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December 20, 2016
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August 10, 2007
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September 1, 1982
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Approved For Release 2007/08/10: CIA-RDP83MOO914R002900070004-4 Approved For Release 2007/08/10: CIA-RDP83MOO914R002900070004-4 SP_KE V. DOMENICL N. MEX.. CHAIRMAN WILLIAM 1- ARMSTRONG. COLO. E~~?iINEST F. HOLLINGS. S.C. NANCY JINDON KASSEBAUM, KANS. LAWTON CHILES. FLA. RUDY SOSCHWITZ. MINN. JOSEPH R. BIDER. JR.. DEL.. OS?RIN G. LATCH, UTAH J .4 TOWER. *EX. MA", ANDREWS. Ni OAK. STFVFJV D. SYMMS, IDAHO CHARLES GRASSLEY. IOWA RIDNERT W. KASTEN. WIS. DAN QUAYLE. IND. SLAOE GORTON. WASH. J. BENNETT JOHNSTON. LA. JIM SASSER. TENN. GARY HART. COLA. HOWARD M. MEYSENBAUM. OHIO DONALD W. RIEOLE, JR., MICH. DANIEL PATRICK MOYNIHAN. N.Y. J. JAMES EXON, NEBR. STEPHEN HELL. STAFF DIRECTOR LIZABETN TANKERSLEY, MINORITY STAFF DIRECTOR 'UnUf eb Zf of ez , e-ncf e September 1, 1982 Mr. William J. Cases Director of Central Intelligence Central Intelligence Agency Washington., D.C. 20505 Rxe'1CUL:YS Fi o:J.o.+j 82-5832 ll It is my understanding that several members of the Cabinet have arranged for full.-time personal security services. Pre- sumably, these services are funded out of agency appropriations. Since no act of Congress specifically authorizes the provision of security services to secretaries or their assistants, I would like you to answer several questions regarding your own policy on this subject. 1. Do you use any security guards for personal protection in Washington and/or when you travel around the country? 2. Do any other officials of your department receive similar security? If so, who and why? 3. What is the cost of providing security services for the Secretary and other officials? At a minimum., I would like to know the salaries and travel expenses of security personnel. 4. Has your department acquired any new equipment to enhance security protection for officials? If so, describe the equipment and its cost. 5. If you only use security personnel on a part-time basis, please provide any information on the frequency of use and the cost. I would appreciate a response to'these questions as soon as possible and I would like you to contact Douglas Lowenstein of my staff (224-2315) to keep him apprised of your progress.. Meanwhile, thank you for your cooperation. HMM/ee Approved For Release 2007/08/10: CIA-RDP83MOO914R002900070004-4