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December 16, 2016
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December 22, 2004
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August 24, 1978
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, A~, 4~. W11 Approved Foii lease 2005/01 TV 83 M0017AW0014000660008-9 25X1 25X1 25X1 MEMORANDUM FOR: Director of Central Intellige VIA: Deputy Director of Central Intelligence Deputy to e I for Resource Management SUBJECT: Special Projects GRAVITY SCORE and COPE PACE REFERENCES: a. dtd 5 May 1978, Subject: Special ro~ect GRAVITY SCORE b. dtd 3 July 1978, Subject: special Project GRAVITY SCORE 0 1. Action Requested: None. This memorandum provides information on a prospective Resource Management Staff initiative. 2. Background: a. On 5 May 1978, I forwarded you a trip report on Special Project GRAVITY SCORE (SPGS). See Reference a. b. On 3 July 1978, I provided you a follow-up memorandum outlining the reactions of some of the senior Army commanders to SPGS. See Reference b. In that memorandum, I indicated that the Office of Performance Evaluation and Improvement (OPEI) would continue to monitor and evaluate how national assets are employed in exercises to support tactical commanders. C. The purpose of this memorandum is to keep you advised of subsequent developments in this area. 25X1 3. Discussion: a. At the NFIB meeting on 18 July 1978, the Deputy Director, Defense Intelligence Agency, suggested that the NFIB receive a briefing on GRAVITY SCORE. Since neither DIA nor the Army is prepared to give a briefing at this time, it cannot be scheduled prior to the 26 September 1978 meeting. Approvo d For Release 2005/01/105 83M0 25X1 25X1 TOP SECRET Approved For Release 2005/01/10 : CIA-RDP83MOWlRO01400060008-9 b. It now appears that Special Project COPE PACE (SPCP)--a PACOM CPX--will be the next exercise in which national collection systems will be tasked to support tactical intelligence needs and then evaluated in a performance sense. c. COPE PACE will take place between 20 and 30 October 1978. Tact nhinr+ivpc are as follows: e. Tentative plan is to send of OPEI as an observer and have him prepare an evaluation report similar to the one he and Al Quanbeck provided for GRAVITY SCORE. 25X1 X1 X1 25X1 Approved For 7 lease 2005/01/10: CIAT D 8 001400060008-9 OF ENYtR 2 TOP SECRET Approved For-Release 2005/01/10 : CIA-RDP83M0014,.R001400060008-9 SPECIAL PROJECT COPE PACE Concept Special Project COPE PACE (SPCP) is the next logical step in a series of DoD-sponsored projects to test the tactical applicability of national collection systems and to evaluate the organizational concepts and operational procedures employed to request coverage; process raw data, analyze satellite- derived information; correlate information from several sources; and then disseminate near-real-time intelligence to tactical users in the field. SPCP will provide the Pacific Command with the same opportunity to test its procedures that the European Command had in Special Project GRAVITY SCORE 25X1 in April 1978. SPCP will take place between 20 and 30 October 1978. 25X1 During the 10 day test, all participants will monitor their respective areas of interest, plan for collection with organic assets, and if necessary request coverage by non-organic means from the higher headquarters. The higher headquarters must then adjudicate the requests with respect to available assets, their own information requirements, and the priorities of the areas of concern. It is also anticipated that areas of interest, asset availability, and priorities will change, thus exercising collection management functions at all levels. The analytical elements of the participating organizations will review incoming intelligence information, evaluate that information, and take appropriate action. These actions may include the fusion of the information with other data, cueing other operations personnel, and/or briefing the commander for command decisions. Approved For Release 2005/01/10 : CIA-RDP83M00171R001400060008-9 SyCfl T Approved Frr Release 21 RDP83MOO171 ROO1400060008-9 Existing organizations, procedures and communications will be utilized in this test. Each participant will integrate its own respective collection requirements prior to forwarding to higher headquarters. The Tactical Control Center (TAC) at Osan Air Base will review, validate, prioritize and submit all Air Force requests. 25 (1) SR-71: two daytime missions, one to be regularly scheduled sortie; the second to be requested add-on for the test. (2) RC-135M: two daytime missions, one to be a regularly scheduled mission; the other to be a requested add-on for the test. (3) U-2R: no change in actual number of missions to be flown (approximately ten scheduled sorties should be flown during period). Participating headquarters will include PACOM, USFK, PACFLT, PACAF, 314th Air Division, 548th Reconnaissance Technical Group, I Corps Group, NSA, DIA and SAC. Significant test activity will take place at the Intelligence Center, Pacific (IPAC) in Hawaii, 548th Reconnaissance Technical Group in Hawaii, 314th Air Division in Korea, HQ U.S. Forces, Korea in Seoul, and at I Corps Group Headquarters in Korea. Evaluators will be used to record data relating to the effectiveness and utility of the procedures, organizational and operational concepts used, and to assess the usefulness of the information provided by the national systems during the test. The evaluators will also record data from preselected maps, charts, and reports maintained and used by the participating organizations. X1 5X1 25X1 Approved F I r Release 2005/01/ ~ M001 71 R001 400060008-9 25X1 Approved For Release 2005/01/10 : CIA-RDP83M00171R001400060008-9 Next 1 Page(s) In Document Exempt Approved For Release 2005/01/10 : CIA-RDP83M00171ROO1400060008-9