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November 9, 2016
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February 4, 1999
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August 23, 1954
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25X1A2g bmit to HQ-00/C in triplicate with process sheet attached) DISTtj ORIG-GRAPHICS; DUPL-CASE FILE; TRIPL-SOURCE FILE QUAD-AO RECORD eace 'Various stills taken in Communist China NUMBER OF ITEMS AND CATEGORY (Still photographs, negatives, or slides) DATE OF EXPOSURE _. 25X1X6 23 August 1954 E GIFT CHECK CLASSIFICATION OF PHOTOGRAPHS WHEN SEPARATED FROM THIS FORM. (The classification need not be the same.) IS SOURCE APT TO MAKE ADDITIONAL PHOTOGRAPHIC MATERIAL AVAILABLE? Y _ MAY SOURCE'S NAME BE REVEALED TO GRAPHICS es REGISTER, OCD, IF REQUIRED? r____1 Yes 7 25X1A2g ? UNCLASSIFIED (Ancient Irrigation Works Enters a New Phase - TheTuchiangyen Dam in Western Szechuan Province): Captions as follows: 50334 - In Pai Sha Hsiang of Kuan County, western Szechuan Province, the Minkiang River divides into two - an inner (right)and an outer (left). The Tuchiangyen Dam was built just starting from the watershed of the inner and outer river. C- I4- /387,/ 50335 - The newly-built lock of the stone dyke in Pi County, southeast to Kuan County. [ /q -/ 3 8 7 f a 50336 - Irrigation canals - More than 200,000 hectares of the West Szechuan Plain is crisscrossed with canals led by the Tuchiangyen irrigation system. 0/ - 1397 50341 - The Tuchiangyen Dam is not only famous for its irrigation system, but ' is also a picturesque place. On Sundays and holidays, many people visit the dam. Photo shows Young Pioneers of the No. 1 Middle School of Kuan County scetching by the Anlansochiao (a bamboo bridge) of the Tuchiangyen Dam. e/1- /3878'.3 (The Peaceful Construction of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea.): Captions as follows: 51205 - Workers of the Hwanghae Iron Smelting Plant in North Korea repair an ore jar. C/A- /J ?7 Jg 51206 - The 12-ton crane of the Hwanghae Iron Smelting Plant in North Korea has started operation again after rapid restoration, a ,4 - / 3 8 7 R!9' 51208 - The Bessemer converter of the copper smelting shop of the Nan o Iron and Steel Works in North Korea has started operation again. 014- 51210 - Workers of the Pyongyang Farm Machinery Station in North Korea hoeing in the kaoliang field. /continued on next page] C /A ,/.,3 g791/ 25X1A2q jCASE NO. FOR HEADQUARTERS USE ONLY FORM NO. Y- 01-7 FEB 1953 57- O ITIONS NOT TO BE USED. 4 (47) Approved For Release 1999/09/10 : CIA-RDP83-00423RO01600510001-7 -2- %continued7 5121+ - The newly restored building of the No. 14+ People's School in Pyongyang, North Korea. C /A - / 3 Jr 7 S r 51215 - The Western Pyongyang Stadium in North Korea is being built. A large number of students of the Kim Il Sung University take part in the construction of this stadium. CIA - /3 J'797 1+9637 - A Korean worker at work in the silk reeling shop of the Pyongyang Textile Mill, the biggest of its kind in North Korea. The mill has started operation again after rapid restoration. G/~J - 13 f g' &- (Peking People Held a Rally('`Hailing ' do-Chinese Truce): Caption as follows: 1+7905 - A rally hailing Indo-Chinese Truce was held and a resolution greeting the cessation of hostilities in Indo-China was adopted by the Peking people on July 23, in Peking. Photo shows the above-mentioned resolution passed at the rally. 0/q-/397is Approved For Release 1999/09/10 : CIA-RDP83-00423R001600510001-7 Approved For Release 1999/09/10 : CIA-RDP83-00423R001600510001-7 >kE>4SSSSS?"'':SS3>D.EE'ii ;i !k'$iE3 5 < is S.M:3S S :':E : :....... $,.L?,:5;:;'' >n,E