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November 16, 2016
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April 17, 2000
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Approved For Release 2000/05/31 : CIA-RDP83B00823R000200120004-6 Approved For Release 2000/05/31 : CIA-RDP83B00823R000200120004-6 Approved For Releasr2000/05/31 : CIA-.RDP83B0082 R.. 00200120004-6 far .liy .gthe majority o n 1. C:LA emp.ioyees who leave the Agency by ~J.:L".'n'i; or otherwise prie sr11' no srcu:r ty p1oble m in ~JOi u _nano, an ovCer-b former employees association, nor in having their names listed in a I'i.imembers only(( directory w tied would on y list name, addr esa and cur.-ent Occupation. No mention would be made of position or posit-.iO:cls in CIA, years of se- 1',7':I. t , where assigned either in He2a,d.- qu.arters or the field, or any other traceable-' data on past assignments. The directory would contain no'tizy3.:ag d. lta, as to what it is. The following could be'e 1:;~(te"L?:[I:i.n ]d by another intelligence service upon :Ldenti y:Ln,: th u,) U on that a s'usoooc'L ind.i.v'i(fl' :L1:L CIA, b) that has x?es:i.,l;ne( or it .t?eti.rc d. !f the registry ever got into t'i'le hands of a hostile ser- vice it would present a potent:ial danger in the event the former e:employ'ee Was in a plane that was hijacn.ed. This danger exists for overt persOY:tn(-a. in CIA now, but admittedly not as much as a C. L11, former, emp:Loyc(es :i.:r'eci;Gry. if who directory got into 'tee hands of a hostile magazine or ne'w'spaper they it1: B'Li`t publish the na.rlles. If so, the could in Some place,,,, become the target of ('i(_:,Unstra ors. his is a poSSi% iility, but the danger of a) publishing, and h) becoming a target for demon- strators seems a .i it't; c rem ote. Some CIA employees s ould never join the organization because their cover has been too se :sit:ive to even risk their attending meet- ings of the organ.:Ll,a t.1 -or, even 't'" their cC.. .~o'( zu-i ~names are not pub.l.i.sheci in the d..rectory. 1I'.7 . .lere i.s, however,, another ca;begor'y of Gif1A).L[:yee who could join the organization and attend rtl.E e a.l!. s but whose mane should. not be listed in the directory for some; years or never. He or she might be in this position due to risk of er11b2rrassa nt o CIA to a friendly government, or a, f iendl.y service to it., own ; ov An illustration of this would b an official cover 1. ..'t-.CL~i.O11 which is ,_ ? Y)aa. a,a?-i;iav?.~:.aly c i;dared. and p;> lly '(.li:t('.L@ c:tared. If undeclar , 1 _ a. recent one, the ,former employee probably ''V.? uLG'i.i.._Ld be listed for 2 or ,3 years. A determination of possible damage should at least be' made. Approved For Release 2000/05/31 : CIA-RDP83B00823R000200120004-6 Approved For Releas 000/05/31: CIA-RDP83B00823 00200120004-6 The files of the former employees association would not be secure except by safe. The names of some employees who cannot be listed should not be in these files. Some can be in the files even though they can't be listed. It is therefore recommended that the files of these few individuals be held by CIA. The application form will specifically ask if the former employee has any question about listing his name in a directory or keeping his file in the association files. If so, it is believed in the interest of CIA to screen the employee's record to determine if any risk exists or what category he falls in. Most of the above relating to cover applies to former employees who left the Central Intelligence Agency prior to the formation of the association. Employees who leave after the association is formed fall in two categories -- a) those who retire or resign with a clean record, and b) those who resign unclear a cloud or are fired. The association is interested in all of "a" category and few of "b", but only if the resignation does not involve loyalty, or act of moral turpitude and they were cooperative with CIA in connection with their resignation or retirement. Those in whom the association would con- sider as members check out normally and prepare their profile if other than straight CIA. When this is done a realistic determination could easily be made that the employee who leaves as other than straight CIA a) may, if he desires, join the association immediately and be listed in the directory; may, if he desires, join the association immediately and have his name in the association files but cannot be listed in the directory for a named length of time; c) may, if he desires, join the association but his name can neither be kept in the files of the association nor be listed in the directory for a named period of time; d) may, if he desires, join the association but his name can not be in the files of the association nor be listed in the directory for the foreseeable future; e) he may never join the association. CIA will furnish the association the names of those falling in category "a" and "b" together with those who left as straight CIA. After the Approved For Release 2000/05/31 : CIA-RDP83B00823R000200120004-6 Approved For Releasgt000/05/31 : CIA-D$3B00823$p00200120004-6., date this procedure starts, the association will refer any application for membership by any former employee, tho left CIA after this date, except those in category "a" and "b", to CIA for advice as to which category the employee falls into. Anyone falling into category "e" shall never be accepted as a member. The file with all correspondence of those falling into category "c" and "d" will be turned over to CIA for holding. All correspondence with all members of the association shall be mailed in an unmarked envelope with only a as the return address. Members in categories "c" and "d" will receive the same correspondence and publications as other members. Copies of all cor- respondence shall be filed only in the member's file kept in CIA. No national officer of the association, including members of the Board of Directors, shall be elected whose cleared status cannot be reinstated. They will be issued badges which will be kept in the Office of Security and a designated officer shall have access to the members' files which are kept by CIA as needed. As a matter of policy the security of CIA and its operations shall be of paramount importance. Any deliberate or willful security violation shall be grounds for expulsion from the association. Approved For Release 2000/05/31 : CIA-RDP83B00823R000200120004-6