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December 20, 2016
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May 8, 2007
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October 29, 1981
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Approved For Release 2007105/08: CIA-RQP83-003858000200120007-1 29 October 1981 MEMORANDUM T0: Deputy Chief, Paraguay Bureau INFO: Chief ELAD, Prod Group SUBJECT: Review/Update of Paraguay Bureau Publications 1. Since the last publications review of March 1981 the following changes have taken place: 2. ARGENTINA a. Buenos Aires AMBITO FINANCIERO was tried for 3 months and found to be unproductive and dropped from coverage. b. The weekly magazine VISION was found to be unprod~. ctive and was dropped from coverage. c. The weekly LA SEMANA was sampled for 3 months and found to be marginally productive. LA SEMANA and a similar weekly, SIETE DIAS, which only occasionally carry interviews with political personalities are easily available from local newsstands, and bureau receives advanced notice from press services or other sources and can buy isssues of interest on an ad hoc basis when items of interest are carried. Accordingly, LA SEMANA was not put on regular coverage. d. The weekly GENTS was added to bureau coverage. It is available from local suppliers. e. Three monthlies--the political journal A FONDO, the Peronist monthly LINEA, and the mouthpiece of tightest politicain Admiral Massera CAMBIO--were ordered for 1-year subscriptions, though no regular issues and only one back issue have yet been received. f. The daily Buenos Aires COPdVICCION was received for a few weeks from local suppliers, but they have since ceased to import the paper. At this time, bureau has no plans to seek direct subscription from the publisher, since Argentine coverage is ample. ~~.` BOLIVIA: No changes. Approved For Release 2007/05108: CIA-RDP83-003858000200120007-1 ? ? 4. BRAZIL a. Due to delayed and sporadic reception o.f magazine VEJA through local Paraguayan newsdealers, bureau wrote directly to VEJA in July requesting Air Mail subscription. So far noTissues have been received by mail, however. b. At suggestion of ELAD Brazilian officer Bureau has begun a 1-month sampling of Rio e aneiro dailies ULTIMA HORA, :and TRIBUNA DA IMP.RENSA -.~1 and the weekly HORA DO POVO were placed on 1-month trial subscriptions. U.S Consulate in Rio is helping to air mail them. c. The U.S. Embassy in Brasilia has been unable to procure three left-leaning papers suggested by Renier-- VOZ OPERARIA, VOZ DA UNIDADE and CORREIO SINDICAL. We plan to ask the Rio Consulate's help. a. The biweekly COSAS has become available from local news distributors and has been added to regular coverage. 6. PARAGUAY a. The biweekly SENDERO, published by the Catholic National Episcopal Conference, was added to regular coverage in September. a. Lima LATINAMERICA UJEEK was dropped from coverage :i due to unproductivity after a 3-month trial period. b. After some trouble in arranging a suitable delivery method--Lima Embassy has now agreed to package publications and see that they are delivered to the Braniff. Airlines office-- receipt times of publications from Peru have .beP,n cut to 2 to h days. Peruvian publications now regularly received are the dailies EXPRESO and EL;~COMERCIO and the weeklies MARKA, CARETAS AND OIGA. 8. URUGUAY a. After a 6-month period of exploitation, the Montevideo dailies LA MANANA and EL DIA have been