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November 9, 2016
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February 4, 1999
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August 24, 1954
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- - - - - 25X1A2g P R E S E ATION FORM FOR GRAPHIC MATERIAL DATE 2 August 195i- (Submit to HQ-OO/C in triplicate with process sheet attached) . DIST: ORIG?GRAPHICS; DUPL-CASE FILE; TRIPL-SOURCE FILE; QUAD- FOREC1ORD GIFT ? LOAN AREA East Pakistan/Egypt/Italy SUBJECT River and Harbor views NUMBER OF ITEMS AND CATEGORY (Still photographs, negatives, or slides) Nine slides DATE OF EXPOSURE 25X1X6 CHECK CLASSIFICATION OF PHOTOGRAPHS WHEN SEPARATED FROM THIS FORM. (The classification need not be the same.) U. S. OFFICIALS ONLY O CIA OFFICIALS ONLY = SECRET Q CONFIDENTIAL RESTRICTED UNCLASSIFIED BRIEF SOURCE DESCRIPTION 25X1X6 IS SOURCE APT TO MAKE ADDITIONAL PHOTOGRAPHIC MATERIAL AVAILABLE? ~ Yes ? No MAY SOURCE'S NAME BE REVEALED TO GRAPHICS REGISTER, OCD, IF REQUIRED? ? Yes No DESCRIPTION OF MATERIAL 1. Photograph #7 - Riverport ofCFiandpur, East Pakistan (23?13'N - 90%o'E), looking east. 2. Photograph #8 - Riverport of Chandpur, East Pakistan, looking north. 3. Photograph #16 - Dipping river water for drinking, Jhalakati, East ? Pakistan (22 39'N - 90 12'E) 4. Photograph #9 - Lock on Nile River (30?10'N - 31?07'E), Egypt 5. Photograph #2 - Kasr El Aini Hospital, Cairo, Eg~pt 0 16'E) 6. Photograph #10 - River boat on Nile at Maadi (29 58'N - 31 7. Photograph #17 - Breakwater, Brendisi, Italy, looking north 8. Photograph #18 - Inner harbor, Brendisi, Italy, looking west. 9. Photograph #19 - City, Shore line, Brendisi, Italy 25X1A2 FOR HEADQUARTERS USE ONLY CASE NO. DATE FORWARDED TO GR BY GMP GR CONTROL NO. RETURN DEADLINE LOAN) 34 NI TRA FILH PLOSIVE- S 1999/09/ - ROO166, ROUTING AND CONTROL RECORD DO NOT DETACH FROM 'ON LOAN' DOCUMENTS 26 Au gust 195li DATE TO: 25X1 A8a ATTN: BUILDING ROOM NO. TITLE 9 Slides of River and harbor Views 25X1A2g REMARKS 0 RETAIN ON LOAN DOCUMENT(S) MUST BE RETURNED TO DOCUMENT(S) ..F-OR RETENSION BY (DEADLINE) BY ADDRESSEE 3 September 1 FROM: BRANCH B U I L D I N G 25X1 A8a ROOM NO. E TENS I N South 01-4 25X1A8a 25X1A9a Approved Fo -ERNY l~ase 1999/09/111; gIAIIRAP83-00423R001 Q Q01-4 FORM, NO. 57-29 120-401