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November 11, 2016
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March 11, 1999
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OD/CRS DIVISION BRANCH ONTAINER O, DESCRIPTION AND DATES 12 OCR (1966)v/ OCR (1966) Executive Committee (1966) Biographic Register (1966) Dissemination and Files Division . (1966)' Foreign Documents Division (1966) .o Foreign Installations Division (1966) ~5X1A 25X1A I istorica Inte gence Co action (1966) Liaison Staff (1966)w"' NCIA. Library (1966) Machined Division (1969)+1" Indexing and Services Division (1966) Vol, Reorganization- Document Systems Group (1966) Management Reorganization (1966) r Outside Components (outside of CIA) (1966)#-1 Personnel (1966) / Project (1966)ah1 , Project (1966)+x' Project (1966) CbrongIggirgal Files 196 Panel o Biograp c4 s (1966) FORM I4Oa USE PREVIOUS EDITIONS. 1.61 't Approved For Release 1999/09/24: CIA-RDP84-00951 R000200220018-9 RECORDS SHELF LIST NOTE; Prepare in duplicate and submit original to Records Center OD/CRS LDX (1962-64) LDX (1964-65) 1956-64) 25X1A 25X1A A"b'?'f'1 Semi-Annual Report to President's Board of Consultants ( DDI ADP Interests (1965) Committee (1960-65) Status of - Program (Final Report) (22 September 1964) Proposed Scientific Information Center (1963-64). 25X1A ntelligence Methods - 25X1A . .25X1A - MRL Keporti tavau f Library of Congress (1962-63) -- y,,r,TJ(~ e 64) - OCR. (1958- Annual Reports , Consultants' Report (1957)la Mtn I~ap,,, ;-- I --- ntification (Low 301,1 (10 August 3865) a P^ b.. c d PPB Combined Program Call (1966) Fifteen-Year Plan (1965-66) OCR Budget (FY-67) Five-Year Plan (1966) e R 1 L.W6 , 4 r Prograriz Approved For Release 1999/09/24: CIA-RDP84-00951 R000200220018-9 25)j1 A Approved For Relw~ 99/09/24: CIA-RDP84-0098 0200220018-9 ASSIGNED BY RECORDS CENTER RECORDS RETIREMENT REQUEST JOB NO. 68-69 Submit original and 4 copies to Records Center. Two copies will be re- For. Reference Semice on Records Transferred to Storage Complete Form 490 and Refer to Above turned to the originating office. Additional copies may be prepared as Job Number. indicated by your RAO. PART I (TO BE COMPLETED BY THE RECORDS CUSTODIAN) TO: FROM: DIVISION CHIEF ARCHIVES AND (Office) OCR Library , RECORDS CENTER BRANCH Office of Librarinn SECTION APPLICATION IS MADE FOR RETIREMENT OF THE RECORDS DESCRIBED BELOW DESCRIPTION OF FILE SERIES (Use description in Records Control Schedmle and inclnsire dates.) IF NECESSARY TO LIST RECORDS, USE FORM NO. 140o, RECORDS SHELF LIST (Check appropriate box below.) 25X1A Collections - Publications Procurement 1952-1963. Committees - including M Report - 1952=1963. Official record copies. Contain m nutes, agenda, annual reports and documents of record. SHELF LIST ATTACHED SHELF LIST INCLUDED IN TRANSFER CLASSIFICATION OF RECORDS FILE EQUIPMENT OCCUPIED BY RECORDS OX El LETTER OTHER (Specify) SECRET ? LEGAL _ NUMBER OF DRAWERS APPROXIMATE REFERENCE ACTIVITY PER MONTH about once or twice a year LOCATION OF RECORDS BUILDING ROOM EXTENSION DATE SIGNATURE OF RECORDS CUSTODIAN 25X1A HQ. 1H1114 5000 18 July 67 PART II (TO BE COMPLETED BY THE RECORDS ADMINISTRATI TYPE OF MATERIAL RECORD NON-RECORD RESTRICTIONS ON USE OF RECORDS (If no restrictions write "None") Members of Librarian's office only. DISPOSITION AUTHORIZATION CITE SCHEDULE OR AUTHORITY SCHEDULED DESTRUCTION DATE 25X1 A 24-59 #359 BUILDING ROOM EXTENSION DATE SIGNATURE OF RECORDS ADMINISTRATION OFFICER HQ 2E61 6401 FORM 4-66 40 RECORDS SHELF LIST NOTE: Prepare in duplicate and Submit original to Records Center CONTAINER NO. IOffir?a of ~ri n DESCRIPTION AND DATES COLLECTIONS - Publications Procurement 1952 - 1963, inc. 25X1A (22) FORM 140a USE PREVIOUS EDITIONS. 4- 61 - ---Armeved Fai WORSE 199970724. _ S1 R000200220018-9