191 ;part of the torrain between the tYireo smtianl~nts :eras flooded-and 3 huf,e pump-type sxca~rators (Zemlesnax~tady) wero. pumping imp from the flooded area a?nd throwing .soil. mixer trrth water aga3.2'i8t a dam parallel to the a~ilway omba~~nt. ,~o the north 3 huge, veto J~a.1.ls hart been oractcjd and wero still being. ho~igY~tened. 2 giant s~3lf-_- 'pxopa3.2ed exeavato~ ~.ni-1 ''thousands" of smaller ~ excavators and trucks -;rorc3 nr~vtig earth frc>m ~?he higher ground. A31 this work- was porforeoed ~ -~ toral.ly by thcue~att~is of f'oroed labors guarded by ht~ troops. f ~Fha .. . L C R E T ttia -smart inh~.ba.tants t~f PrIOSCOW tools advantage:` off'" the' simple=mitx~ad ~ted rr~emb?r Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2011/03/31 :CIA-RDP82-004578014300010009-7 Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2011/03/31 :CIA-RDP82-004578014300010009-7 SECRET ?Cg- The rail.--ray 7.ine from ~IfJSCQ?'~; to VI.,ApIVOSTOK is double-tracked throughout, exc?F>t b?tv~en th? stations BUY' - KIROV, where #t 1y o~,ngk~ track. I-~rom Oi!1~SZ~ to SdOVOSIBIRSK another two tracks are beinb la3.c7.. A3.1. along the railway tracks rnass~e:s of ?~7omen aro ~~rorking, rc~-Laying the tracks and changing the Bloopers.. FTo .notic?d that tho sl?epors from IRI~UTSK, eastwards :veto rx~r~y laid. tho ~wh.o~,e ,la.nc~ from ~nJSCO'F7 t.? 50X1-HUM VLADIVOST s gaiilg to be eloctrifavd. ~o~i~-vn '~h~:s projQat .ias i,n ~arogrress betwoorl SVEF~LOVS:K- amid C}NtSI~. Dot~rcotz OIv~T~ anc~ VOVJS~,BIRSK :~t,v~ra,g ~l7.toatiy-Elomp~Otocl. ~h~?].a,~r),u from OIdL7It 50X1-HUM to ~ItOP.~,V~t7VSI~ ~ ~:l~o vlmCtr3;fi3t1 :an8 vr3.11. ba cbmplot3dd a~ far a,~ KTYBY'SI?~V'. all bi'ani~. ]ati~~ t.o the ~'s~ctpry 50X1-HUM aroas from NOYOSIBIRSI~ arc o loatri#'iod, and cnucY~ work on furthor of?ctrfication is going on, All this work. is boing oarriod-out by forced .],.about, as can be. obsvrv~od fror~?- tho passing. trains. The tran?t-Siboriarl ,Rail-~~ray lino is tire11 utilized, and at each station- there,. vr~:ra goods trains ws.itil~g. It talcas 8 hours to skirt lako BAII;A,L and oven- tYio tuna?~,. are C~DLLbl4~3"~t~B.Cked ?. ~hilc~. =wraiting at i~OSCfi-~ rail~ray station to getOtravc:l 50X1-HUM docutt~i~ts, observed ,ate elderly ?Soviot . Ariity Co7.c~leJ. approaching 50X1-HUM ~.~s ? group of offiec~rs, telling thv~h that. hzs rra3.la.t .had 'boon stol4n -and ~.skrig th?m .to help. him vu?t so trot ho could get to Psis dastiruition. A collection Yves maces Lator en 50X1-HUM i.. thv day savr this Coloriiol ?;tolling. the saran story to another group of? of'#'ie?rs and,, after hav3.rig calloctvd a considarablo sum, boing told by tho station .militia. to. go away again SOme wrio pass?d through MOSC{5r~ x.11 D?c/Jan 5~ had seen this Colon?1 still p7.ayir~ his garnp ~ Tt ~7as known tY~.at ha was .always at~ thc~ station at the times whon leave traaxls ware due', and a].,.vo~ that ha .was working. hand. in hand Zrich; tho x~.iX~y ru.litia. Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2011/03/31 :CIA-RDP82-004578014300010009-7 Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2011/03/31 :CIA-RDP82-004578014300010009-7 Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2011/03/31 :CIA-RDP82-004578014300010009-7