found to be largely duplicative in their content, and bureau has ordered that the LA MANANA subscription not be renewed when it expires. ST ST PARAGUAY BUREAU PRODUCTION REPORT FOR OCTOBER 1951 I. TOTALS FROM ALL SOURCES: TOTAL PUBLISHABLE WORDAGE FILED DURING MONTH: TOTAL NON-PUBLISHABLE WORDA4~E FILED DURIP3G MONTH: TOTAL NUMBER OF PUBLISHABLE ITEMS FILED DURING MONTH: II. INPUT OF REGULAR COVERAGE: (minutes or issues per week) III. OUTPUT FRO1~f ALL SOURCES : publishable words per month) ARGENTINA Buenos Aires Domestic Service in Spanish Buenos Aires LATIN in Spanish Buenos Aires TE LAM in Spanish Buenos Aires NOTICIAS ARGENTII3AS in Spanish Buenos Aires CLARIN in Spanish Buenos Aires CRONICA in Spanish Buenos Aires EL ECONOMISTA in Spanish Buenos Aires DENTE in Spanish Buo~sX;Aires LIlVEA in Spanish X55,650 53, 53 0 799 7,095 29,460 179.25 min. min. issues 2,100 5,540 14,590 11,570 5.590 1,170 250 290 Buenos Aires HERALD in English Buenos Aires LA NACION in Spanish Buenos Aires LA PRENSA in Spanish Buenos Aires SOMOS i.n Spanish BfJLIVIA La Paz Domestic in Spanish La Paz Radio Illimani in Spanish L~.~~.Paz EL DIARIO in Spanish La Paz PRESENCIA in Spanish BRAZIL Brasilia Domestic Service in Portuguese Porto Alegre Radio Guaiba in Portuguese Porto Alegre Radio Gaucha in Portuguese Sao Paulo Radio Bandeirantes Network in Portuguese Rio de Janeiro BRAZIL HERALD in English Rio de Janeiro JORNAL DO BRAS IL in Portuguese Rio de Janeiro LATIN AMERICA DAILY POST in English Rio de Janeiro MANCHETE in Portuguese BROAD- PRESS. PUBLI- CASTS AGENCIES CAT IONS 7,120 2,000 3,260 650 1,740 9,460 65D 2,45 4,530 450 0 1,060 0 9,350 2,790 Rio de Janeiro 0 GLOBO~=in Portuguese Sao Paulo FOLHA DE 5A0 PAULA in Portuguese Sao Paulo 0 E5TAD0 DE SAO PAULO in Portuguese CHIriE S ti C an ago hile Domestic Service in Spanish Santiago Chile DIPLOMATIC IIJFORA4ATION SERVICE in Spanish Santiago Chile COSAS: in Spanish Santiago Chile EL MERCURIO in Spanish Santiago Chile EL MERCURIO EDIC ION INTERNACIOTdAL in Spanish Santiago Chile ERCILLA in Spanish Santiago Chile HOY in Spanish Santiago Chile LA TERCERA DE L& HORA in Spanish Santiago Chile QUE PASA in Spanish FRANCE Paris AFP in _- Spanish s ,,~;~_ PARAGUAY Asuncion Domestic Service in Spanish Asuncion Radio 1~ de Marzo in Spanish BROAD- PRESS PUBLIC CASTS ANC IES ~AT IONS 5, 080 2, 6/~0 6, 210 6,860 2,210 1,360 ~., 870 570 0 1,120 2,910 0 1,950 25,670 BROAD- PRESS PUBI,I_ CASTS AGENCIES CATIONS ? Asuncion Television Cerro Cora in Spanish Asuncion Teledifusora Paraguaya Television in Spanish Asuncion ABC COLOR in Spanish Asuncion HOY in Spanish Asuncion LA TRIBUNA in Spanish Asuncion PATRIA in Spanish Asuncion SENDERO in Spanish Asuncion ULTIMA HORA in Spanish PERU Lima Domestic Service in Spanish Lima CARETAS in Spanish Lima EL C OMERC IO in Spanish Lima EXPRESO in Spanish Lima MARKA in Spanish Lima OIGA in Spanish UNION OF SOVIET SOCIALIST REPUBLI~GC5 Moscow Radio Peace and Progress to Latin America in Spanis h Moscow to Latin America in Spanish 3,080 1,420 2,480 680 140 4,760 0 1,140 1,110 0 7,000 2,740 Approved For Release 2007105/08: CIA-RQP83-003858000200120007-1 -5- BROAD- PRESS PUBLI- ~~STS AGEPdC IES CAT IONS Moscow to Chile in Spanish Moscow to Cuba in Spanish Moscow to Brazil in Portuguese URUGUAY Montevideo Radio E1 Espectador in Spanish Montevideo EL DIA in Spanish Montevideo LA MANANA in Spanish Montevideo EL PATS in Spanish Montevideo OPINAR in Spanish 4,560 0 450 1,390 2, 410 2,760 0